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Free one day submachine gun courses - advertisement for scientologist run weapons training

frontsight firearms, free one day submachine gun courses

I just got an e-mail from saying Front Sight is dead. Their Nevada assets have been placed in escrow and will be sold to a housing developer who will tear out all the firearms training facilities and put in housing. The Alaska land is also going back to the original owner, though it is unclear who that is. Front Sight will be no more.

Print media: Las Vegas July 17th 2006: "Greer won't discuss specifics only to say the tentative agreement will benefit all members. Like Haag, who believed in the "Disneyland for Gun Lovers" and only to ended up feeling taken for a ride."

The Class action Civil Racketeering case files are HERE

My response to Piazza's legal threats over that page are HERE

Update April 2005 - Ignatious Piazza has chose to pursue litigation with a gun enthusiast blogger Diana Hseigh, they reached a settlement on the courthouse steps. Diane isnt talking about the settlement, but is still running her blog!

If you're not familiar with the suit you can read about it here, however Dr Kent's the summation below is what I would recommend reading first.

Professor Stephen kent has provided an affidavit for this case - available HERE:

"VII. Conclusion

Although I am hired as an expert for defendant Hsieh, I attempted to evaluate Dr. Piazza's allegations against her as fairly as I could. Consequently, I relied heavily upon Internet sources, since these are ones with which defendant Hsieh was most familiar and ones that Dr. Piazza could have accessed with just a few clicks of his computer mouse. Based upon readily available evidence, I conclude that defendant Hsieh knew from Dr. Piazza himself that he had taken Scientology courses and that he likely would take more. Her description of Scientology as an "immoral, cultish, and apparently criminal organization" has sufficient backup in socially respectable sources (such as court cases, media accounts, and thoughtful critics) that she cannot be held libel for using the phrase. Moreover, the plaintiff, Dr. Piazza, fails to specify to the court exactly what are the Internet links that supposedly are hateful, bigoted, and untrue statements about Scientology, so this allegation is not actionable. Furthermore, defendant Hsieh made an association between association between the business (Front Sight), Dr. Piazza, and Scientology that was fair and reasonable, which means that no conspiracy existed by any of her statements that linked these entities. Finally, Dr. Piazza has failed to provide evidence that any of defendant Hsieh's statements have hurt his business. I must conclude, therefore, that Dr. Piazza's lawsuit against defendant Hsieh has no merit."

The Front Sight complaint has been webbed HERE

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The Fourth Secret

By Dean Gamburd

NOTICE: Removed due to request of author

I have just received the following request from Dean Gamburd, which I have posted below to remove his story about Front Sight Firearms and Ignatious Piazza. Though there is an Ignatious Piazza listed on the 1997 Scientology WISE Organization list and an Ignatious Piazza listed in Scientology's magazine "Auditor", Oct 2001 Issue, #296 as having completed "Specialty Rundowns". It appears that the largest civilian firearms training facility in the United States
is owned by a Scientologist. See this page about Scientology

Mr. Gamburd's message to remove this well written article is appended below:

See Diana Hsieh's mini-page about the timeline for this entire evolving story HERE

Diane Hsieh reports that she is being sued by Piazza's Frontsight! threatened with Lawsuit for discussions of Frontsight and Scientology

Suits start making light-of-reason and other web news sites

Front Sight Firearms vs Hsieh suit starts making the rounds:
November 8, Microcontent News
November 9, 2002 Instapundit News
Eliot Gelwan's Blog
November 15 2002 - and
Ei Gwn'

Piazza evidently wants his slice of the Homeland Defense Pizza:

Friday, November 15, 2002 - Washington Post: "Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, a privately run company that has no contracts with law enforcement agencies, said it is ready to order a cockpit and fuselage for its Las Vegas facility so it can begin training pilots. The TSA "just doesn't have the funding or facilities or manpower to train all the pilots and therefore it would be too expensive," said Ignatius Piazza, director of the center. He said he would charge a pilot $1,000 for three days of training."

Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:49:14 -0700

Dear Arnie,

Due to the legal suit against me, I must ask, and my attorney's are requesting, that you immediate remove from your web site and ask anyone else who you may know of that has the "Fourth Secret" posted, immediately remove from their web site that material. I must also ask that that material not be reposted.

