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Scientology's campaign against critical books
Scientology's Campaign against critical books


Gore Vidal on meeting L Ron Hubbard "He exuded evil, malice, and stupidity"

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NEW ARCHIVE of 1920's to 1940's articles regarding Hubbard Here. also see The Shannon Report Here

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March 2009 - The ABC/KESQ Series on Scientology By Nathan Baca News Channel 3

Part 1 The Battle Over Scientology: How the Lines Were Drawn in Riverside Co. It's a full blown war you've likely never heard of. There is a battle between leaders of the Church of Scientology and a group of activists with both sides sworn to fight to the end. This is war; in the shadow of a cross, and behind the gaze of a mask...

Part 2 Tug of War Struggle Between Activists, Scientology Hits the Internet - A video from "Anonymous" posted on YouTube last year states, "Hello. Leaders of Scientology. We are Anonymous. Over the years, we have been watching you. The extent of your malign influence over those who have come to trust you has been made clear to us...

Part 3 Propaganda and Payoffs? Scientology vs. 'Anonymous' Protests in front of the Church of Scientology's headquarters near Hemet may soon be illegal. Sheriff's deputies keep reminding protestors with the group known as "Anonymous" to stay within 50 feet from the center of the road

Part 4 The Tommy Davis interview NB: The spikes facing inward. Why are the spikes facing inward? TD: that's just how they were installed. - Complete Interview Here

Part 5: Scientology Official Addresses Works of L. Ron Hubbard Our second half of our one-on-one interview with one of Scientology's leaders continues in Hollywood. We confront spokesman Tommy Davis with the confidential works of L. Ron Hubbard and ask why there are threats of death by pneumonia

Part 6 Former Scientologist Recounts Imprisoning Atmosphere at IntBase News Channel 3 sent former Scientology marketing director and Portland resident Jeff Hawkins to KATU-TV, the local ABC television station, where he revealed what happened during his years inside Scientology's world headquarters in Hemet, called "IntBase.".

Part 7 Scientologists Wanting to Leave Church Face Life-Changing Consequences -"Technically, they can get up and they can leave and nobody can legally stop them, but you don't know that. And you are kept under watch by security people 24 hours a day. The entrances are all guarded.

Part 8 Life Inside Scientology Headquarters 'IntBase' in Hemet What is life like inside Hemet's "IntBase" for the hundreds of Scientologists who live and work there? Former members out in the open and current members tell News Channel 3 these inside details.

Part 9 Former Scientologist Recounts 'Torturous' Past Inside the Church The Church of Scientology believes one woman, Maureen Bolstad, is one of the worst people in the world. She is one of a few to be declared a "suppressive person." Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard declared so-called

Part 10 Former Scientologists Claim Coerced Abortions, Child Labor Inside Church Former Scientologist Maureen Bolstad continues her account of her years at the church headquarters near Hemet. "I was actually one of the older ones at 17. There were 13-year-olds, 12-year-olds," Bolstad recollects.

KESQ - Blog Update Another Former Scientologist Speaks out

How the Interviews Were Secured for 'Scientology vs. Anonymous'

September 4, 2007 American Samoa Christian Pentacostal members protest Scientology presence on Samoa

8 August 2007 - UPI Hamburg, Germany - Scientology "An Extremist Organization"

July 2007 Author Paulette Cooper tells her story

April 19,2007 - Paris French case against Scientology reopened for "fraud and extortion in organized gang, illegal practice of medicine and pharmacy" - reopened! - Le Express English translation

19 Jan 2007 Wall Street Journal - Scientology's Second Chance draws fire -

5 October 2007, Santa Cruz Good Times - Weekly - High Level Scientologist tells her story, by Christa Martin

15 Sept 2006 - Playbill - A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant Returns to NYC

14 sept 2006 - Australia - Daily Telegraph MP says "There is no science in scientology"

-31 July 2006 LA Times - Tom Cruise forced to renegotiate Paramount contract

Journal of Clinical Investigation - July 2006 - Tom Cruise is dangerous and irresponsible

