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Leaders of the Church of the Cienciología will be tried in Madrid for 12 crimes


Feb 6 1999

The public prosecutor requests 30 years of jail for the world-wide leader of the sect, Heber Jentzsch

Jose Antonio Hernandez, Madrid The Church of the Cienciología will be put under in a opinion for the first time in Spain. From the 1 of June and to September, the Hearing of Madrid will judge by 12 crimes to 18 leaders and followers of the organization, among them its world-wide leader, the North American Heber Jentzsch. This one faces a fiscal request of 30 years of prison by diverse crimes. The Cienciología was dissolved in Greece and defendant of " practices of espionage " in Germany. Their handlings in Spain were in the open in 1988, after a spectacular police cast that ended 37 lengthy ones.

The Church of the Cienciología settled down in Spain in 1968 to expand the doctrine of its founder, Ronald Hubbard, and with the purpose of catching people with problems to put under them a vortex of expensive short courses (up to 50) with the promise to purify its spirits and to heal its evils. They were therapies that caused serious mental upheavals to the people catched in the networks of the organization, according to the public prosecutor.

The 18 encausados, in their majority leaders of Dianética Spain and of the centers of Narconón chemical decontamination, will have to respond before the Room Fourth of the Provincial Hearing of a total of 12 crimes: illicit association, against the freedom and security in the work, against the public health, defraudación to Property, threats, professional intrusismo, usurpation of functions, illegal halting, injuries, denounces false, you compel and crime simulation.

Between the processings they are the president of Dianética, Arturo Reguera; its ex- presidents Enrique Ayuso, Antonia Navarro and Montserrat Eyrie, and the leaders of this organization Carmen Mu6noz, Victory of Blas and Enrique Coll, in addition to other leaders of Narconón.

The public prosecutor compares to the Cienciología " with a sect " that disguises itself " of church " with the double objective to elude to the state treasury and to use to the others " to make and to make money ". " Its lack of scruples is of such degree that many of their illicit activities even appear regulated " in a luck of ethical code that contains humiliating punishments for the violators.

In order to catch followers, the tentáculos of the Cienciología were used the denominated test of personality. That is to say, a test to feligreses potentials took place , and the common era to find some psychic or physical problem to them. That problem, often fictitious, had a solution that always consisted of the submission of the patient to a very expensive therapy. They even assured that they were able to cure the cancer.

Between the techniques of spiritual and corporal regeneration employees, the fiscal one mentions the brain washing, that the organization carried out to the undisciplined members. That luck of catharsis consisted, always according to the public prosecutor, in locking up to them during days in a room without eating nor sleeping, and under intimidations and harassing interrogations.

Angel P.I. was one of the victim, describes the public prosecutor. To this man, the desprogramadores detected a susceptible psychological problem to him of cures if it were put under one of the courses. With the 110,000 pesetas that paid they made him take substances that took to him to be hospitalized with diabetic comma. Also the public prosecutor in his writing attacks of accusation the methods used by the Cienciología in his centers of attention drug addicts. In addition to being detrimental for the health, he maintains the public prosecutor, " those techniques lacked all scientific rigor ".

All the properties

It also counts the case of Ana G. R., that fell under the networks of the Cienciología victim of a strong depression after separating of its husband. The woman invested all her savings in the courses and, as they did not let request money to him, she had to sell his jewels, their floor and the premises, that is to say, all his properties.

Once expressed, the organization sent it to Denmark, where she put under the call short course of ethical forts. The woman protested by her situation and was necessary " to shut up it ". In Denmark they forced it to make " exhausting domestic tasks " nonfree of shouts and threats. The woman, assures the public prosecutor, finished " vomiting blood ". The organization soon transferred it to Barcelona and ended up expelling it when it did not have left nor céntimo. The public prosecutor speaks of the " economic drains " that the victims were put under.

Ana C. B. was boarded by a member of the Cienciología in a street of Barcelona (also forts were used press campaigns to catch faithfuls). She proposed to him to be put under a gratuitous test of personality that would allow him to surpass its studies with greater success. The girl, describes the public prosecutor, began " to break contact gradually with her family and friendships " and fell " in a deep depression " of which she took in curing two years, after her family managed to take it of the Cienciología.

