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There is nothing as wild in the books of Man as will probably happen here on Earth. And it will happen and be allowed to happen simply because all this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late. LRH

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Tom Cruise & Scientology: Career Death 3of4 Arnie Lerma

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How to Help Expose Scientology
by thirty year member Tory Christman

Since Scientology counts on silence, it is their key to keeping the Scientology/Truman show going.

Watching a show called "The Rise of Evil: Hitler" last night, I was amazed to see how similar these same evil actions were used to 'keep people from talking'. They were afraid for their lives, afraid for their families, afraid for their businesses. Actually that fear kept that show going, no questions asked, and it was a very real fear.

Ok...but it showed how if people who run this fear are allowed to persist and do things unchecked, just how bad things can get. It was horrifying. I've heard the arguments about not comparing anything to Hitler, and I say as one who was there and has now been out for 2 years and 10 months: BS! The similarities of abuse are frightening. Continues HERE

Cruise the 'Goebbels' of Scientology: historian

January 21, 2008

"Respected German historian Guido Knopp has compared a speech by US actor Tom Cruise to the Church of Scientology with a call to war by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Knopp, an expert on World War II history, said in an interview with Bild newspaper: "Tom Cruise's manner calls to mind Goebbels."

For more on Scientology and the Nazis see the links on the sidebar of "Scientology and the Occult"

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