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Outtake: Stephen King's devil in his made for TV movie "THE STAND" was named "Flagg", and the goodguys were called "freezoners" and they were going to Boulder Colorado ( where FACTNet is )


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Scientology and Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby LINK

Bavarian Report on Scientology

Lermanet receives a sign!

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'Religious' Freedom Watch Exposed

If reading an article here, leaves you feeling outraged that Scientology or its front groups are considered "charitable" by the IRS - please contact your State Delegates - Every voice helps.

L Ron Hubbard's great grandson: Jamie Kennedy explains what $cientology really is: "My mother still has a letter from Ron threatening to break my grandfather's legs"

The mp3 track you want to hear is "Judas' Son" - enjoy
[ parental advisory - adult language ] [ Audio file, mp3]

L Ron Hubbard's Son - Ron DeWolf denounces his own father as a fraud - Read this hard to find 1982 interview in the News Herald

Charles Manson was a Scientologist

"Once the world is Clear--a nation, a state, a city or a village-the Scientology -organization in the area becomes its government! And once this has taken place the only policy accepted as valid is Scientology policy."

L. Ron Hubbard, taped lecture Jan. 9, l962 "Future Org Trends"

Somebody some day will say "this is illegal" , by then be sure the orgs say what is legal or not." L.Ron Hubbard HCOPL Jan.4, l966

"My father asked me to steal an H-Bomb"
(Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb) Ron DeWolfe, under penalty of perjury, 1982 Clearwater Hearings


Image of statute in Dusseldorf, Germany, The Four Riders of the Apocalypse copyright john enerson, erected to remind and prevent  the evil of the Nazis 

"It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so, and will follow it by suppressing opposition, subverting all education to seize early the minds of the young, and by killing, locking up, or driving underground all heretics."
--Robert A. Heinlein, postscript to Revolt in 2100

Scientology's Scandals

See the LATEST scandals are on the front page

Scientology not paying thier bills! Is the end near? Link to VIDEO

November 2007 - A devastating interview with an insider, religious cloaking, corporate frauds, director perjury, disconnection, enforced abortions, slave camps and naziesque conduct. LINK

56-year old Scientolgy OT VIII, Herb Zerden is one of the leaders of F.A.S. He lives in Florida, behind closed gates, in a $2 million dollar mansion complete with pool and boathouse. INSIDE EDITION caught up with him while he was gassing up his $70,000 Mercedes. LINK

Belgium Criminal Indictment info HERE

Jeremy Perkins - A Family Tragedy

On March 13, 2003, Jeremy Perkins, a 28 year old untreated schizophrenic, stabbed his mother Elli 77 times. She bled to death on her bedroom floor. Jeremy is currently being held at Rochester Psychiatric Center, having been found not responsible for Elli's murder by reason of mental disease or defect.

Perkins, his mother and father, his sister, and her husband are all members of the Church of Scientology, a group that believes modern psychiatric medicine derives from an ancient alien civilization's plot to drug and enslave humanity. Scientologists like Tom Cruise vehemently and publicly oppose the pharmacological treatment of mental illness. Unfortunately, Scientology's own brand of therapy, called "auditing", is worthless.

Elli Perkins was a senior auditor (counselor) at the Church of Scientology of Buffalo, New York. Her son-in-law, Jeff Carlson, is the Executive Director of that church. Jeremy himself had taken Scientology courses there, and was even flown out to Los Angeles to join Scientology's paramilitary Sea Organization, although he was promptly sent back home due to his mental problems.

After consulting a Scientologist osteopath, Dr. Conrad Maulfair, Elli was treating Jeremy with vitamins, which he disliked. Within hours of Elli's murder, which occurred on L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, the Church of Scientology initiated a crash cover-up to hide its connections to the case. Jeremy's family has since "disconnected" from him, per Scientology policy. This web site reveals Scientology's true role in the death of Elli Perkins and the destruction of Jeremy's life.


