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NY Newsday
May 10, 1991 , New York, Long Island

The Church of P.R.

Looks like this public relations agency could use a public relations agency. Some execs at Hill & Knowlton, the world-renowned P.R. firm with such prestigious clients as Kodak, Pepsico International and Proctor & Gamble, fired off an internal memo last week announcing they're dropping their Church of Scientology account. The memo, we hear, was the result of an unflattering Time article about Scientology and the resulting flak Hill & Knowlton received because of it. "We are in the process of winding down on that program," a spokesman told us. "We have indeed advised [the Church of Scientology) that we are resigning."

And did the pressure to resign that account come from inside the firm -- or, as we were told, from some of its big clients?

"We're not going to comment on client programs," the spokesman said.

Oh, yes, and just as we predicted, we are getting annoying crank letters from Scientologists calling us horrid names for saying they'd send us crank letters after we said they'd send us crank letters.

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