April 12, 2006 CBS News Telephone Poll - Scientology more disliked than Islam

Arnaldo (Arnie) Lerma on front page of July 9th, Sunday, Tampa tribune Sunday July 9th, 2006 - The Tampa Tribune "New Chapter In Scientology The Controversial church is buying buildings"

The founder of Exposing the CON gets quoted on the front page of the Sunday Tampa Tribune, Article about Scientology's move in Plant City Florida

"Skeptics such as Arnaldo Lerma, a former member who published secret church texts on the Internet, said Scientology is moving into smaller towns where buildings are cheaper, community leaders are desperate to revitalize and scrutiny is generally mild. He said the church has aggressively recruited the poor, blacks and migrants, some who may not be familiar with the church's past.

"It's all about money," he said. "It's the last great con."

Ross and Lerma said the Church of Scientology is emptying its main offices and deploying its dwindling army to Life Improvement Centers as a new phase in its recruitment drive.

Full Article HERE

23 May, 2006 - Edmonton Journal - Narconon debunked

18 March 2006 - The Independent UK - Secrets of Scientology

23 February 2006 - Rolling Stone Magazine - Inside Scientology, Unlocking the complex code of America's most mysterious religion, JANET REITMAN

July 2005 Arnie Lerma in the Toledo Blade ( this is Kady Holmes Hometown ) Summer 1995 - Scientology story sparks heated response - story of Suzette Hubbard

16 July 2005: Dallas Morning news
"Q: Why are so many celebrities Scientologists?

A: It's an optical illusion. In truth, no more than a half-dozen or so celebrities have been publicly associated with Scientology. In addition to Cruise, Travolta and Alley, you have Kelly Preston (Travolta's wife), Isaac Hayes, Chick Corea, Greta Van Susteren.

We hear about celebrities following any religious movement because they're celebrities: Buddhism has Richard Gere, Phil Jackson and Tina Turner. Transcendental Meditation had the Beatles. Madonna, Britney Spears and Demi Moore are famously associated with Kabbalah.

February 23, 2005 - San Francisco Chronicle: Schools urged to drop antidrug program. State Superintendent Jack O'Connell urged all California schools on Tuesday to drop the Narconon antidrug education program after a new state evaluation concluded that its curriculum offers inaccurate and unscientific information, by Nanette Asimov

3 March 2005, The Los Angeles Daily News, Man gets 4 years in nonprofit scam

A Castaic man who set up sham nonprofits with names similar to those of well-known charities was sentenced Wednesday to more than four years in prison.

Kent Stryker, 61 - who was convicted by a Los Angeles jury in October of federal fraud charges - argued that he should receive only probation, in part because he claims to have rehabilitated himself by running a charity he said is legitimate.

Prosecutors responded by contending that although the latest Stryker-run charity does appear to be doing some good works, he is once again involved in "blatant fraud."

At his trial, prosecutors said Stryker collected some $400,000 in donations by forming nonprofits with names such as National Cancer Association.

Webmaster note: Kent Stryker is a long time, old time, Scientologist

November 8th, 2004 : Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy, The case of the boy who committed suicide: a former Scientology executive is sentenced to 4 � years for EXTORTION

- Scientology Tax Trial Begins Today - NY Sun "

"The trial, which is scheduled to open today in Tax Court in Los Angeles, is the second round in Michael Sklar's long running legal battle with the IRS over his claim that part of the tuition he pays for his children at Jewish day schools should be tax deductible.

"I've been hanging on for a decade because I feel it's imperative that this case be fought," Mr. Sklar said in an interview yesterday. "This kind of basically religious favoritism is very damaging, certainly for Jewish people, but probably for all people in the United States."

The case stems from an agreement the IRS reached in 1993 with the Church of Scientology, a religion founded in the early 1950s by a science-fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard. The settlement ended what the Scientologists described as a "war" between the federal government and their church.