Unfair Dissmissal - Scientology Harrasment in A WISE Dental Clinic LINK run by a Scientologist entist named Dr. Aydin

The purpose of the Scandal page is to try and collect those examples of outrageous conduct that the international psychopolitical terrorist organization dba 'Scientology'(tm) does, that, when read, might entice the reader to dig deeper into the collected works on this website, until he becomes motivated to help do something about this abomination.

$cientology has done something to infuriate just about anyone. Here are a few of their better known escapades:

The Persecution of Ex Members, critics and journalists

Dan Garvin's Expose` about Scientology's super secret INCOMM database - which indexes scientologist's secrets and all their personal connections to legislative, governmental, media and judicial officials.

Read ex-member Gary Weber's apology to John Travolta, Mayor Gabe Cazares and journalist Richard Leiby ( then of the Clearwater Sun newspaper ) - then follow the link to read his story. ( with illustrations )

"Richard Behar, author of the 1991 TIME Magazine article, describes the ordeal of writing about Scientology, includes moving letters from readers:

"The runway into this trap is a social millau which gradually seduces good people into believing, among themselves, on self deceptions. So they come to believe themselves an elite, in unique possession of all the right answers. The deeper a person goes.....the more he participates in his own exploitation and that of others."

Scientology's survival depends upon a constant campaign to silence criticism, See the Persecution page, I consider this tactic to be extortionate conduct to intimidate witnesses, covered by the United States Federal Criminal Code.

The largest single profiteer in the Scientologist Reed Slatkin illegal ponzi scheme turns out to be a Scientologist! - Ex-member of banned by a Federal court order (US vs MSH) Gaurdian's Office - (G.O.) Joel Kreiner who is associated with L Ron Hubbard's once personal lawyer, and scientology background player, Attorney Norton S. Karno

December 2002: The Following Scientologists have been sued by the Bankruptcy Trustee (case #01-11549 et all) to recover illegal profits from fellow Scientologist "minister" and Earthlink Co-founder Reed Slatkin's ponzi scam:

Doug Dohring $193,000; Laura Dohring
Joseph Andruscavage $230,000; Tammy Terrenzi Strickling
Jack Dirmann, Irene (Howey) Dirmann $1,304,000 - was once CO of ASHO
Sandra Codding $1,437,000; Laura Sherman $54,000
David Singer 2,135,000; Diana Venegas, and Infinity Investments, Ltd
Judith De Saldarriaga $103,000
Milton Katselas $800,000

Scientologist, "OT8", and "Volunteer Minister" Tony Hitchman previously fled to South Africa in October to escape a Writ of Attachment


All these people who got sued by the Trustee made a profit from their investment into Slatkin's criminal enterprise. In the case of the Dohrings their profit was in the amount of $ 193,000.

So, rather than giving back their proceeds to the Estate in order to pay off Slatkin's victims ( the severly handicapped man who had lost all his savings), these "ethical and upstat Scientologists", who, by the code of the IAS, "do not belong to or work for any organization or group that is dedicated to the harming of mankind", try to hold on to their proceeds, which had been gained through fraud.

There exists a law that was mentioned once in the newspaper articles about Slatkin that makes it mandatory for investors to give back proceeds from a Ponzi scheme. Otherwise they can be sued, as in this case by the Trustee, to be forced legally to get rid of criminally gained money.

Scientologist Minister Reed Slatkin was the first to agree to cooperate with prosecutors, then in November 2002 his scientologist buddy Daniel Jacobs did the same....

(Links are to raw tiff files only, but the substance is identical to the motion served on AOLA, linked above.) November, 2002 News Media Article with links to more articles HERE
See for details

Slatkin Trustee is now going after Scientology

Despite its best efforts to disassociate itself from its disgraced former minister, the Church of Scientology is being dragged into the Reed Slatkin bankruptcy investigation once again - and this time, trustee Todd Neilson and the Creditors' Committee want documents.

In a flurry of motions filed last Thursday, the Trustee has demanded that seven separate Scientology organizations produce documents related to any donations or gifts that the church has received from Slatkin since 1985. The documents will be examined by Kirkland and Ellis attorneys to determine how much money the Church might have to repay to the estate as a result of fraudulent transfers.

