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December 22, 2002 Crackdown on Preying Cults
Sunday Mirror [U.K.]

BRAINWASHING cults which prey on vulnerable youngsters are to be targeted in a Government crackdown.

Home Secretary David Blunkett is drawing up laws that will create a new legal definition of cults distinguishing them from mainstream religions.

Mr Blunkett says the law needs to protect young people who are being exploited financially and sexually.

The move follows the death in mysterious circumstances last year of a British man who claimed he had been molested by Indian mystic Sai Baba.

Groups deemed to be cults will be unable to apply for charitable status, which allows them tax perks, and they will face close financial monitoring.

Any signs that recruits are being exploited for their cash will result in prosecutions. Laws may also be made that relate to detaining people through psychological manipulation.

Other organisations that may be affected include the US-based Church of Scientology and the Moonies.

A Scientology spokesman said last night: "We are not a cult. We're recognised as a religion all over the world."


Note from webmaster: L Ron Hubbard's Scientology meets not only all the criteria for a cult, but Federal Judges feel it is a cult or a fraud, ex-members feel it is a cult, and further, many feel it is no more than a complete fraud, cloaked by written internal policies to look like a cult which is then in turn cloaked as a religion in a conspiracy to avoid public and government scrutiny.


Chief Federal Judge Leisure ( Time Magazine Article Libel Case - WON by Time Magazine for 1991 Article ) is quoted by 2nd Federal court of Appeals as considering Scientology "a cult"

To the extent that the Behar Article uses the term "Scientology," Chief Judge Walker is of the view that the term as used denotes a belief system, or, as the Article puts it, a "cult," [page 8]

Congressman Leo J Ryan letter to Ida Camburn:

Congress of the United states
House of Representatives
December 10, 1976

Dear Ida Camburn,

Thank you for your very detailed letter
regarding Scientology. We haven't yet
found a way to attack these jackals
who feed on children and young adults
who are too emotionally weak to stand
by themselves when they reach the
age of consent.

It's too bad there isn't a 20th Century
Charles Dickens to write about the
terrible destruction of these 20th
Century fagins who make themselves rich
while they destroy the psyche of
so many.

At the present time, I can only encourage
you to do more of what you have
been doing.

Sincerely yours,
Leo J Ryan
Member of Congress

Viva la France! France passes anti-mental manipulation law

...entitled "the law to reinforce the prevention and repression of groups of a sect-like character," it makes it an offence to abuse a vulnerable person via the "exertion of heavy or repeated pressure or techniques liable to alter his judgement."

It will also allow courts to close down associations after members have been convicted of crimes such as personal violence, illegal use of medicines or misleading publicity.

Scientology from the Inside Out - Nov-Dec 1993 Quill Magazine: "I also trained other Scientology PRs on how to handle the media, using material from Hubbard. This included how to respond to a question without answering, how to divert the issue, how to tell "an acceptable truth," how to stall for time, how to assume various emotional states to control another, how to "attack the attacker," how to take control of a conversation, how to introvert a person and how to "get the message across" (especially in an age of sound bites), how to help Scientology attorneys write inflammatory legal papers so the PR could then safely use the abusive phrases, and how to appear to be a religion."

What A Scientologist Faces to Leave Scientology - The Scientology Matrix

Overview of Scientology Problem by Time Magazine's Richard Behar

Secrets are the mortar binding bricks as lies together into prisons for the mind

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