Aug. 25, 2004 Arutz Sheva (Israel), Yad L'Achim Warns Against Scientology in Jerusalem "Yad L'Achim, a Jerusalem-based anti-cult organization, announces that the dangerous Scientology cult is actively pursuing new members among religious and hareidi women."

January 2004 LINK - The HILL.COM carried an article in The Shadow column about the apology of ex-scientologist Gary Weber to Richard Leiby and Ex-mayor of Clearwater Gabe Cazares

December 21, 2003 NY Times - Scientology Child's Play - Broadway - "After visiting a rehearsal and sending a letter of protest, Mr. Carmichael (Scientology OSA NY ) saw the show and was not amused."

December 13, 2003 - Het Parool Scientology loses tax-exempt status in Netherlands

Oct 24 2003 Het Parool -HUBBARDS SECT SEES ADHERENTS WALK AWAY Amsterdam, Holland - The Scientology Church Netherlands, located at the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal (a street) in Amsterdam, is recently confronted with a massive exodus. According to former big bosses of the sect, during the last few months at least 50 of the approximately 150 active core members stepped out.

Oct 8 2003Race and Mental Heath Disparity - Psychology Today
"But the cultural mistrust that keeps blacks from treatment has been successfully fueled by the Church of Scientology. Bell is particularly distressed that Scientology has specifically targeted black communities with its anti-psychiatry message. "They are forever pumping into the black community scare tactics, that there's a genocidal plot to put black children on Ritalin, there's a genocidal plot to put black people on antidepressant medication."

September 2003 - Marburg Journal of Religion
Volume 8, No. 1 (September 2003)

Scientology and the European Human Rights Debate:
A Reply to Leisa Goodman, J. Gordon Melton, and the European Rehabilitation Project Force Study
Stephen A. Kent
Department of Sociology
University of Alberta

Scientology: Religion or racket?
Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi
University of Haifa
Haifa 31905 ISRAEL

Russia Sept 17, 2003 Interfax -Russian psychiatrists are concerned about Scientologists' activities in Russia., Scientology is officially banned in Russia now it's using frontgroups

Sept 13, 2003 Scientology gets Picketed in Los Angeles,

Sept 2, 2003 - Scientology Minister, and Earthlink Co-founder Reed Slatkin sentenced to 14 years in prison - Reuters

August 16, 2003: NY firefighters visit Vail firehouse
By Christine Ina Casillas

New York firefighter Joe Higgins can no longer fight fires. He involuntarily retired from the New York Fire Department shortly after responding to the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center because of health problems caused by a variety of toxins released when the skyscrapers collapsed. (And now Scientology is involved - peddling their bogus "purification")

July 15, 2003 � St. Petersburg Times - Son left in vehicle, scientologist mother charged A Clearwater Academy teacher is accused of child abuse when her child is found in her locked SUV while she shopped.

June 28, 2003 - AZ RepublicA former Scientologist who pleaded guilty to spending elderly investors' money on planes, luxury cars, and jewels was sentenced Friday to 17 1/2 years in prison.

May 23, 2003 - Scientology moves for change of venue

CLEARWATER- - Earlier this spring, as the Church of Scientology prepared for its biggest trial in recent history, professional researchers combed Tyrone Square Mall asking Pinellas residents what they thought of the church .

"A cult," said person after person.

"Scam," said one.

"Crooks," said another.

The researchers, hired by the Church , questioned 300 people. Their findings were grim: Four out of five had unfavorable things to say about Scientology .

May 7, 2003, AFP - Two more Scientologists indicted in France

March 31, 2003 - Scientology Friction - Gerry Armstrong and Dr. Stephen Kent get quoted in this introduction to Scientology in the Vancouver Courier - "In the fourth installment of the Courier's five-part series on religions, big and small, Michael Kissinger investigates the controversial church of Scientology ."

March 30, 2003 Belgium accuses Scientologists Nine members of the sect on various charges including fraud Brussels' examining magistrate, Jean-Claude van Espen, has charged nine members of the Scientology sect with various offences, including fraud, invasion of privacy and illegally practising as pharmacist and doctor.