That's not all, however - church officials from each of the seven corporations will also have to appear for a videotaped examination.

According to the motion, in addition to records related to money transfers, the trustee also wants any and all documents or correspondence related to the Slatkin bankruptcy, pre-bankruptcy investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the ongoing criminal investigation.

Neilson is also demanding all documents related to communucation or correspondence between church officials and any other individual or entity regarding investments with Slatkin from 1985 until the present.

If there's one thing that every Scientologist, current or former, knows about Scientology management, it is that the church keeps meticulous written records on virtually everything that goes on within its parameters. Slatkin's investment club was far from unknown within church circles during his Ponzi heyday.

In fact, this Knowledge Report was apparently prepared for the Church of Scientology's "Ship Master at Arms" by Slatkin business associate and fellow Scientogist Richard Levine, "regarding [his] business dealings with Reed Slatkin as requested." (Emphasis added.)

How many other reports did church officials request from Slatkin business partners before his financial bubble burst in 2001 - and will they produce them for Neilson's examiners?

The full motion filed against the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles can be found here. Other organizations named in the motions are as follows: Church of Scientology Celebrity Center International, American Saint Hill Organization, International Association of Scientologists, Flag Service Organization, Religious Technology Center and the Church of Scientology International.

Scientologist Greta Van Susteren and her husband John Coale have agreed to settle and repay the trustee in excess of 700,000


L. Ron Hubbard the Fake War Hero and Fake physicist

Hubbard and the organization that emulates him,  have lied about Hubbard's history, military record and lack of academic credentials. He was Science Fiction hack who crafted an elaborate ruse, that continues to entice the unwary into a science fiction theatrical to this day.

Concentration Camps in America - The Gulags of Scientology

All members employed by the organization, including their Office of Special Affairs PR people live in constant fear that if they don't do a good a job they will be sent to the gulags of Scientology. Keep this in mind as you listen patiently to their lies. You see they have no choice.
Nefertiti's Story of an Escape from the RPF
Woman chained in Basement
Declaration of Andre Tabayoyan
Professor Stephen Kent's Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force "RPF".
Professor Stephen Kent's Address in Leipzig Germany
The Art of Deception by Arnie Lerma

The Practice of Disconnection -

let-my-daughter-go2.jpg (36998 bytes)
breaks up families:  Lifelong heartaches in the name of keeping the Scientology ponzi scheme for the mind going.

'The Disappeared' in Scientology
... "Don't they break, up families?"
Sadly, that first response is the correct one, "Yes they Do."Scientology has its own "Los Desaparecidos". The disappeared ones it creates with its policies of disconnection.

Tory Bezazian - a 30 year member speaks out "Listen to Maria’s testimony (real Class 9) about the deaths and people she audited. Was she hoodwinked too? No matter that you and I together know four kids who are DEAD over disconnection.  Ok, you will say there were other factors and I do not disagree…but each one had ONE thing in common: disconnection!"

Andre Tabayoyan (his affidavit) - and a letter to his son Casavious, who is inside the Hemet Scientology facility.

Story of Ohdran Fortune - 1500 protest in Ireland

Ida Camburn's Story

idaandandre2.jpg (27873 bytes)
- The story of a 25 year struggle by a mother to expose the organization that enslaved her son's mind causing him to 'disconnect' from her. Her struggle continues to this very day. Ida Camburn's story is coming soon. Read the letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan to Ida Camburn HERE,   and no, Andre Tabayoyan is not her son..Andre's affidavit is HERE..

1983 List of people declared as Suppressive Persons by Scientology

Enforced Abortions -

This should motivate both sides of the abortion battle, here you have an organization demanding its own members to abort their children.

