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The Fourth Secret

By Dean Gamburd

NOTICE: Removed due to request of author

I have just received the following request from Dean Gamburd, which I have posted below to remove his story about Front Sight Firearms and Ignatious Piazza. Though there is an Ignatious Piazza listed on the 1997 Scientology WISE Organization list and an Ignatious Piazza listed in Scientology's magazine "Auditor", Oct 2001 Issue, #296 as having completed "Specialty Rundowns". Mr. Gamburd's message to remove this well written article is appended below:

Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:49:14 -0700

Dear Arnie,

Due to the legal suit against me, I must ask, and my attorney's are requesting, that you immediate remove from your web site and ask anyone else who you may know of that has the "Fourth Secret" posted, immediately remove from their web site that material. I must also ask that that material not be reposted.

I am confident you can understand my position and will immediately respect this request.


Dean Gamburd

(Notes by Webmaster )

Note 1 - The "Auditor" in this case, is published by "ASHO" in Los Angeles  California.

Note  2 - Scientology written policy directs that they will pay 5% and 10% sales commisions called "FSM" (Field Staff Member) Commissions to those who 'select' a person for scientology's services. Considering the cost of Scientology's offerings this can amount to a livelyhood commensurate with Real Estate Agents as $100,000 to scientology is not enough to cross their "bridge"

Note 3 - Excerpt from Declaration of Andre Tabayoyan   (left is link to complete declaration) 5th day of March, 1994  Andre was at one time head of security at Scientologys facility near Hemet California


28. In 1991 I had to prepare the base so that it could be defended against the possibility of being taken over by the authorities in a time of crisis. There are approx. 750 people at the base. I was in charge of a project designing the base security system, the perimeter fence, the ultra razor barriers, the lighting of the perimeter fence, the electronic monitors, the concealed microphones, the ground sensors, the motion sensors and hidden cameras which were installed and all over the area -- even outside the base.

29. Church monies were used to purchase semi-automatic assault rifles (HK 91 assault rifles capable of firing 300-350 rounds of ammunition a minute, 45 caliber pistols, .380 automatic weapons and twelve gauge shotguns were stockpiled. These weapons were not registered. Church monies were also used to buy the ammunition.

30. Church monies were also used to purchase a large amount of pounds of gunpowder for the construction of various types of explosive devices to be used in the defense of the base."


guncity.gif (114006 bytes)

from article in National Enquirer

A building permit proposal was published the Sunday April 11 l999 issue, on page was H-2, of the The Riverside Press Enterprise for a $23,146 improvement for a shotgun practice range. Golden Era used to have a radio show radio show on sundays, a call in once asked about the range and was told it was for the use of their "members".

I ask rhetorically: "A tax-exempt charitable religious gun range?"

Related: Scientology's Underground Bunkers [ Link to Images at top, this is from an IRS Form 990

"The difference between a civil society and armed gangs roaming the streets,
is a functioning judiciary"
from training course by the US Mission to Haiti to re-establish civil rule

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