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[link to article ] - Scientology's Underbelly Exposed
- guidance and recommendations about how to handle the scientology problem from a Jesuit perspective

If reading an article here, leaves you feeling outraged that Scientology or its front groups are considered "charitable" by the IRS - use the form above to contact your US Congressman - Every voice helps.



Arnie with David Miscaviges Head on a pike, and Tory, blowing their horns at Scientology in Clearwater and the wall's came tumblin' down!

Arnie Lerma likes to try and dissolve the glue (The hope of attaining 'OT') that binds Scientologists to Scientology:
"There are no OTs in Scientology, or you would not be hearing my voice" (note: "OT' is Hubbard's description of folks with super duper mental powers also note the cut out of David Miscavige's 'head on a pike', on the top of my picket sign )

How to Help Expose Scientology


Since Scientology counts on silence, it is their key to keeping the Scientology/Truman show going.

Watching a show called "The Rise of Evil: Hitler" last night, I was amazed to see how similar these same evil actions were used to 'keep people from talking'. They were afraid for their lives, afraid for their families, afraid for their businesses. Actually that fear kept that show going, no questions asked, and it was a very real fear.

Ok...but it showed how if people who run this fear are allowed to persist and do things unchecked, just how bad things can get. It was horrifying. I've heard the arguments about not comparing anything to Hitler, and I say as one who was there and has now been out for 2 years and 10 months: BS! The similarities of abuse are frightening.

If .....{{{IF}}} every person who has left C of S spoke out and/or did ~something~ pro active, the abuses that are a large part of the "Church ? of Scientology" show would be over. However, I meet people often who "Don't want anything to do with it". How nice. They seem to think I do this as some hobby, or just something I like to do. Let me clarify something:

I left due to things I had spent years trying to "fix" within C of S, and after years of no change, and finally waking up and realizing this IS who they are. After realizing this IS just that, a show, (based on many abusive, deceitful practices-by those who run the show, and initially, Hubbard himself), I left. I left on the Internet, so mine was quite public. As a result, I have continued posting, and yes, it has been therapeutic, as I've posted.

However, I mainly speak out because of the families I have met since I left, who have lost their kids, or others who have lost their loved ones. Also, because of the intense fraud and mind control, I want people to know just what they are getting into. If they chose to hop on that train after, that's their choice...but it will be an educated one.

Have I had losses because of this? Most certainly. Is it worth it? Undeniably. Do I feel everyone has to publicly speak out? No I do not...not even a little. I feel it is totally a personal thing, and I respect each person's life and their needs.

However, there are TONS of things people can do, without going public. It takes a little creativity, but once you get there, and decide you will help in this project of exposing the lies and fraud and abuses, there are numerous avenues to help, that are very private.

Here are a few I've heard of, since being out:

1. Write letters to your local Better Business Bureau. To submit a complaint about business practices in Southern California, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at: or That is key. Many people here in the Southland have left, due to totally bad business actions. How many have written this up? Please do.

2. Write a letter regularly to your congressmen and local officials. Again, this is key. Remember, in letters, each ONE letter equates to 100 sent. Also keep in mind Scientology is constantly writing their propaganda. They know these stats, and they work these lines. Some people just do this...and their letters have been very key!

3. Pick various Government agencies, and write to them. They are all listed on the Internet. Department of Fraud, Department of Consumer Affairs, Dept of ....check them out, and please post ones you find that are key.

4. Talk to your neighbors and explain Fair game, and when it is used, and why.

5. Talk to your friends, outside of Scientology, and in the privacy of your own homes, let them know where to find more information outside of C of S...and why it is important. This is key for parents, so they can educate their kids against fraud before they are sucked in, and business people so they don't get sucked in, not knowing what is up.

6. Of course the Internet is key for so many people. Each person Can write up their story, anonymously, and help tons of people lurking. Stories are what Scientology uses to sell, as do most businesses. Stories are what move a person to buy. We need to let them hear the other stories, too. There are never too many. There are never enough. People may think, "Oh...that story has been told, no need for *me* to write up anything". Nothing could be farther from the truth! Each person...even if in the exact same incident, has their personal take on what happened, and each one is extremely vital to be heard. It's also very therapeutic to do. Take some time, and write it up and post it. If you're worried about someone tracing *you*...change places or years or just leave out whatever so that won't happen. (Isn't ~that~pathetic that I even need to say that about a "religion"?? Think about it!)

7. Take one chat group, and post some facts. Some that are key are the Tom Cruise Yahoo message boards, where young kids come to read about Tom. Now there's an entire section on "Tom and Scientology". Some of us post there, and you never know what young person just may read that and realize facts they didn't know. I'm sure many of the C of S Celebrities have such boards, and again, all of this can be done anonymously. Don't be mean, don't be harsh, just ask questions. Do they know this or that? Let them discover the facts. The facts of this group speak for themselves. It is only this unspoken Code of Silence that keeps this soggy, rusted out, phony cruise ship afloat.

8. One person here in LA just cruises around stores and puts in Papers saying:

"Scientology, find out what they won't tell you: "

This person is so anonymous, no one knows who does it. It's just done, systematically, and regularly, and to whomever it is, if you read this, congratulations and thank you for your continuous help.

These are just a few of the many ways someone can help expose the abuses of this slowly sinking ship. Don't for a minute think your words or help are not needed. Don't be part of The Code of Silence. May we all always remember those three ladies and the Enron exposure and what their words just so recently brought out!

Also let me make something perfectly clear: there are tons of people every day who help expose these abuses, and these numbers are growing daily. Each person who does whatever they do, quietly and behind the scenes is to be thanked over and over. There are people I know of who do TONS of things, however you will never know who they are. These people are all to be thanked for their tireless help. There are critics and free speech advocates who constantly help fight for Free Speech and truth and fight these abuses, and they too are to be thanked. There are tons of people doing LOTS on this....don't get me wrong. I'm merely saying IF you are out there and find you are not doing anything, but you could... please do something. I wish you well, and for all those who are doing one thing, or so many things, I thank you every day :)

My best,

Tory/Magoo~in the light~ "The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing

X-Scientologist after 30 years "in"
Out for 2 years and 10 months

Free at LAST!

Sample Letter to Congress:

[Representative] ___________,

I'm writing you today to ask that you revoke the Church of Scientology's tax exempt status.

In the 1990s, the Church of Scientology used blackmail to cow the IRS into recognizing it as a non-profit charitable organization. In truth, the Church of Scientology is a money-making machine -- and a particularly dangerous one at that, with a documented pattern of deception, harassment, spurious litigation and bringing irreparable mental and physical harm upon an unknown number of American men, women, and children.

As evidence of Scientology's threats to democracy, free speech, and the freedom of American citizens continue to come to light, I feel compelled to ask you, as my representative, to treat Scientology as it deserves to be treated: as an increasingly wealthy and dangerous organization that should, at the very least, be required to pay taxes.

Scientology, just like any cult, exists for the simple ends of making money and recruiting new members. It should not get a free pass from the government when it comes to paying taxes on its enormous earnings.

As your constituent, I will be eagerly monitoring the outcome of this letter-writing campaign.

Lastly, I ask that you take extra precautions to keep my name confidential. Scientology has a long history and a written policy of harassing its critics.

[city, state]

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