Mary Tabayoyan: Excerpt of declaration of Mary Tabayoyan - "I knew of several instances of staff getting pregnant and being coerced to get an abortion"

Jesse Prince: speaking freely- "my own wife, who was one of the women at the secret management base in Gilman Hot Springs [Riverside California ] who was forced to have an abortion "

Michael Pattinson: Pattinson complaint - "(n) Defendants had engaged in fraud in not telling Plaintiff, at the time of his recruitment, about Hubbard's attitude toward children as being "expensive inconveniences" and that Scientology Sea Org staff members are routinely ordered to have abortions because children interfere with "production" and require "family time";"

Stephen Kent Ph.D Scientology - Is this a religion?  - "researchers should not be surprised to learn of pressures that Sea Org women felt to either abort pregnancies or
give-up children for adoption. My 1987 informant told me that when
Sea Org operated on ships during the mid 1970s, women knew that they
were not allowed to raise children on the vessels. Consequently,
they experienced pressure to have abortions. "   

Declaration of Tara Hattaway "Melanie’s very strong advice and pressure was to abort the baby. She had
gone on to say that at this point in my life it is better to do the greatest
good for all. That spending my life “clearing the planet” which means basically
to get the planet saved from insanity, would be the greatest good, in other
words, a far more noble endeavor than leaving staff to raise a child."

Scientology is Armed and Dangerous
The Fourth Secret
By Dean Gamburd

If you ever do anything to interfere with my mission, I could not guarantee your safety or that of your family

These words spoken to me by Front Sight Firearms Training Institute's Director and Founder, Ignatius Piazza, solidified my deepest fear about to what extent he was willing to go to protect his dark secret.Modified page after threat of Lawsuit ARTICLE HERE

June 2006 - Piazza sued for Conspiracy to Defraud under RICO

Supporting Expert Report on Piazza's lawsuit by Dr Stephen Kent - Excellent summation!



elron2.jpg (8008 bytes)

Scientologists are taught to believe "There was no Christ"

L Ron Hubbard in his secret teachings at the level called OTIII says that Christianity is an implanted idea, implanted by evil alien brainwashers.. He says directly, in his own words,"The man on the cross there was no Christ" Listen to Hubbard say it here if you don't believe me!

-More on Scientology and Christianity here

The Dead Bodies

ZDF TV transcript with images
Lisa McPherson
Jeff Jacobsen's List of Deaths and Suicides


Frame-ups and Criminal Entrapments

Scientology's founder L Ron Hubbard says that only criminals will attack Scientology, When Scientology finds nothing in a persons background,  Scientology then begins to work overtime to 'make it so' Here are a few of the documented cases.:

The story of Jewish author Paulette Cooper-- her book "Scandal of Scientology" and Scientology's written plan to destroy her : "OPERATION FREAK OUT"

whypaulette.jpg (5414 bytes)

Keith Henson's frame-up
in Riverside County California

[Separate Frame-ups by Scientology Summary
page coming soon more about this is here.]


The 'Fair Game' Policy

[ Fair game section is coming soon ]


Included in the effort to silence witnesses is a pattern of public libel by innuendo used to try and dissuade you, the public that I wish to inform, from being willing to consider me a source of information at all, and most off all to make sure that you do not contribute financially to support my effort. Here is a short email exchange with a concerned reader:

11/5/02 hi, i'm sure you are aware but just in case you are not c.o.s are attempting to link you with the anti-semitic Liberty Lobby via the Religous Freedom Watch site.They really are low life are'nt they keep up the good work {name deleted] in the U.K.

And my answer:

Yeah well, ten years ago I was a subscriber to Liberty Lobby's Spotlight, which was founded from monies from Thomas Edison's estate. Scientology used to give the discovery from their IRS litigation to Liberty Lobby's Spotlight to publish.

Willis Carto's right hand man, the #2 man in the organization, was at one time, a Scientologist Field Staff Member named Tom Marcellus. Liberty Lobby used to offer a "Board Membership" with "voting rights" to choose issues, for an additional $ the basic subscription fee. I, knowing they had a bit of an unsavory reputation in history, but had endorsed Ross Perot, paid that extra $15 in order to be able to vote to make sure they stayed on a Jeffersonian populist bent instead of on an anti-semetic bent.

And yes I have met personally with Willis Carto, in an effort to document Scientology's previous involvement with his organization..


Arnie Lerma see more about this here Answer to various Dead agenting pages

ask why the conduct above can possibly be considered "charitable activity"or for that
matter legal in a democratic society....

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