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 The Devil's Work  : Could cults undermine democracy?

29 Oct 1994


[Webmaster's note: This is a translation of a German article that we found buried on when remodeling the site. The date and/or publication name of this article may be incorrect. For an excellent selection of German and International news on Scientology, please visit Joe Cisar's excellent website at ]

A 50 years after the end of World War II to his also 20th anniversary of the first time cult concern was voiced in the House of Commons. This led to the formation of fair, but for us there can be no victory celebration because the few have not yet been joined by the many.

We are in the equivalent of the between the wars period when Sir Winston Churchill and a few others realized what was happening in Germany. They had read Mein Kampf and believed Hitler was capable of carrying out his domination dream. They kept warning us of the growing menace but nobody would listen, and the Fuhrer turned a country into a destructive cult.

A Jonathan Meads, writing about those years, said that the Germans were in thrall to a form of messanic cult that disguised itself as a political party to - The Order of the New Templars and the German Order. These were the predecessors of the National Socialist Party.

Today a reverse masquerade is more likely - a political party disguised as a messianic cult, with tax exemption advantages. Today's Hitler would see the strategic sense in calling himself reverend and claiming freedom to practice and proselytize his 'religion'.

Himmler created an ersatz stonehenge when he conducted solstice ceremonies for members of his order who were expected to change their names to pre-Christian ones. Because 'the new order was conditional on the extinction of the old'.

A Pastor, Thomas Gandow, a researcher and adviser on cults for the Lutheran Church of Berlin and Brandenberg, has warned of new Fuhrer figures replacing the old Communist leaders in Eastern Europe. "Cults are militant fighters for New World. They are organized like armies... their goal is to achieve power... they exert influence and prepare for the takeover."

We are familiar with more recent ratings almost too bizarre to be believed, are aghast at the results when irrational words become irrational acts.

There is growing awareness, even among cult apologists, in that with the millennium less than five years away the situation will become more volatile. This time we have the support of the Germans who are most aware of where the road to totalitarianism leads and in many former occupied countries particularly France, there is vigorous opposition to groups which undermine the democratic system.

With the formation of the European Federation -- FECRIS - we are now all part of the resistance.

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