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L Ron Hubbard's great grandson: Jamie Kennedy explains what $cientology really is: "My mother still has a letter from Ron threatening to break my grandfather's legs"

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L Ron Hubbard's Son - Ron DeWolf denounces his own father as a fraud - Read this hard to find 1982 interview in the News Herald

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The Truth About Dianetics - from Scientific American and the American Psychological Association

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December 8, 2002

re: My son George Cook Ford (George Ford)'s
Affidavit dated October 18, 2002

Because I have made public statements which protest the Church of Scientology's record of breaking up families---and in particular, my family---the Church of Scientology and their private investigator Jean Ingram have targeted me as an enemy. Through Jean Ingram, the Church of Scientology has gone to my business associates and influential members of my community and given them defaming and false information about my past and my character. The Church of Scientology is a billion dollar enterprise owned by the Church of Spiritual Technology.

The Church of Scientology's harassment campaign against me is consistent with written Church policy and the reports from others who have disagreed with its tenets. When on May 6, 1991, for instance, Time Magazine, wrote an article which Church management found unfavorable, the Church used the exorbitant donations they demand from members to pay for forty full-page advertisements in USA TODAY to discredit Time Magazine. In their campaign they went to the extremes of quoting Time Magazine articles from the 1930's in an attempt to call into question Time's modern-day credibility. They took statements out of context. They quoted public figures who weren't experts on the subject. They did everything in their ability to discredit Time Magazine, just because the magazine didn't share their view. That Time Magazine had, in fact, said nothing wrong was later substantiated when the church, again using the exorbitant donations demanded of members, dragged Time through the courts and lost. This example is but one of many available in public records which suggests to what lengths and expense the Church of Scientology will go to silence their detractors. Sadly, in my case, the Church initiated their campaign because of my efforts to see my son, which-because of my disagreements with the church's teachings-is banned by Church policy.

My son's name is George Cook Ford. He goes by George Ford. When I last saw George, he was working eighty (sometimes more) hours per week for the church. His salary ran under $50.00 per week plus room and board in the Church commune. In that commune as many as five or six Church members would sleep in the same cubicle. Since George is married he shared a small apartment with his wife and another family within the commune. He was a member of the Sea Organization, an organization within the Church whose secret policies are not available, even to other Church members. On the Internet there are numerous reports of former Sea Organization members who tried to leave but were restrained. I have spoken to former members who have substantiated these reports. I have also seen from former members the secret writings which require members to do anything in their power to destroy enemies of the group (and there is no mention of staying within the confines of the law). I am sharing this information so that you will understand the context of what follows. Again, my son lives in a religious commune (at least he did over a year ago when I was last permitted to see him). This commune is run like a military organization that requires rigid adherence to policy and denounces as evil any joking or degrading remarks about the organization or its founder or its policies.

If you are a parent, you can understand what I'm going through. To make matters worse, I am currently being attacked by my son-or rather, attacked by The Church of Scientology through my son. If my son were to disagree with the church, he would face expulsion from the group he now-confined as he is from outside communication-believes offers his only path to salvation. Yes, if my son doesn't follow orders to destroy those whom other higher-ranking group members have declared to be evil, he could be expelled from this group. In this repressive environment, my son, as you can imagine, will do anything he is told to do what follows Church policy. He must say anything he is told to say, or he believes he will lose his wife, his salvation, and any friends he cares about in his commune.

Under the treat (stated or unstated, actual or imagined) of such coercion, George signed an affidavit around October 18, 2002. The affidavit is the same style as other pieces written and researched by the Church of Scientology's professional public relations writers. The writing does not even resemble George's style. You could confirm this for yourself if you actually watched George write an essay that wasn't altered by others.

The following is my response to the affidavit that my son signed, most probably in an imagined attempt to survive in the group that he now considers to be his only possible salvation, the group which uses fear of expulsion to restrict and control its members communication with the outside world:

1. In late October, 2001, James at Celebrity Center informed me that George no longer lived in their commune. George did call my nephew, his grandmother and his dying aunt on or about October 11, 12 and the 14th 2002, four days before signing the affidavit. Other than that, my only information about George's whereabouts was the following: On or about 4/19/2002, a woman called saying George had been seen in the Hemet area and that he was in great danger with the Church of Scientology. On or about May 1, 2002, a Mr. Carver called stating he was from the Klu Klux Klan and the Church of Scientology and that he had my son. I filed a report with the proper authorities. Since he left messages on my recorder I do have tapings of him.

2. It is my belief that my son is not operating free from coercion. I've explained this in the affidavit's introduction. Based on my experiences and my husband's experiences we know that a person can be mind controlled and coerced to do what they have to do if they believed there salvation is at stake. I have spoken to an ex Sea Organization member who informed me that all letters and phone calls were monitored by the management of the Church of Scientology. And yes, I do fear for my son's life. My son has changed considerably since being in the Church of Scientology's sea organization. He essentially has turned against his parents.