March 16, 2003 - NY Post - Scientology - Satanic Links?
"THE trendiest religion in Hollywood was founded on the teachings of a Satanist, a new essay by Camille Paglia claims. "

March 3, 2003 - Irish Times -
Scientology case settled out of court

February 13, 2003 Nevada Assembly Democrat reacts to Mexico trip ASSOCIATED PRESS By BEN KIECKHEFER - CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - A legislative trip to a Mexico prison to view an alternative drug treatment program developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was termed inappropriate Thursday by the Assembly's second-ranking Democrat. Assembly Majority Leader Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas, said the program is scientifically invalid and undercuts other state efforts.

February 7, 2003 Irish Times - "Church "science" basically rubbish says Doctor

Feb 5, 2003 - Melbourne Age, Australia - Superman Christopher Reeve blasts Scientology

February 5, 2003, Irish Times Case hears of man making "noisy investigation" of plaintiff A man photographed while making a "noisy investigation" of a woman who has sued the Church of Scientology was similar to a man in another photograph taken outside a meeting of Families Under Scientology Stress (FUSS), the High Court heard yesterday. Mr Richard Woods was giving evidence in the continuing action by Ms Mary Johnston against the church and three members of its Dublin Mission - Mr John Keane, Mr Tom Cunningham and Mr Gerard Ryan. Ms Johnston, who operates a sports equipment centre at Westwood, Foxrock, Dublin, is suing for damages. She was involved with the church from 1990 to 1994.

February 4, 2003, Ireland 5, 2003 - St.Petersburg Russia, BBC News: The Moving Together youth organization have placed a five-tonne stone at the entrance to St Petersburg's mayoralty in the Smolnyy palace "to give weight" to their indefinite action of protest against the Scientologist sect.

February 2, 2003 Greece - Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church and Greek Minister of Education say Scientology is not a Church - rejecting application

February 2, 2003, Irish Times: (harrassing) Phone calls to Clients A company director and brother-in-law of a woman who is suing the Church of Scientology for damages told the High Court yesterday he was informed that between 25 and 40 phone calls were made by a person with an American accent to his clients and to private individuals.

Irish Times: Woman's free will 'was compromised' A woman former member of the Church of Scientology had her free will compromised because of dependency, intrusion and pressure, a Canadian professor who claims to be an expert on the practices of the church told the High Court yesterday.

Crackdown on Preying Cults Sunday Mirror [U.K.]December 22, 2002 BRAINWASHING cults which prey on vulnerable youngsters are to be targeted in a Government crackdown.

December 12, 2002 Church of Scientology 'coercive'
Irish Times - A woman who is suing the Church of Scientology for damages told the High Court yesterday she was distressed to recall that a man became unconscious while she was giving him an "auditing" session. She described the church as "coercive" and "destructive".

December 7, 2002, Dublin, Ireland Woman suing Scientologists feared private life would be made public
Irish Times - A woman who is suing the Church of Scientology was photographed by a man while she was on a licensed premises early last year, the High Court was told yesterday. Ms Mary Johnston said that incident occurred in January/February 2001.

NY Post - Page Six - Dec 5, 2002 "Star Wars" "That '70s Show" star Danny Masterson was said to still be steamed about a Scientology joke [Christina] Applegate told onstage. [At Henry Ford Theatre]

December 5, 2002, Irish Times Dublin Woman told High Court told she suffered personality change due to Scientology

December 3, 2002, Dublin, Ireland - rte-interactive news - Dublin Woman Sues Scientology - "A Dublin woman who claims she was brainwashed by a cult has begun a High Court legal action for damages."

