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Two more indictments of Scientology in France

PARIS- - 7 May 2003 (AFP) -

Two execs from the scientology church have been recently indicted by a parisian instruction judge , one for fraud and the other for illegal pharmacy practice, did we learn wednesday.

Alain Rosenberg has been indicted as Genreal manager of the "Celebrity Center" scientology in Paris, for fraud and complicity of illegal exercise of pharmacy".

The judge suspects him to have been engaged in personality testing without a scientific basis having caused damages to her plaintiff.

Those tests could have been used in order to steal fortunes of some people, under the guise of a psychological aid.

Another executive, Aline Fabre, is indicted for illegal pharmacy practice because she would have sold high dosages vitamins.

Those indictments come after an instruction coming from a complaint, penal and civil, against the scientology association (moral identity), opened in December 1998.

Attorney Aram Kevorkian, questioned by AFP, who is the defender of the two persons indicted, declared that indictment is not culpability, and that the people are not guilty.

Nothing forbids personality testing, and those tests had scientific bases, did he declare, before adding that vitamins can be sold outside drugstores.

Mr Kevorkian added that he had appealed of these indictments before the Indictments appeal Room in Paris court.

Judge Colette Bismuth Sauron, who indicted both scientologists, has other folders against the scientology church.

She was between others responsible to instruct about judicial pieces having disappeared from the Paris Court, and she dismissed that complaint, as she thought that nobody could be indicted.

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