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The Quiet, Hidden Terrorism

In 2002 we are hearing a great deal about "Terrorism". There are many known enemies that we have as of this date.

However, there is another form of terrorism right here in the USA, and I'd like to alert you to this. It will surprise you no doubt, as these people have worked hard and long to create a great image. I know. I worked with them doing this.

It is a group who calls themselves the "Church" of Scientology. The same group started by L. Ron Hubbard. How can a church be a terrorist group? Believe me, I know how you feel! I was "in" Scientology for 30 years. As of 3 years ago I would have sworn ALL of what I am saying here was for sure a lie. Is it? Not at all.

However, typical of any terrorist group, often the members have no clue what is ~really~ going on. I've studied terrorism since I left. One thing that is said is always "The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing".

That is EXACTLY what happened with me and Scientology. Scientology is very similar to a pyramid. You have to pay at each level.and it gets more and more expensive as you ascend. Due to the money, many people drop off. I got all the way to the top of their services, and was invited into this secret group they had. I had no clue this existed prior. First off, my best friend and counselor came to my house and informed me he needed to remove something from my computer before I could help out.


I asked him what he was talking about, and he explained to me what they call their "Net Nanny". Basically during an event Scientology had, they announced due to the expansion of the Internet, we (the Scientologists) needed to come up to speed and create Web pages to go on the Internet. They had computers all around, and we each sat down and typed out "our story". We were then handed a copy of it, and told to go put it on our computer. The reason? "So others will be able to communicate with you."

However, this was a lie. What actually happened? For each person who installed what they thought was their personal Web site, Scientology had installed their Net Nanny covertly. This totally blocked out any and all critical posts about Scientology. What did that mean? Well, if you or anyone else typed in "Scientology" they would see the Scientology Web sites, and also the Anti-Scientology sites.

My friend explained why in a way I could sort of understand. He then asked me to "Help out". I said "Ok". He asked me to just go open up an Internet account.

He explained how what I was doing was VERY unusual, but he thought *I* could do it. I did.and returned to hear him go on and on about how I'd "Changed the History of the Internet".

This evolved to where he asked me to now go open up more Internet accounts. Each one was a phony name, and address. We had a whole way of doing it. You probably are reading this thinking, "Why didn't you say no?"

Good question! The truth is more complicated. First off, this was asked by one of my best friends. He was one of their highest trained counselors (so I thought he could do no wrong). I trusted him totally! Secondly, he promised he would never do anything "unethical". Lastly, he told me he couldn't tell me what they were going to do with these, as the bad guys ("The critics") would keep me in court forever. I was told it was better I didn't even know. Also, I knew basically nothing about the Internet, so if he said it was "Fine" (which he did).how was I to know differently?

I was told I needed to sign this agreement promising never to even tell anyone within Scientology..including any auditors, ethics officers, executives, their President, etc. I thought this was VERY odd, and told my trusted friend this seemed like something this group had done years ago that ended up with 9 people in jail. He said, "Tory, I promise I would NEVER do anything unethical. This is completely Ok". Again, since I trusted him so, I signed it. Part of it was IF I ever told, I'd have to pay thousands of dollars.

Ok. So I went on opening up these phony Internet accounts across the US. As we did this, things got stranger and stranger. The people running this, who were high up in Church of Scientology, were actually quite weird and acted more and more like mafia people. I grew up in Chicago, around the mafia, and I know how they act. This was quite similar. Everything became TOTALLY Secret.

Finally I decided I needed to do my own investigation to see what they were doing with these accounts. I was shocked to open up a newsgroup called Alt.Religion.Scientology and read what they were doing with these accounts I had opened.

They were actually changing what people were saying! They were spamming the entire newsgroup with the attempt to stop communications. I've always been a strong Freedom of Speech person, and that was totally not Ok with me.

So I called my friend and told him I couldn't do this any more. He said "Fine, but we need to meet with you and get all the information".

I agreed to go to this apartment in Glendale. I sat down with four other men, and suddenly the door burst open. This man came screaming in, yelling at me, and basically insisting I was doing something wrong for leaving. Long story short, I left.

The above is just one example of this hidden, secret terrorism. Hubbard had written early on a policy called Fair Game. In this he says ANYONE who is critical of Scientology can be "Lied to, tricked, harmed or destroyed utterly" without any ramifications to Scientologists who do so. They insist this was cancelled, and it was. However, in the small print if you read it, Hubbard says "This can still be applied to SP's - Suppressive Persons." Anyone who is critical of Scientology ends up being declared an SP. (To them, an "SP" is worse than the Devil).

There are numerous things Scientology does that create terrorism. They try to stop free speech constantly. They break up families, if anyone in the family is critical of Scientology. They hound people. They lie about them. They pass out what they call "Black PR' or lies about people.either at their work, or their local neighbors, if they want to hurt them. They take people into court and keep them there until they call uncle. They take people's money, and refuse to give it back. They have $29,000 of mine and they refuse to even talk to me.

The viciousness of what they will do is amazing to me still. I had no idea any of this went on, until shortly before I left Scientology forever.

As a result of my leaving I lost ALL of my 30 year friends, and my husband of 27 years. They lied to him, made up some story of my having an affair (a total lie) and he believed it fully. Shame on all of them who helped destroy this marriage.

One thing they are not counting on is Karma. Some day, all of this will come back to them.

Meantime, I suggest to each person who cares, to call radio shows, write your congressman, and tell everyone about this hidden, secret terrorism in our country.

Also, please pass on these web sites. There is much more information there.

For more info, please see;

My love to all,

Tory Christman

Aka: Magoo!
In for 30 years
Out for 2 years and 3 months

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