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Scientology Branch Loses License

October 6, 1999

MOSCOW (AP) - In the latest move against a foreign religious group, a court
today revoked the license of the Moscow center of the Church of Scientology
because of problems with its registration papers.

Prosecutors said they began investigating the Humanitarian Hubbard Center after
receiving dozens of complaints from parents about attempts to influence their

The license was revoked because names that appeared on the registration
documents were found to have no connection to the center, officials said.

A local court today upheld city prosecutors' decision to revoke the
registration. The center was still operating, and it had 10 days to appeal the

Center spokesman Alexei Danchenkov said the registration documents had been
corrected in 1997 and claimed that the authorities were acting out of political
reasons, The Moscow Times reported.

``These are methods of eradicating nonprofit organizations and are tied to the
ongoing struggle of the Orthodox Church to re-establish its complete
dominance,'' he was quoted as saying.

The Russian government passed a law in 1997 that gives courts the right to ban
religious groups found guilty of inciting hatred or intolerant behavior.

The law was adopted under strong pressure from the Russian Orthodox Church,
which is jealously guarding its position in Russia and is eager to see a ban on
some foreign religious groups, accusing them of ``aggressive proselytism.''

The Los Angeles-based Church of Scientology was founded in 1954 by science
fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard and teaches that technology can expand the mind
and help solve problems.

Moscow authorities have also moved against the Jehovah's Witnesses during the
past year.

AP-NY-10-08-99 0522EDT

Comments; Russia

 Searches through Russian news this item dated 6 october 1999
was found which which says that Moscow government revoked the
registration of "Humanitarian Hubbard center" on the grounds
that it used fake documents in the process, and three out of
ten of the original founders' signatures were also faked.
The court decision was appealed, but 14.02.2000 it was
reported in the news as being put into action.

No news items about them getting the decision backwards in
any manner was found, however, which makes it rather stupid
that a lady now claiming to be a PR person of a non-existent
organisation is threatening with lawsuit in Russia. :)

There's also reportedly an order of the Ministry of Health
for health institutions numbered 254 and dated 19.06.1996
which says that "propaganda and use of methods of
scientology and dianetics shall not be permitted".

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