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"...Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy... censorship. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, 'This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,' the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives." --Robert A. Heinlein, -If This Goes On

Scientology Gag Agreements - A Conspiracy for Silence

The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum. Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965), U.S. Democratic politician. New York Times (19 Jan. 1962).

An Actual GAG Agreement:

Damien Von Markif, in Australia, sent me this GAG AGREEMENT
Dave Touretzky has compiled new disturbing information (and more gag / release "consent" forms,)about the new efforts to "legalize forced incarceration" in the wake of the Lisa McPherson case.
Does this sound like this is a "church" engaged in "charitable activity" or totalitarian dictator silencing his critics?
or a Spiritual ponzi game engaged in a conspiracy to intimidate witnesses into silence by extortionate conduct?
Or consider the 1996 intimidation of a local Arlington County Virginia shopkeeper who consented to display "Free Diskettes" containing copies of public court records showing Scientology's true nature.

Most Recent Gag Agreements gag agreements:

Mary Johnston - Ireland March 3rd, 2003 - Undisclosed amount

Lisa McPherson case - unconfirmed rumor puts the aggregate 2004 settlement amount at 5.6 Million. Though Lisa McPherson's Estate and their lawyer Ken Dandar are now settled and GAGGED, - Robert Minton is still being litigated in what was called "The Counterclaim" in the Lisa Mcpherson Case ( November 2004).

Some of the previous gag agreements:

A Psychiatrist from the east coast who was an early critic of Scientology

The Allard Case:
Gene Allard 300,000 1976

Flynn Litigation [ BOSTON ] 1986 Link to Dirty Tricks operations against Flynn Link to Flynn closing testimony before 82 Clearwater Commission
Flynn settled his in 3 stages.
Stage 1 was Garritano, Graves etc in Boston. original complainants
Stage 2 were the Tampa Cases which included Wakefield, Burden, McLean joined suit
Stage 3 were the California Cases which included Armstrong, Walters, Sullivan, and some others. these would be various witnesses that during settlement Scientology wished to gag

Michael Flynn 1,075,000
Gerry Armstrong 850,000
Homer Schomer 650,000 ?
Gabe Cazares " ? "We can't talk about the terms of the settlement," Cazares said Friday. "But I make no secret about the fact Maggie and I are not unhappy about the settlement. In fact, we're smiling."
Martin Samuels ?
Nell and Nan Mclean (more Mclean HERE )
James Garritano
Peter Graves
Marjory Wakefield, 220,000
Tonya Burden"Ms. Burden is satisfied with the settlement," attorney Michael Tabb said. "I wish I could tell you more."
Lavenda VonSchaik 50,000
See one of Scientology's plans to handle the above suit - LVS = Lavenda Von Schaik ]
Eddie Walters [ witness for Wollersheim case ]
Laurel Sullivan
Jim and Nancy Dincalci
Bill Franks 50,000
The Flynn settlements also required that those involved not make themselves available
for service of process, e.g.,I'll be on the Capitol steps at 10 am tomorrow if you want
to serve me with a witness subpoena.
End of Flynn's Boston litigation

Vicky and Richard Aznaran 250,000
Bent Corydon $800,000
Roxanne Friend Approximately 400,000

Julie Christofferson ?
Goodrich Suit - [ See scientology's extraordinary plan to handle it ]
Titchbourne 2,000,000

Zizics - 200,000 the Dentist ex-wise couple in Chicago whose visit with mark Bunker to the org was used as an excuse to try and frame Mark Bunker for Criminal Trespass charges - found not guilty - but cost Bob Minton 50 grand in defense costs... the Zizics later got their money back from Scientology but had to sign a gag agreement
Raul Lopez - 750,000 2002
David Mayo... 2.5 million? 1997?
David Mayo wrote the "NOTS" upper level material, in a lecture
that he made after starting his own organization he told of Mary Sue Hubbard bragging to him that Scientology committed a burglary every day...

Enid Vien ? 1995?

Dennis Erlich - 2.5 mill ? 1997?

John Caban
Pedro Lerma et al. ?
All complainants in the Spanish Criminal case
were harassed and offered the Carrot(money) or the stick (further Harassment)then forced settled
- David Miscavige even bragged about this
during the 2002 new years event, saying that
even when the prosecution called its own witnesses
"Scientology Worked" - - The only thing that always works in Scientology are its lawyers!

