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January 25, 2003,
Irish Times: Woman's free will 'was compromised'

A woman former member of the Church of Scientology had her free will compromised because of dependency, intrusion and pressure, a Canadian professor who claims to be an expert on the practices of the church told the High Court yesterday.

Prof Stephen Alan Kent said he was concerned about the nature of dependency which grew from the process of dianetics which, he said, would focus on negative events in a person's life.

He said Ms Mary Johnston had developed a dependency relationship because, it seemed, a member of the church, Mr Tom Cunningham, had used these techniques, and she was under constant pressure to join Scientology.

He was continuing his evidence in the action by Ms Johnston (40), of Foxrock, Dublin. She is seeking damages for alleged conspiracy, misrepresentation and breach of constitutional rights in her action against the Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin and three of its members.

The case before Mr Justice Peart is expected to continue for several more weeks.



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