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Question 3-f

As required on part II of the schedule A, Form990, please name
the 5 highest paid service providers and list the amounts paid
to them by scientology-related organizations, in calendar years
1989, 1990 and 1991.  "Service Providers", for purpose of this
questions 3-f, excludes all scientology-related organizations
and individuals (including but not limited to individuals listed
in response to Question 3A-c (i) - (iii) below).  To identify
the service providers to be listed, please aggregate all payments
from all scientology-related organizations.  Please explain the
services and purposes for which payment was made and separately
list each payor and the amount paid.

                               * * * * * * *

Following is the list of the 5 highest paid service providers for
each of the calendar years 1989, 1990 and 1991.

This information was gathered from all major scientology-related
organizations including US Class V Churches and the larger US missions.
While the church does not maintain service provider compensation
information in centrally located files, we believe that we have
compiled materially complete aggregate payment figures.

YEAR 1989


$2,592,750.31  CST

William Kanayan Construction built several buildings and CST's 
central repository and archival production facility in Southern
California.  CST is engaged in an enormous project to preserve the
scientology scriptures for all time.  To date CST has spent over
$52,000,000.00 on these projects and expect to spend another
$114,000,000.00 in the next 5 years to complete the current phase
of its program.  Many of the archival scriptures are produced,
assembled, packaged and staged at the Mile High facility in buildings
especially constructed by William Kanayan Construction.  One of them
is a four story production bjuilding.  (Exhibit binder, III-3-e, 
Photos A1-A9).  Preservations activities conducted in this building
include preserving the scriptures on etched stainless steel plates.
Scritures are also reproduced and protected in such media as archival 
laser disks and copper records protected by nickel coating.  The
archival scriptures are then placed in capsules made of pure indefinate
life titanium.  (These were shown to you during our October 1991
presentation of SCT's activities and the wherewithal and materials
it uses for preservation and storage) (Photos A10-A17)

The vault at Mile High is an underground facility that protects the
original scriptures from any conceivable environmental hazard or act
of war.  It consists of two 100 foot long heavy gauge steel underground
structures which provide maximum protection against earthquakes and
which are fully conditioned for both temperature and humidity so as to
maintain perfect storage conditions for the priceless originals 
stored in the vaults.  (Photos A18-A31)


$2,509,692.57  CST

During the 1980's CST constructed a 700 foot tunnel vault in New
Mexico.  The vault was designed and built to last a minimum of
1,000 years.  It is a rock tunnel, constructed by drilling and blasting,
which has high strength concrete floors and walls made of high durability
and water resistant materials.  The tunnel finish is gunnite followed 
by troweled lime for long term durability, followed by a spray applied 
layer of acrylic marble dust mixture for extreme hardness and water
resistance, followed by three coats of polyurethane paint.  Several
complete sets of the archival scriptrues will be stored in this vault.
In order to maintain this facility and to properly protect and service
the vault and its contents, it was necessary for Denman and Associates, 
Inc. to construct ancillary facilities to support the vault, such as 
miles of roads, utility lines, gatekeeper/material receiving building
and maintenance structures. (Exhibit B1-B27)


$2,344,415,98  CSI

In 1989 Neilsen Construction was involved in major construction and
renovations projects at Gilman Hot Springs related to Golden Era
Productions.  These included a large building for the Golden Era 
Productions which includes manufacturing facilities for the
reproductions of Mr. Hubbards taped lectures on Dianetics and
scientology and for the Hubbard Electrometer.  (See photos C1-C8)
The communal dining hall and kithcen facilities for the 700 Sea
Org members at Gilman Hot Springs also underwent extensive
renovations.  (See photos C9-C15).


$2,106,725.03  CST

In order to better guarantee the preservation of the scientology
scriptures against large scale disasters, a variety of vault sites 
have to be established.  Therefore, in northern California a 
horizontal underground vault has been constructed in addition to the
Mile High and the New Mexico facilities.  This additional vault consists
of two levels, each 372 feet long, which are covered up with 30 feet 
of earth. This facility, too, is designed to remain safe and accessible
for 1,000 years without maintenance.  The uniquely segmented structure
can withstand earthquakes of up to 8.5 Richeter magnitude without
rupture.  Each of the 542 segments was individually constructed of 8
inch thick high-strength concrete completely encased with a 1/4 inch
thick, continuously welded steel plate.  When assembled, the vault
segments formed over 55.8 linear miles of joints which were bolted
together and sealed with material allowing for utmost flexibility.
this construction, which took one year to design, was created by
IGSS Inc. (Exhibits D1-D15).  Like the New Mexico facility mentioned
above, the vault will contain several complete sets of scriptures
preserved on the most durable and longest lasting materials known to
man at this time.  (Exhibit C16)
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