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German girl sues Parents for Scientology

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Vivien Krogmann Lutz, a 23 year old German girl, sued her parents for, amongst other things, sending her to Saint Hill and ruining her health. The trial began this morning and only 3 hours in, the parents, accompanied by Scientology lawyers, agreed to pay Vivien 35,000 Euros. This decision to settle came after the judge ruled against Scientology requests for gag orders on both Vivien and Ursula Caberta, whom Vivien escaped to when finally fleeing her parents.

This is perhaps the first time that a child raised in a cult successfully sued their parents for damages caused by that cult.

You can see Vivien's story here:

Here's is a news article about the upcoming (now over) trial on the Bild German news site

Clicking on Vivien's photo in the story leads to a small photogallery containing 4 pictures, one of Vivien now, one of her in a SO uniform at the age of 15, another of SO 'barracks' and finally one of St Hill.

Google's German to English translation of the German page below: Vivien sues mother, that delivered her to the Scientology sect 'I was prisoner in Educating camp of the psychosect '


Hamburg - 'I feel only sadness for my nut/mother', say the young woman. 'you me as a child to a psychosect delivered.'

Tomorrow in the Hanseatic city an unusual process one negotiates: Vivien Krogmann Lutz (23) sues its nut/mother and its stepfather, because those gave her as persons under age to the Obhut to the Scientology sect elite unit 'Sea Org' in England. That is an organization, which aims at world domination and makes humans dependent by psycho-techniques.

It is the world-wide first time that a child sues his Scientology parents. In PICTURE Vivien tells its sad history .

When Vivien was 13 years old, she was delivered by their nut/mother, Susanne Karola M. (48, and her stepfather) to Scientology in in London, one of the European centers of Scientology sect, and then the parents drove back to Germany. 'I cried the first 14 days'

'most badly was for me that people, which spoke nearly everything only in English . Like all the other children also, I had to perform heaviest manual labor.' Dig ditches , shift pipes, for up to twelve hours daily, work on roofs with bricks , push garbage containers, carry away chopped off trunks ...

In the complaint it, the parents approving of it, made Vivien the victim of heavy health damage. Medical appraisals certify lasting orthopedic damage to the young woman. 'if I had not implemented correctly the work in opinion of the captain, I was punished', report Vivien. 'I was separated from the other children, closed-away, I had to eat rleft overs' Also on 'good days' there was usually only to porridge, rice and beans.

Vivien was not allowed to go to the school, only at Saint Hill and was not informed. Instead the girl had to study the books of Scientology sect founder Ron Hubbard.

In the court filing the claims for damages were 73,000 euro.

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