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Die Presse

Vienna, Austria

November 17, 2001

by Christoph Thanei


The controversial Scientology cult supposedly has access to the most secret and vital information in the Slovak government. According to thenewspaper "Pravda," homeland security and the National Security Office have already issued a warningof serious security risk. That is because not only thegovernment's "Govnet" internal information system, but also the Defense Ministry's personal information system were produced by a company said to be under Scientology control.

Private companies Softip and a company by the nameof KISS, in which Softip has shares, have obtained both contracts in the regular bids, held independently of each other. According to "Pravda," the government has already invested 630 million shillings in the Govnet project. The government had planned closed sessions on Thursday to discuss immediate contract cancellations, "Pravda" reported a government official as saying. Because of opposition by an individual cabinet member the session was postponed.

Scientology is not recognized in Slovakia as a religious denomination. According to unofficial intelligence information conveyed by "Pravda," Scientology has approached several of the nation's high-ranking representatives.


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