I am confident you can understand my position and will immediately respect this request.


Dean Gamburd

Originial Article was here which stated that Ignatius Piazza was a Scientologist.

(Notes by Webmaster ) these notes were about the original article by Dan Gambun

Note 1 - The "Auditor" in this case, is published by "ASHO" in Los Angeles  California.

Note  2 - Scientology written policy directs that they will pay 10% and 15% in sales commisions called "FSM" (Field Staff Member) Commissions to those who 'select' a person for scientology's services. Considering the cost of Scientology's offerings this can amount to a livelyhood commensurate with Real Estate Agents as $100,000 to scientology is not enough to cross their "bridge"

Note 3A - Excerpt from Declaration of Vaughn Young in Wollersheim
45. The Sea Organization is a para-military group, using the US Navy as its model. The uniforms, language, rituals, rules and disciplines all reflect a naval battle tradition, as opposed to, e.g., the American Sea Scouts. There is an "enemy" and "battle plans." Battle ribbons are awarded or earned for various "campaigns" and worn on the uniform. Books on war and military intelligence and propaganda are studied on Hubbard's orders to learn and apply the principles of combat.
46. As a para-military organization, the Sea Org has a military command structure consisting of officers and enlisted personnel. The most senior echelon was at "Flag" with Hubbard who held the rank of "Commodore." All personnel and organizations were junior to him and Flag. Only Sea Org personnel were allowed to hold any senior positions in Scientology. According to their own book What Is Scientology? (which was written and designed to give to media and authorities outside of Scientology) at page [ Complete Declaration of Vaughn Young HERE]

The webmaster for was a "Chief Petty Officer" during his tenure in the Organization

Time Magazine May 6, 1991 page 50. The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power by Richard Behar "Obsessed with security, church boss David Miscavige reportedly likes to shoot photos of perceived enemies with a .45 automatic."

A Day at Gold Base with David Miscavige,
by Jesse Prince

Jesse Prince tells details (Dec 12th 2002) of a previous escape from Scientology's Headquarters outside of Hemet through Soboba Indian lands

Note 3 - Excerpt from Declaration of Andre Tabayoyan   (left is link to complete declaration) 5th day of March, 1994  Andre was at one time head of security at Scientologys facility near Hemet California

Happy Valley Prison Camp facility - some information here

Scientology's RPF ( Prison Camps ) by Professor Stephen Kent


28. In 1991 I had to prepare the base so that it could be defended against the possibility of being taken over by the authorities in a time of crisis. There are approx. 750 people at the base. I was in charge of a project designing the base security system, the perimeter fence, the ultra razor barriers, the lighting of the perimeter fence, the electronic monitors, the concealed microphones, the ground sensors, the motion sensors and hidden cameras which were installed and all over the area -- even outside the base.

29. Church monies were used to purchase semi-automatic assault rifles (HK 91 assault rifles capable of firing 300-350 rounds of ammunition a minute, 45 caliber pistols, .380 automatic weapons and twelve gauge shotguns were stockpiled. These weapons were not registered. Church monies were also used to buy the ammunition.

30. Church monies were also used to purchase a large amount of pounds of gunpowder for the construction of various types of explosive devices to be used in the defense of the base."

Added April 2005: New report regarding violence and restraints against members of the Scientology labor camp at gold base, the international HQ which tells the locals that it is "Golden Era Productions" Linked from THIS PAGE

From Rick Ross' Web pages:
Police Hold Scientologists' Guns
Clearwater Sun, September 23, 1976
By Stephen Advokat and Bill McCartha

Police confiscated a cache of weapons in a temporary Church of
Scientology headquarters in Dunedin after the Scientologists abandoned
the based, the Clearwater Sun has learned.