November 21, 2002, The The Associated Press Associate of EarthLink Co-Founder Pleads Guilty to Obstructing SEC Probe N.B. This fellow is a scientologist also

November 13, 2002, The Knight Ridder Tribune Business News, By Mark Van De Kamp Trustee Seeks Broader Powers to Reclaim Money from California Investment Scam N.B. Reed Slatkin is Scientology 'Minister' Reed Slatkin

November 7, 2002, Trio [of Scientologists] arrested after wife's wrists are bound "A man says he and two friends restrained his wife for a trip to the doctor. Instead, they earn a trip to jail. By Chris Tisch and Robert Farley"

November 10, 2002: The APA Monitor, Cult Hatred by Melissa Dittman "Panelists at a convention session on hatred asked APA to form a task force to investigate mind control among destructive cults."

Nov. 9, 2002, The Arizona Republic - Court Limits Corporate Trial Secrecy Supporters say rule helps; foes expecting chaos by Dennis Wagner "The Arizona Supreme Court has adopted a rule that supporters say will expose business corruption and protect the public from unsafe products and financial scams."

The Canton Journal
Thursday, October 17, 2002
Group is front organization for Church of Scientology
By Bill Thibeault / Journal Columnist

Did you see where a small group of out-of-town zealots came to Canton a couple weeks ago to picket the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) out there on Turnpike Street?

For a minute or two I thought that those "SCAR" people had somehow resurrected themselves from oblivion and returned to re-haunt us ... but alas, this new bunch turned out to be a different group of militant malcontents, apparently sent here for some kind of religious reason.

Reed Slatkin associate to plead guilty
(c) Reuters
Tuesday October 15, 8:58 PM EDT

Daniel W. Jacobs (see Note 1 below) is charged with conspiring to obstruct an SEC investigation into Slatkin, who pleaded guilty in April to 15 charges of fraud and conspiracy for bilking nearly 800 clients out of $600 million in an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

Note 1 - Daniel Jacobs is listed as a Scientologist in Scientology's own publications, as is Scientology's "Minister" Reed Slatkin...

EEOC: Employees illegally fired

"The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit on behalf of former employees of Harlingen Family Dentistry who refused to attend training courses reportedly containing scientology doctrine.
The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Brownsville, alleges religious discrimination and retaliation against the workers."

Hubbard's Scientology is the practice of crazies
The Daily Cougar
by Ellen Simonson

"The point, then, is you need to avoid the living hell out of Scientology. There are plenty of churches out there founded on the principles of faith, love, truth and justice. Scientology, on the other hand, is no better than any other giant, greedy corporation except its CEO not only thought he was God but said so."

September 2, 2002, NY Times, South Carolina Judges Seek to Ban Secret Settlements By ADAM LIPTAK "That's what really lit my fuse," the judge said. "It meant that secrecy was something bought and sold right under a judge's nose."

Telling the Truth isn't torture
The Washington Times

By Paulette Cooper

Many years ago, I was accused of a crime I hadn't committed. I tried to take a lie detector test, but was declared untestable by a top expert. So I volunteered to take a "truth serum" test.

The Chicago Reader August 8, 2002

by Tori Marlan

"Three days later Greg [Bashaw] pulled onto the shoulder of a road in Montcalm County, northeast of Grand Rapids. Using duct tape, he attached a hose to the exhaust pipe of his Honda, then ran it through the passenger window, sealing off the opening with a towel. He reclined in the passenger's seat, folded his arms across his chest, and breathed in a lethal dose of carbon monoxide - just as L. Ron Hubbard's son had done 25 years earlier."

July/August 2002

Are we Clear on This?

Tory Bezazian Interview
By: Bob Gersztyn

We don't have to tell YOU about L. Ron Hubbard, his book Dianetics, and the religion it spawned - Scientology. In fact, until just recently, most media outlets WOULDN'T tell you about it given Scientology's well-deserved reputation for litigation. Instead, let us tell you about Tory Bezazian.

June 23, 2002 The Washington Times Scientology fined for defamation

April 19,2002 Jerusalem Post, IsraelScientologists invade hospital after terrorist attack

March 4, 2002 - Haaretz Daily, Israel "The Education Minister had no idea that this was Scientology material. She thought it was part of a violence prevention project, and therefore gave her approval to it. The minister thanks the reporter for bringing this to her attention. The Education Ministry is unequivocally opposed to the introduction of any material on the subject of Scientology.

