Christians march in Samoa against scientology

Posted at 06:14 on 04 October, 2007 UTC

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Hundreds of Christian believers in Samoa from Pentecostal churches and ministries have marched in protest against the government’s support of the Scientology religion.

They marched to the front of the government building in Apia where Scientology tents have been put up as the main venue for its disaster training and seminars over the next two weeks.

The protesters have called on the government to reconsider its stance to allow the Scientology members into the country as they would try to persuade many Christian believers to join the scientologists.

Early this week, the chairman of the main council of churches, the Reverend Oka Fau’olo, denied the council was supporting the goodwill visit by Scientology ministers.

The chairman has warned the country to be very cautious of the organisation’s teachings.

Samoa’s Council of Churches upset by visit from Scientologists

Posted at 22:50 on 02 October, 2007 UTC

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The chairman of the Council of Churches in Samoa, the Reverend Oka Fau’olo, has dismissed reports saying the Church Council is supporting a goodwill visit by Scientology representatives currently in the country.

The chairman says there is no need for Scientology ministers to come through the council in order to provide disaster training and seminars for the public because there are other suitable organizations such as the local medical association.

Reverend Fau’olo’s comments were in response to a media statement issued by Scientology representatives last week who said the government and the council of churches have supported their presence in Samoa.

The chairman says Scientology is a secular organization and he warns the public to be very cautious about what they will teach.

But the goodwill visit by Scientology ministers is welcomed by the Prime Minister, Tuila’epa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, who met with the organization’s representatives before he departed for the United Nations Assembly session last week.

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