All but four of the weapons, found "about 60 days ago" in the King
Arthur Courts condominiums off State Road 580 just west of U.S. 19,
are being held by Dunedin police. State and federal authorities are

From Interview with Jesse Prince:

L=Lawrence Wollersheim

L: So they have weapons in the main security office.
J: And in the booths. Shotguns.
L: Do any of the Scientology executives, like Miscavige or Rath...
J: Every one of them has extensive... I know David Miscavige has at
least 3 or 4 gun cabinets full of all different kind of rifles, hand
guns, this type of thing. Norman Starkey, the same, he even has an
elephant gun there, that just knocks you away. L. Ron Hubbard was
fascinated with guns. Richard Aznaran, his first introduction to doing
something with L. Ron Hubbard that I know of, besides being his
personal secretary, was to be his gun IC. This was to take the
extensive amount of guns he has, which I would say would be over 40,
50 guns and rifles, and make sure that they're cleaned, buy new ones.
He would go up there and test them. People in RTC would buy him guns,
he would shoot them and say, "Oh, this is really nice." It was
definite gun activity.
L: Were there any military weapons?
J: Yeah. [BOTH TALKING AT ONCE] R-18s, mini-14's.
L: Uzi's, anything like automatic or semi-automatic illegal guns.
J: All of them were semi-automatic that I knew of. I didn't know of
any fully-automatic weapons. The Uzi's, yep.
L: They had Uzi's?
J: David Miscavige has an Uzi.
L: David Miscavige has an Uzi. Any of the other executives?
J: Mark Yeager had quite an array of guns at the time I was there. Ron
Miscavige, David Miscavige's younger brother, or older brother - L:
Why did they say they had all these guns? Did they ever make a comment
why they had so many guns?
J: For security.
L: It wasn't a hobby they were collecting antique guns?
J: Well, it was a dual - No, no, not antique guns. The best
state-of-the-art guns. It was security purposes in case anything ever
happened, they felt protected, because they had their arms, their
guns. It was definitely a personal thing.
L: Do you think if the government was going to go in and arrest David
Miscagive and these top people that they would possibly respond?
J: In a standoff? Yes.
L: In a standoff. So they would respond with guns?
J: Yes.

guncity.gif (114006 bytes)

from article in National Enquirer

A building permit proposal was published the Sunday April 11 l999 issue, on page was H-2, of the The Riverside Press Enterprise for a $23,146 improvement for a shotgun practice range. Golden Era used to have a radio show radio show on sundays, a call in once asked about the range and was told it was for the use of their "members".

I ask rhetorically: "A tax-exempt charitable religious gun range?"

Related: Scientology's Underground Bunkers [ Link to Images at top, this is from an IRS Form 990

Hubbard asked his son to steal a nuclear bomb - Sworn testimony of Ron DeWolf { L Ron Hubbard's Son ] see bottom at page 2-42-44:
MR. LECHER: Your father wanted you to steal an H- bomb?
MR. LECHER: Your father wanted you to steal an H- bomb?
MR. DeWOLFE: Yeah. He wanted me to

Scientology described as a "terroristic cult" in Time Magazine in 1991 and having underground bunkers , these are not the only things Scientology has in common with a well known terrorist organization:

Washington Post - 16 November 2001
from front page Headline article page A1
"Taliban under Assault in last two Strongholds"
continues onto page A22 .
headline "Al Qaeda Fighters Home was stocked for action"
"The smaller notebook, which apparantly belonged to Harith, contains a
list of reading material, including 'On War" by prussian theorist Karl
von Clausewitz. "
for the record, Scientology's OSA / Guardians office training
checksheets include: 'On War" Karl von Clausewitz.

Report from Gilman Hot Springs - Gold base near Hemet California -


I, GRAHAM E. BERRY, hereby declare and state as follows:

1. I am over the age of 18, resident and domiciled in the State of California. I have personal knowledge of the matters set forth herein and, if called upon to do so, would so testify.

2. On October 17, 2002, at approximately 11:15 am I departed from my home in Mar Vista, Los Angeles, California for Ida Camburn's home in Hemet, California. My purpose was to visit my 79-year-old friend and to respond to the concerns of others as to her safety in light of certain recent events appearing to be further Church of Scientology ("the Cult") harassment of her. I took the 10 Freeway to Highway 79 near Beaumont, CA. I then took Highway 79 to State Street in Hemet, thence to Stetson, Elk and finally to Vista Grande where Ida resides. It is the route upon which I do not get lost on. Usually, when I take the alternate route via Sanderson Avenue in Hemet I get lost trying to find Vista Grande and the Retirement Community in which Ida resides.

