Born July 25, 1943 in Chicago, IL to Lillian Hickstein Mayer and Harry Mayer. He spent most of his childhood in Wisconsin, attending high school in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. He served his country in the Navy and was in Vietnam.

He is survived by his mother, his daughter Jenifer, grandson Zendl, and sisters Melodi, Amy, Kim and Barbie.

Scott Mayer (Center) onboard Scientology's Excalibur

Scott took command of the Bolivar from Bob Young, who was captain for the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, whose voyage was memorialized by a song by a group called "Blues Image" named "Ride Captain Ride" which hopefully is playing in the background as you read this page. If not try this link to listen. I was one of the 73 sailors..on board the Bolivar for that trip.

Affidavit of Scott Mayer in Fishman case

ARS Literati Winner - Scott won a $10,000 award from Robert Minton's Lisa McPherson Trust for this article
Making God Swallow his laughter

scott mayer onboard The Sea Organization TSMY Bolivar - later renamed Excalibur

Captains Corner

Scott Mayer's Captain's LIcense from Panama OTC Registry

1982 Clearwater Commission Hearing Testimony

scott mayer at 1982 Clearwater Commission hearings

Scott MAyer's appointment at Captain of the Bolivar - Flag Personnel Order 298

XENU.TV - Video of Scott Mayer's Testimony at the 1982 Clearwater Commission Hearings

The TSMY Bolivar, later renamed Excalibur, was an Ex-navy Sub chaser, commissioned in 1943, it had two, 2000 hp, turbocharged diesel engines, flank engine speed was 800 RPM. We all believed Hubbard's shore story.. that this was a "training vessel" for Sea Organization staff... in reality, Hubbard chose a sub-chaser, to be the 'get-away vehicle', for Scientology executives to escape a raid or crackdown by Federal authorities.

During the 1997 pickets of Clearwater, I asked Scott Mayer to ride shotgun for me in the Picket Truck,(funded by Bob Minton) ,because Scott was having trouble with his legs due to diabetic neurophathy, and later that day, it was Scott Mayer, that calling out the warning, that kept me from hitting a staged by osa homeless person, who had veered way out of the crosswalk to try and get hit by the truck, while turning left onto Ft Harrisson Street in front of Scientology in Clearwater. That's Scott sitting in the passenger seat, the first morning of the picket.

Scott Mayer sitting in Passenger seat of the Picket truck with US Federal Judge Leonie Brinkema's quote about XENU on the side

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I think I was on the Bolivar with the early '70's.
May he rest in peace ...and dance with the angels :)

Too bad. He'll be missing a lot here. His many participations about what was happening in his city were great to read. And his global help has been a joy.
Rest in Peace, Scott.
Roger Gonnet

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