Another one of the accusations that the public prosecutor makes on the Cienciología refers to the false titleholders in psychology and psychiatry that were in charge to take care of in the centers the followers. That is to say, one put to drug addicts into the hands of people " without title nor psychic knowledge or psychiatric some ".

The result was that many of the faithfuls entered the organization with slight depressions and ended authentic panels of schizophrenia. To thus it happened him to Carmen G. R., who destroyed his personality and lost his desire to live after following the courses of the organization. Something similar happened to him to Enrique B. M., who, put under the aggressive therapies of the organization, " almost completely lost his capacity to reason and left his university studies, arriving at a devoid state of emotions ".

" a dangerous organization ", according to the public prosecutor

J. A. H., Madrid


In some passages of its extensive writing of accusation, the Office of the public prosecutor of Madrid defines to the Cienciología like " an extremely dangerous organization " who is looked more " like a sect " that to a religion. A danger showed, according to the public prosecutor, in the investigations that the Cienciología in search of dirty rags developed to try to discredit journalists, to the ex- deputy To pound Salarrullana and even to the own judge of Madrid that developed the investigation, the today magistrate of the Provincial Hearing of Madrid Jose Maria Vázquez Honrubia.

So it was the pressure on the judge, who this one chose to stay out of the investigation, although before ordered a cast that ended 37 lengthy ones. The operation was baptized as Operation Dew and took place the 20 of November of 1988. A total of 71 national and international leaders of the Cienciología was reunited that day in a hotel of Madrid.

After arduous investigation that had begun a year before, judge dictated that day 37 orders of halting and ordered registry of 19 seats (Narconón and Dianética) which at that time it had in Madrid Cienciología, and of others distributed by Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao, Alicante, Seville and Jerez. Many were in freedom after lending declaration, but others, among them the maximum head, Heber Jentzsch, were jailed. Jentzsch, that resides in the United States, is the main one accused in the judgment that prepares the section fourth, that presides over To pound Oliván.

Ronald Hubber, founder of the Cienciología, advocated a focused doctrine to purify the person releasing to him of the injurious agents who despersonalizan to him. He drew a world in which, by means of a species of short courses and performances on the human mind, the person could free itself of physical drugs and purge her evils.

For it it had to be put under a chain of short courses and a ferocious discipline, contained in which Hubber denominated the ethics codes. More than to regulate the coexistence, that normative one was an authentic Penal Code, honors the public ministry. It included severe punishments for the díscolos followers, from the unavoidable transfers and the confinement accompanied by " rigorous works ", to clear threats to reveal the sexual conduct and experiences of the people, followers or no, considered harmful for the organization.

In fact, it maintains the public prosecutor, behind Cienciología it sublies a assembly guided by a " obsessive one and disordered eagerness of profit and enrichment ".

" you do not wish to leave because it do not give account you of which you are inside "


" you are beginning an adventure. That you never return to be the same one ". Thus, with an enigmatic appointment of L. Ronald Hubbard, the founding father, the Church of the Cienciología announces in Internet. What for thousands of Spaniards it constitutes the only form to reach the sky, is for others - an indetermine number of ex- followers, many of them with serious psychological sequels a " authentic hell, which you do not wish to leave because it do not give account you of which you are inside ".

One of them, happy one that finally the judgment against its old spiritual heads has been indicated, related its terrible experience yesterday. " I was caught, swindled and manipulated mentally. The consequences were very hard; the aim: to remain with my money ". " they always seduce to You of the same form ", adds while it requests that its identity stays privily, " they excite your curiosity, your desires to improve the personality, create fictitious problems to you and soon they offer solutions to you, also fictitious; the only thing that is real is the money that is removing to pay your spiritual tranquillity to you ".

The hallucinating story of the ex- follower as soon as it hides the bitterness by the six lost years: " they make think that thousands of years back called dictator Xenu seated to all the humanity You on a volcano and later it exploded an atomic pump.

The cores of all of them adhered to ours like leeches, and only through the Cienciología you can be released of the last experiences. After seeing of that there are drawee, you feel fantastic and you think: it did thousands of years that it did not feel to me so well ".

In spite of testimonies ahead thus, Mark Eeraerts, representative of the Cienciología in Spain, put a reality unquestionable: " We are an absolutely legal church ". It has papers, fiscal license and until a page in Internet.

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