3. I drove past the Church of Scientology's Golden Era Productions ("the Base") at Gilman Hot Springs, I lowered the car's sun visors so that the Cult's remote controlled surveillance cameras would not see my face. The Cult's remote controlled surveillance cameras record the faces and license plates of all vehicles that pass the Base. This also happens on Sunset Boulevard, L. Ron Hubbard Way and Fountain Avenue in Los Angeles in front of the Cult's facilities there. Additionally, it also happens along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles where more than seven major Cult buildings are located, such as on the corner at Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar Avenue. Consequently, all pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard are under continuous Scientology remote controlled camera surveillance. Further information regarding the Cult can be located and read at: and and and and

4. While driving past the Cult's Base (their "heavily armed" international headquarters) I noticed heavy earthworks and what appeared to be defensive berms being constructed around what is reported to be a heavily armored building being constructed so as to be able to withstand a "Waco" style ATF or other armed assault. Indeed, in my January 21, 2002, pending criminal complaint against the Cult and others, I stated my personal opinion and personal belief as to the dangerous activities at the Cult's international base at Hemet, CA:

"Indeed, the Church of Scientology engages in brutal brainwashing in its three coercive re-indoctrination 'gulags' on American soil. These 'gulags' are located at Gilman Hot Springs and Happy Valley near Hemet, CA; Hollywood, CA; and, Clearwater, FL. The Gilman Hot Springs facility or 'base' is 'heavily armed and dangerous'. (Scientology's Concentration Camps) and (Brainwashing In Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force [RPF]) and and and (Reposted Classics #16, Declaration of Andre Tabayoyon)." (page 105)

5. I arrived at Ida's at 1:35 pm. Soon after that time, Ida began receiving reports from neighbors in the retirement community that a white SUV-type vehicle was parked as though it had Ida's house and guest arrivals/departures under surveillance. In the past, the Cult had hired private investigators and used its own employees to do this. A large thirty-foot plus long recreational vehicle with sophisticated listening equipment had once been parked nearby. Two years previously, a Cult employee then believed to be Frank Petty had also been parked outside a neighbor's house at night. When asked by the elderly neighbour what he was doing there he claimed to be an FBI agent.

6. When Ida (who lives alone) and I departed to go to a copy store, she discovered that her security lock had had a piece of metal jammed into it so as to render it inoperable. Subsequently, there were further telephone reports from neighbours of a white SUV(s) patrolling and parking nearby. When I retired to bed at 9 pm, a further telephone report was received that there were now two white SUVs with their drivers sitting in them parked nearby on the street and apparently keeping Ida's house under surveillance.

7. The next morning, at approximately 9:30 am (October 18, 2002), the neighborly phone calls reported that two white SUV s were again cruising the area. One of the SUVs, the one with a brown stripe around the lower body panels was the same as one of the ones from the previous evening. Several times I looked out window and saw a white SUV going slowly past on what is a very quiet retirement community street. At approximately 2:10 pm, I happened to be on the street, outside Ida Camburn's home, preparing to depart for my return drive home to Los Angeles. A white SUV with a brown stripe around the lower body panels slowly cruised around the corner, turned and went in the other direction when the driver saw us standing on the curb. I waved to the driver to let him know that I was aware of his presence and obvious harassment.

8. At approximately 2:15 pm I departed for Los Angeles. I retraced the same route from Vista Grande to Elk to Stetson to State Street and into Highway 79. As I approached the base, I decided to stop and photograph the earthworks I had observed the previous day. I parked within sight of the new reputedly armored building and a few feet away from what appeared to be workers' vehicles. I was on the side of Highway 79 and behind a small red car. As I walked past I noticed a woman in the driver's seat. She had dark hair. Her general appearance suggested to me that she might be Latina. As I walked past, she made a call on her cell phone.

9. I then walked about 100 yards down the mountainside of Highway 79 and took several photos of the big new Cult building as I did so. When I passed the transformer room of the huge new building I took another photo. I then crossed to the opposite side of Highway 79 to a point on the public side of the highway just before one reaches the new barracks or "berthing" being slowly built for the Cult's staff. At all times, I was on the public roadway. I saw no other people except for hired construction workers up the hill and around the Cult's new building that are undergoing final construction. My intention was to proceed little farther, take a few more photographs and then to return to my car and drive onto Los Angeles.

