Do Turkey's fly?    


Seems everything scientology, as defined by the rewritten-by-David-Miscavige
-texts of L Ron Hubbard, does, is turning to crud.

   Crud was not the first word of choice for this diatribe.
 Consider it a demonstration of Hubbard's "acceptable truth"

    Their recent efforts to frame various critics of their scam
has brought an order of magnitude increase in awareness
amongst those very persons they tried to deceive.

    Their efforts to frame Bob Minton has turned into acid
eating away at their feeble attempts to deperately find a few
qualified dupes in Africa.

  Scientology's imminent sudden collapse will be as surprising and
abrupt as the fall of the Berlin wall.

    Scientology is a cluster of 'thetans' , the head thetan is
one no-quite-bright, David Miscavige. Battlefield Earth is
going to be far, far better than the
No Head story.

    In Scientology they tell you you are infested with clusters
of dead spirits.. How ironically close Hubbard was to the truth,
having created a formidable cluster, a small Empire, of 'thetans', all
glued together by lies.

    The critics of Scientology should actually call themselves 'Auditors', as we
are using the empowerment of the Internet, that
Liberty Tree of the Millenium, to run out, the cluster forming incident, that creates the Empire of LIES called Scientology and making the thetan's blow off, one by one and sometimes in clumps.

    After all Hubbard said in OTIII to only run the xenu incident  "Up until you see the picture of the pilot saying I'm mocking it up" I bet it was a jaunty, nautical looking pilot too. Was this Hubbard telling YOU that HE WAS ONLY MOCKING IT UP?

    Just as the Net brought down the Berlin Wall

    The Net will bring down Scientology.

Scientology's legacy will be reduced to an entry in Ripleys believe it or Not., about stainless steel recordings sealed in nitrogen filled titanium eggs, buried in the ground, like the heads of their leaders.

    Perhaps Scientology's  Flag Operations Liasion Office next door to the Ripleys Believe or Not, in Los Angeles, could borrow that huge Tyrannosaurus rex they have on the roof. They would not even have to move the crane.

    It would be an appropriate metaphor for Scientology's relevance in the new millenium.

    Arnie Lerma

    (c) 2000 Arnaldo Lerma

  I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak.
The only thing that always works in scientology are its lawyers
The internet is the liberty tree of the 90's - mentioned 4 January 2000 in
The Washington Post's - 'Reliable Source' column re "Scientologist with no HEAD"

How many Scientologists are there? {Scn has been claiming 8 million since 1982}

answer perhaps 50,000