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Le Matin

October 2, 1999

After the raids on the "Church", loose ends

to unravel Scientology? Documents siezed by

investigators may reveal the worldwide operations

of the church.


Belgian investigators didn't come away empty-handed

from the Church of Scientology last Thursday.

From the numerous documents taken during the 25

search operaitons in Belgium and France, they hope

to unravel the Belgian and international operations

of the Church.


The locations searched include the old and new

Belgian headquarters of the Chruch, as well as several

commercial companies (U-man Belgium, Valgo International

Consulting, PR Consulting, Impact consulting, Delta, and

Advance Consulting) who "offer management trainting to

well known Belgian companies, in order to win their sympathies",

explained the spokesman for the Brussels investigating


The Church of Scientology not only makes contact with

individuals with a view toward recruiting them into the

ASBL (Association de Scientologues Bene-Lux??).

They also make contact with large compaines to whom

they sell notably management training programs, including,

among other things, employee evaluation tests.


In other developments, bank accounts linked to the Church

were discovered in Luxemboug at the already controversial

Kredietbank Luxembourg (KB Lux).

One of these accounts, which was credited at the end of

1993 with 1.8 billion belgian francs (45 million Euros),

is subdivided into fifteen or so anonymous sub-accounts,

with notations such as "chuch.scientol. Tor." (for Toronto),

"Toky" (Tokyo), "Los" (Los Angeles), or "Cura" (Curacao).

With these discoveries, the Brussels authorities hope to

peel back the veil that hides the global financial structure

of Scientology.

Among the siezed documents are personal files containing

descriptions of the psychological and medical condition of

church members - which may run afoul of the laws protecting

personal privacy.

The invesitigators also discovered mailings, composed of a

letter and a book, addressed to the principal political figures

of the country, notably members of the government and of

the parliament.

Translation above done by Patricia Greenway of Tampa Florida, thank you!

Belgium investigates Scientology: 10 locations raided, 25 detained

Date: 1 Oct 1999 04:03:03 GMT


At 2 o'clock PM on Thursday, September 30, one hundred and twenty agents of

the Belgian federal police conducted simultaneous raids across Belgium on a

total of ten locations of the Church of Scientology and affiliated

companies. Among those locations were the current headquarters of the

cult and the new headquarters they're in the middle of moving to, both in

Brussels, and the offices of U-Man in Malines.

At all locations, large amounts of documents and computer equipment were

seized. At U-Man, all financial accounts were seized (the police arrived

with a truck for the purpose).

At the request of Belgian authorities, a number of police raids were

carried out in France at the same time.

Twenty-five people were detained for further questioning. Among these are

an American citizen who heads Scientology's "Human Rights" organisation,

located in Brussels. There are no reports as of the time of posting (6 AM

local time) on whether any of these people have yet been released.

The raids are apparently the result of an ongoing investigation that

started two years ago. The specific focuses (at this very early stage of

news reporting) appear to be fraud, falsifying of accounts, and large-scale

tax evasion. More detailed explanations from the judicial authorities are

expected tomorrow.

A spokesperson for Scientology, Marc Bromberg, claimed in a statement to

reporters that the raids are an unwarranted revenge action by the Belgian

government for Scientology's stance against oppression of religious


The above is my summary of what I've been able to glean so far from reports

on Belgian television. More, much much more is no doubt to come.


And on a less serious note: god, weren't the expressions on the faces of

the few clams who arrived during the whole thing priceless! Thankfully, the

police had made sure numerous camera teams and photographers were on hand.

The funniest one was a lady who insisted no raid could possible be

happening, because she had just come back and there was no raid when she

left half an hour earlier. And there was another male one who claimed he

wasn't worried at all, because: "we have nothing to hide". What, not even

the OT levels?

Praise be Xenu! Move over Germany, here come the Belgians!



October 01, 1999;

Friday 08:31 Eastern Time

SECTION: International news

DISTRIBUTION: Europe;Britian;Scandinavia;


LENGTH: 257 words

HEADLINE: Belgian justice investigating Scientology finances

Justice officials said Friday they are checking the books

ofseveral Belgian firms linked to the Church of Scientology, part

of an investigation that began two years ago and culminated in

police raids of 25 offices across Belgium on Thusrday.

Police seized financial records, correspondence, bank statements

and other papers to track the flow of money to the Church of

Scientology here.The U.S.-based organization is also under

investigation in otherEuropean nations where officials suspect

it is not so much achurch as commercial enterprise.Jos Colpin,

a spokesman for investigating magistrate Jean-Claudevan Espen,

said the Belgian probe began in 1997 based onallegations of

fraud and forgery.On Thursday, police raided the offices of

several consultancyfirms linked to the Church of Scientology.

Jos Colpin, thespokesman for investigating magistrate

Jean-Claude Van Espen,said investigators were trying to determine

how far the churchwent in recruiting converts and at what price.

The Church of Scientology has long been the target of complaints

that its members pay excessive fees.In France, the government

is investigating 16 members of theChurch of Scientology as part

of an investigation that first gotunderway a decade ago, but

has suffered from administrative foot-dragging and foul-ups

such as the disappearance court documents.Founded in 1954 by

science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, theChurch of Scientology

teaches that technology can expand the mindand help solve problems.



- Belgium - October 1.472 10/01/199902:42

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Following are some of the main stories in selected

Belgiannewspapers this morning:...-Brusselscourt tackles Scientology Church,

searching 25 houses of firms believedto belinked to the organisation.





Tax department looking for proof

of fraud at Scientology Church, 120 officers carry out searches at 25 houses. (p1)

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