10. All of a sudden I was forced to jump to one side. A white pickup truck had appeared from nowhere and nearly ran me down. Although it was not long lived this action terrified me. This had happened once before on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles when I was all alone carrying a picket sign protesting the Cult's human and civil rights abuses. On that occasion, there were three attempts to run me over, after which the little red car had driven into the large Church of Scientology parking lot at Sunset and L. Ron Hubbard Way.

11. A uniformed man jumped out of the white pick up truck and approached me. He yelled that I was violating "the injunction." I said, "What injunction?" He said, "The injunction against you [me]." I said, "There is no injunction against me." He said, "There is. Here it is. It is on Elliot Abelson's letterhead." I said that I had never received it. With that he started reading from a piece of paper while I took another photograph, maybe two. He was reading words to the effect that Keith Henson and his "agents" and all persons acting in concert with him were enjoined from being within 500 yards of "the Base." I am familiar with the Henson civil and criminal cases in Hemet, California and it is my personal opinion, in the exercise of my freedom of speech rights, and upon the evidence and facts known to me, that the criminal and civil judgments against Keith Henson were obtained by Cult related crime, unethical conduct by lawyers and prosecutors, prosecutorial corruption, judicial corruption and/or judicial intimidation and/or judicial incompetence, perjury, abuses of process and frauds upon the court (s) and prosecutorial agencies. I had not been given an opportunity to be heard upon the injunction being read to me, I thought it subject to both federal and state court collateral challenge and to be constitutionally defective, because of its vague and imprecise language and scope, and its chilling impact upon otherwise proper constitutional rights. I also believe it, and the interference with my activity, to be a furtherance of the Cult's RICO activity that that has been conducted since at least November 1993. Further information regarding this RICO activity can be located and read as follows: [click on Groups then type in graham berry and select Search by date] and at

12. I noticed that the man intimidating me wore a uniform that had a nametag on it. I took a notepad from my pocket and began noting the details. He then tore his nametag off his chest pocket to try and prevent my reading his name. I said, "You are reading me an injunction, but trying to prevent me from knowing who gave me notice of its contents?" He scowled at me. However, I had the information; "SECURITY FORCES PO2, Danny Dunagan I/C." I then told Scientology Security Chief Dunagan that Elliot Abelson would be hearing from me about this violation of my civil rights.

13. Next, I turned on my heels and proceeded to walk back towards my car, along the public portion of Highway 79 on the golf course side of the Highway. My photographs will establish approximately where I was at all times. As I walked away, the Cult's Security Forces Officer was shouting into his walkie-talkie: "Call the Sheriff, he's not co-operating!" I said that that was not so. He said, "Don't commit any acts of violence on church members." I laughed and said that I never had. He said, "Who's going to believe you. You're just a suspended lawyer." I made no response and continued to walk back to my vehicle. On the way back to my vehicle I took at least two more photographs. I crossed over to the other side of Highway 79. As I walked past the little red car parked in front of mine the young lady was slumping in her seat, cell phone in her hand, the window open. I observed a baby lying on the rear seat. I said nothing to her and made no gestures.

14. I immediately got into my vehicle and made a safe U turn and proceeded back to the Ramona Expressway and left Hemet by that route. After hearing Security In Charge Duggan I had concluded that I was unable to continue along Highway 79 and past the Base because of the terms of the injunction, as driving on public Highway 79, I would have been within 500 yards of the Base as I drove past it. As I drove south down Ramona Expressway and towards the hill beyond Gilman Hot Springs Road, I noticed a Sheriff's car, which appeared to be heading towards the Base.

15. I have not been Keith Henson's attorney or "agent" for nearly two years. I did not discuss my intention to photograph several Cult-owned buildings with him before I did so. Materials describing the Cult's campaign against Keith Henson can be found, among other places, at: and

16. At 1:30 pm on October 19, 2002, Ida Camburn informed me that the same or a similar white SUV(s) had made several more "passes" around her home that morning.

I declare under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States of America and the State of California, that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed on this 20 th day of October 2002 at Los Angeles, California.



Graham E. Berry

21 Oct 2002 - Ms. Ida Camburn filed a police report about the attempted lock-picking, #022940130 with the Hemet Police Dept who inspected her door lock.

A Day at Gold Base with David Miscavige,
by Jesse Prince

"The difference between a civil society and armed gangs roaming the streets,
is a functioning judiciary"
from training course by the US Mission to Haiti to re-establish civil rule

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