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Scientologists in Sweden recognized as church

Stockholm, Sweden

March 14, 2000

The Scientology Organization has been acknowledged as a church in Sweden.
Stockholm (dpa) - That was reported by the Stockholm newspaper, "Svenska Dagbladet." The basis of it is a church law that went into effect at the turn of the year by which the status of the Protestant churches has also been changed into a state church. In November, Sweden's revenue office recognized the Scientology Organization as a charitable, idealist association without goals of profit.

Sweden recognizes Scientologists
Luxemburg/Stockholm aft - The Scientology Organization has been recorded in Sweden as a "religious association." A government spokeswoman said yesterday that no special rights were associated with it, just that the organization was recognized as a legal persona. In the European Court yesterday, Scientology won a process against France for restriction of investiture. In the judgment the possibility effected by French law was contested which blocked foreign investors for "disturbing the public order, health or safety."

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