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February 14th, 2016 Valentine's Day - Ms. Britton posted the following to Facebook:

"Detective Jonathan Yuen (Clearwater Police Department) spent fifteen minutes investigating the death of my son Kyle. That’s what the life of a twenty-year old kid meant to him. He subsequently destroyed his notes, committed perjury and lied by omission-The Blue Wall of Silence. The end result…Yuen was never disciplined for his behavior-he was given a promotion. All of this—the lies, the mishandling of information, the obstruction of justice—came at the expense of a twenty-year-old college student whose existence—to the powerful and corrupt powers-that-be in Clearwater, Florida—was absolutely meaningless."

The above was posted with a link to her own blog HERE.

I replied to her post with some history: "Victoria Britton, there once was a CWPD Detective Sergeant Tom Miller, who was our ally, and was most helpful during the first picket I attended BEFORE we knew about Lisa McPherson. This was a picket based on the RAID... this is where this image was taken (from Dateline I think):

screen capture from NBC Dateline special re Lisa Mcpherson's death by scientology

During those pickets, we had PI's tailing me and others. An OSA goon was sitting in his van in the parking lot wearing an Arnie Lerma photo over his face as a mask.. (I have never understood what the psychological significance of this oddball act was)

It was Detective Sergeant Tom Miller who called me on the telephone one cold winter night and told me to look at a web page on CWPD's information wanted page... it was about a girl named Lisa McPherson.... I had my hands full Lobbying congress, doing direct mailings, and running so I told another activist named Jeff Jacobson, who was also friends with Detective Tom Miller, what Tom had said and gave him the link in an IRC chat window on Undernet... and Jeff Jacobsen, to his credit, ran with the ball....See

When in doubt about what to do re $cientology, always, just keep going...

Arnie Lerma."

Victoria Britton replied: Arnaldo Lerma, Thank you for sharing this story. I was not familiar with it or had heard of Detective Tom Miller. I've a lot of behind the scenes information that was passed on to me by Luke L. and K. Dandar about the Lisa McPherson case. The name Miller never came up. I'm pleased to learn that he started the chain reaction for Lisa. In regard to the CWP and corruption. I don't believe and never have thought that they were "all" corrupt. Kyle's death had the misfortune of being investigated by a pliable detective. Was he always, idea. What I can say is when Scientology funded lawyer, Paul Johnson was hired several weeks after Kyle died, part-two of my horror story began. Before the Sci lawyer took control it was the detective himself who "strongly" implied Kyle's father may have had a hand in his death. If the COS were not involved-meaning-twin sister of Miscavige it would have been a criminal investigation.

I replied: Victoria Britton: I regret that I allowed myself to be shouted down by the crowd each time when I tried to tell what I knew or was told occurred and learned about Mr Dandar in the Lisa Case and in regards the Lisa McPherson Trust effort funded by millionaire Mr. Robert Minton, in sufficient time to prevent your son's case from also being wasted by that same lawyer. I apologize, though no words will suffice to relieve my guilt, seeing as I am the one who chose in 1993 at the beginning of "the Web" to live by this signature line long before I knew how important it might be.

"I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speake.
The image below was created by Andreas at in 2012 and got a mention in a front page article of American University's school of law magazine, THE JURIST in 1995.*note

I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak

And this page contains the first successful effort to explain what you needed to know to make an informed decision regarding lawyers, I wish I had written this sooner...a decade earlier as it might have prevented the failure to get justice for your son Kyle. 1st Version - The betrayal of Robert Minton (On the blog of an ex-commodore's messenger and old friend of mine)
2nd Version (still more detailed) The Betrayal of Robert Minton (on Lermanet)

*note:And this is recent description and introduction to that same "Dangerous Science" of controlling what the public believes to be true. LINK

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