3 My son signed the affidavit against me on October 18, 2002. Yet , only one week before this Affidavit was written, the following statements were made by my son to my family over several phone conversations.

1. "I love my mom, I am just mad at her.
2. I want to be a part of my family again, I miss them.
3. I am staying away and not calling or telling my mom where I am just to spite her.
4. I love my mom.
5. I want to see my mom again but she has to stop the Internet before I can."
6. George told his grandmother on or about October 12, 2002, that he loved his mom, his dad, his family and her. She told him" George, if your mother had you in her life again, and you were a family again, she wouldn't need to share with the world about the truths of the disconnection policy of the Church and how it destroys families".

Since I had no contact with my son during the week between his "loving me" and detesting me, I can only assume that he his being controlled by his commune.

On or about October 18, 2001, my son and I had our last phone conversation. He basically told me if I didn't follow Church orders I would never see him again.

4. I look forward to both George and his wife being free to communicate and to being part of our family.

5. The Affidavit has incorrect data regarding George's biological father. George was born on October 13, 1977. I was divorced on March 12, 1979 as evidenced by the divorce decree, over two years after his birth. George met his father when he was very young. All during George's early years, George knew he had a father but there was no relationship. On or about 1983, I was instructed by my attorney that my ex wanted no more parental rights with George. My attorney felt it was the right thing to do for George's future. At that time, George's name was changed to Ford and we received a settlement of $25,000 listed as child support and alimony. George knew at that time that it came from his father. That money went into an account for George. This money was all spent on Scientology and Scientology related "donations." George spoke to his biological father in 1992 and again in 1998. I attempted to get George and his biological father together as late as 2001 for no other reason than to clear up the "mystery" that my son had. George chose not to have this happen for whatever reasons.

6. George was adopted by my husband David Cook on or about 1994, calling him Dad and Pops. George was willing to accept the nearly $100,000 we put on his account at the Flag Scientology Church in 1998. Never did George ever tell me that he was unhappy with David his pops until this Affidavit. As so noted in section 4, he told his grandmother how much he loved David and wanted to be a part of the family again.

7. I have had three prior marriages. I was married to people who I fell deeply in love with but the marriages did not work. People tend to repeat the same mistakes. I am regretful that I had trouble with being married but I did. Not until I found David Cook and handled why I had been repeating the same mistake was I able to have a stable marriage. We have been married nearly 10 years as of May 2003.

Again, all of these issues are protected by the Church of Scientology's own commitment and legal obligation under the law not to disclose any issues regarding Church counseling.

8. As to George being sent off to Military school, he was sent off because he wanted to be like his grandfather who also went to Military School. His grandfather was in the elite of the armed forces and knew top secrets about his area. George was very proud of him and he and his grandfather were very close. They shared many wonderful times and conversations including the military. George also was having difficulty in school at this time and was sent to a psychiatric hospital under a psychiatrist. After that, George no longer wanted to stay in the school he was in. I did my best as a single parent, I did everything I could to help my son. My son was a very difficult child and I even have a card sent from he and his wife stating so. My son told me just last year "Mom, you did the very best job you could, I was a tough child to raise".

9. If George had his attorney receive all the documents from my marriages, then he would have known that I was not pregnant when I got a divorce. George was nearly two years old. I also want it known that I am personally in touch with my ex husbands and we are and remain friends.) (My third husband cannot remain as friends since he is not allowed to talk to me since I am out of the church) George's biological father was contacted by Jean Ingram, a private investigator, and was told libelous and slanderous things about me. My ex has informed me of the entire conversation. I spoke with him at approximately 6 P. M. December 4, 2002. My ex did tell me that he told the Private Investigator the following: "George should be proud of his mother and of his mother's family heritage"

10. All of my private Church confessions about anything I may have experienced in my marriages or in my life were confidential data given to the Church of Scientology and it is against the Church parishioner policy and rules to disclose anything that I discussed about my past or my marriages. Essentially, the Church has violated it's own rules by disclosing anything about one of their past members.

11. The final divorce decree of George's father and myself has no issues of adultery or cruel and inhuman treatment. The divorce decree is of public record: book 528, Page 247 in the Chancery Court of the First Judicial District of Hinds County, Mississippi. It can be found under Victoria Ford Smith Harvey as the complainant/cross-defendant.

12. I was faithful to each of my husband's during our marriage. When people go through divorces, they can be very angry and many ugly things are said. In 1990, George's father and I met in Houston and we resolved any and all upsets that had occurred in our divorce. This again is church/parishioner protected information and in my religious folders held by the church. The Church has refused my request to receive my confidential folders back. The Church remains in complete control of these confidential records.