" Upon my wishing to vacate staff, after being secluded for 6 months, awaiting my 5th consecutive comm ev, I was offered the 500.00 leaving staff $$$ to sign paperwork that stated I wouldn't sue the church. I didn't sign and therefore didn't get the 500.00. from Chris Cloutier a 'Flag Trained Original', :Golden Age Of Tech Word Clearer, posted at A.S.H.O. --Highest tech training org on west coast."

Tom Pagett says he was offered a gag agreement re Scientology by the Judge in exchange for ending an action against him in his custody case

There was a man mentioned as being paid $5000 to shut up and go away who knew Suzette Hubbard, this was in one of the major books

Brian Haney - Not 'gagged' but can't provide any funding to be used by those who seek to expose or publicize Scientology...

And of course they tried with Lawrence Wollersheim Bob Penny and yours truly (Arnaldo "Arnie" Lerma) for the gag and for among other things to avoid a final opinion in RTC vs Lerma:

" Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by "clusters" to individuals in the contemporary world, causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts ". USDJ Judge Leonie Brinkema 4 Oct 96 Memorandum Opinion, RTC vs Lerma

Please help me make a complete summary based on whatever is known.... about the pattern of conduct of pursuit of silence... as a simple cost of doing business to make sure the L Ron the KING of CON's show goes on...

these are just the ones that we know something about, gag agreements being what they are, many are reluctant to discuss them, consider this just the tip of the gag orders

The ACLU's Harvey Silvergate

On Declan McCullagh's Politech Web Site "Harvey Silverglate warns of anti-Scientology bigotry"

Mr. Silvergate who is a "former president of the ACLU of Massachusetts and a current board member" wrote:

I realize that my objectivity may be questioned, because during a 5-year span in the 1980s I represented the Church of Scientology in a series of bogus "religious fraud" cases brought against the Church in Boston and elsewhere. However, I did get to learn a lot about Scientology during this period. Anyone who takes the trouble to study the Church will understand that while it is of course true that Scientology is careful to portray itself as a religion in part to ward off governmental and individual attacks for "fraud", in fact the reason it is able to do so, with considerable success, is that there is, conceptually, no difference between Scientology and any established and accepted religion of which I'm aware. "

So, let us put Mr. Silvergate's statement into perspective....

"a series of bogus "religious fraud" cases" = that were worth more than TEN MILLION DOLLARS { Referring to the "Flynn" litigation NB:The total of just the amounts we know about, adjusted to 2002 dollars) to the Scientology Ponzi scheme for their silence,

for their SILENCE.....!!

destroy utterly, if possible

Scientology conducts its litigation, not to win but to "destroy utterly, if possible"... for Scientology, litigation in pursuit of silence is merely the cost of doing business.

South Carolina Judges Seek to Ban Secret Settlements

Read the NY Times article: South Carolina Judges Seek to Ban Secret Settlements By ADAM LIPTAK. Adam Liptak's article in the New York Times quoting Chief Judge Joseph Anderson of the South Carolina Federal Judicial District saying about civil gag agreements that:

"It meant that secrecy was something bought and sold right under a judge's nose."


You see, there is a global scam of truly epic proportions which seeks to sell the public "A Piece of Blue Sky". The incredible profits of selling such a 'commodity' under tax-exempt corporate structures make the purchase of gag-agreements merely a cost of doing business.

I have lost friends that I once had to gag agreements, as a result of Mr. Silvergate's effort.

The existence of Scientology is completely dependent upon what I describe as a conspiracy for silence to be able to still lure unsuspecting young people into Hubbard's trap.. For Scientology, it is a pattern of conduct, and just the cost of doing business.

Chief Federal Judge Anderson and his peers in South Carolina Federal District seem to have the courage and foresight to identify this threat to both our nation's founder's First Amendment guarantees as well as the income of certain lawyers.

The Scientology Matrix
More about how members are silenced, and what a member must face who leaves, also called The Bridge Out of Scientology

"To dispose a soul to action, we must upset its equilibrium" Eric Hoffer

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