13. The issues brought up by George's affidavit are issues in private and confidential Church folders. Due to George and Jean Ingram representing the church, they both have put the Church of Scientology at legal risk. Both are only creating potential lawsuits and problems for the Church since it appears the Church has committed privacy violations of my Church records. I know that my two ex husbands did not share this information with George, his private investigator or the Church as I have personally spoken with them as of December 4, 2002. I understand my third husband, a Scientologist, did discuss our marriage to the Church representatives. Even though court records are public, these issues are a part of my confidential and private Church records now exposed by the very Church who has a legal responsibility to keep them private.

14-20 I have all records of George's stay at St. Mary's, a psychiatric hospital. George and I received them in 1998 when he and I ordered them and personally went over them together.

20-24 It is to be noted that my second husband and myself received Scientology Marriage counseling after our divorce. The Church and/or its representatives have again violated their own agreements to not disclose confidential and private, under the law, issues involving my marriage. We both signed Church forms at the marriage counseling that nothing would ever be disclosed by the Church of Scientology or its representatives.

24. My second marriage lasted for one year yet the affidavit stated my divorce dragged on for 5 years. The court records show this to be inaccurate. Per my marriage certificate, we were married on February 14, 1985 and our divorce became final on April 29, 1986. I have been in touch with my ex regarding the above issues and he too was contacted by the Church of Scientology's PI and told him nothing regarding anything as he did not care to get involved with such matters.

25. Due to my son bringing this matter up, I will briefly discuss the facts only: I took my son to a psychologist due to issues private to my son. She told me private personal information regarding my son. I trusted my son when he told me this was true. In protection of my son I went to the authorities. George confirmed this with the authorities. Years later, George came to me and told me these "things" never happened. I then went to the authorities to help clear the accused name. Again, this is all protected church/parishioner information as the Church worked with me on this matter. My son and I followed Church policy to handle the situation for all concerned and it was a completed matter at the time. All information is in my Church records held by the church. George's biological father and his past stepfather are not upset about what George has stated as they understand the control of the church. We have resolved all differences and have moved on like sane adults in our respective life's. The Church and/or its representatives have again violated our trust and gone against their Church tenants.

26. George's psychiatric records are his to discuss.

27. I met David more than a month after my divorce was final.

28. George chose to go to Military School. At the time he was in this school, we did not know my third husband. There is a confusion here.

29. I was never pregnant while married to my third husband. I spoke to my third husband, a Scientologist at 2:45 P.M. On December 4, 2002. I asked him if he had told the church, George or the Private Investigator what George claims in Section 34, and my third ex stated he did not say that and he would call the Church to notify them of this. I advised him that he continued to discuss our past marriage and continue to spread libelous and slanderous remarks, he too would be liable for defamation.


30-33. My third husband and I handled all of our marital and divorce issues through the chaplain at the Church of Scientology. To discuss these matters is a violation of the tenants of the church. George's attorney needs to be aware that he is creating legal problems by allowing his client to discuss private Church matters regarding information in my Church folders and any matters involving my past marriages to anyone. Since George and Jean Ingram are representatives of the Church of Scientology they both are ultimately putting the Church at legal risk


34. Covered above.

35. George knew at all times that he was receiving insurance benefits and a paycheck. It went into his bank account and his actions prove this information. I also have a signed statement from the Office of Special Affairs (the Church of Scientology's legal department) acknowledging and approving George's insurance. I have already contacted the IRS regarding these fraudulent accusations. George was an adult when he received these paychecks and insurance benefits. George needs to remember that his American Express bills were paid by these very paychecks as he authorized me to do since I paid his bills. These bills included items charged for the Church of Scientology and were as well paid by George's parents as the bills were much higher than his paycheck could afford. I was informed that the Church would pay us back for these charges. George is getting into some very touchy legal issues that he needs to be very aware of as he could become liable since he had full capacity and knowledge as does the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology is not at liberty to discuss anything from my folders and this information regarding these issues are confidential Church matters. These matters involving George's paychecks and insurance benefits are considered handled and perfectly legal and ethical by the Church of Scientology as so stated to me in writing during my "ordered" trip to and by the Church of Scientology in 1998. It should be noted that I do not have a tax exempt organization.

36. Prior to my leaving the Church of Scientology, George and I had a loving relationship, with normal good times and short term upsets as does any parent/child relationship. As of 2001, George and I spoke of having handled all of our past concerns and we were moving on in the future. I have never claimed to be a perfect parent, just a parent who was devoted to my son and remain as devoted today.

37. George has never learned the truth of why his dad and I left the church. He has not spoken to us so he only knows what the Church has told him.

38. The Church of Scientology believes and follows the rule, as the Church taught me, that if two people have an upset between them, there is an outside, third person causing it. I think all who are reading this would agree that there is an upset between my son and I. Since he is not involved with his family, it would appear it would be someone in his present environment. It would benefit all concerned if George could find out who is "stirring things up" between him and I as well as his other family members.

We miss you George and love you very much. I do thank you for calling your aunt. She died one week after you talked to her. You made her very happy as she loved you very much.

You will always be the love of my life. Your Mom


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