February 26, 2002 - Associated Press Egypt detains two people for promoting Scientology

February 22, 2002 - Associated Press Prosecutor urges court to evict Scientology from Paris

February 22, 2002 - Reuters French court asked to ban Paris Scientology

February 19, 2002 - The Enterprise Tom Padgett to head halfway house for victims of coercive groups.

January 30, 2002 - Los Angeles Times Jewish Couple Lose Bidfor Tax Refund Tied to Tuition Courts

January 9, 2002 - National Post  Icon accused of fleecing celebrities-- Former minister cheated investors out of millions, authorities say

January 4, 2002 New York Law First Ammendment doesn't shield church that profited from ponzi scheme


2001 [Return to top]

December 3, 2001 - Associated Press [Spain] 15 Scientologists cleared of charges

November 17, 2001 - Die Press [Vienna] Scientologist spies in Slovakia Government"Scientology is not recognized in Slovakia as a religious denomination"

 October 2001 - Esquire Magazine This Man Made $500 Million Disappear...
... And These People Would Like to Know Where it Went

September 27, 2001 New Times Los Angeles Sympathy for the Devil - an eight part series documenting the experiences of Tory Bezazian - a 30-year veteran of Scientology who left the cult in  August 2000

September 17, 2001 - Associated Press Scientologists accused of misrepresenting selves during crisis

September 15, 2001 St. Petersburg Times 'Mental Health' hotline a blind lead

September 05, 2001 - Associated Press TV's Dharma Hiring Scientology Pals... Has ABC's 'Dharma and Greg' become Scientology central for sitcoms?

August 23, 2001 SN&R, Scientology, Inc: Publishing executives in Folsom are spreading the word on technology in government. Some employees say it's actually the words of L. Ron Hubbard that are being spread.

July 25, 2001- Tampa Tribune Scientology Doctor Faces Suspension

June 26, 2001 - AFP- Russia [+  Russia update] Scientologist Convicted of Fraud in Russia's far east

June 7, 2001 - National Post, Canada - Travolta A special kind of Everyguy - His image rises above the criticism and gossip

June 1, 2001 - The Guardian News France arms itself with legal weapon to fight sects

May 30, 2001 - AFP French Assmebly to adopt controversial anti-sect law

May 26, 2001 - Tampa Tribune Hung Jury Induces Prosecutors to Drop Their Pot-Growing Case

May 26, 2001 - St. Petersburg Times Church Behavior? " The church's lawyers hired several private investigators who watched Prince for months. They even searched for and found a black private investigator from Lake Wales who could unobtrusively follow Prince, who is black, into minority neighborhoods. Prince's privacy was invaded by secret videotaping. The black private investigator, using a false name and identity, befriended an unsuspecting Prince and was invited into his home." Link

May 23, 2001 - Tampa Tribune Testimony: Church of Scientology Spurred Critic's Arrest

May 12, 2001 - The Los Angeles Times - FBI   and IRS raid offices of Reed  Slatkin... EarthLink co-founder's files are seized as a criminal probe opens into alleged Ponzi scheme

May 11, 2001 - The Register (London) Cisco exec backs Hubbardist courses

May 11, 2001 -The Los Angeles Times   Co-Founder of EarthLink Faces Claims of $600 Million

May 11, 2001 - Le Monde Diplomatique The USA and Scientology: In the Name of Freedom

April 20, 2001 - St. Petersburg Times Sale Paved in Controversy

April 4, 2001 - Reuters - Scientologists Accused of Fraud in France

March 2001 - Oggi Magazine  Raul Gardini's cousin exposes the church of Hollywood stars

February 17, 2001 - London Daily Mail Nicole's Nightmare

February 13, 2001 - The Times (London) Been there, done that: Scientology

February 12, 2001- New York Post Tom and Nicole Split: A Question of Faith

February 11-13, 2001 - San Francisco Chronicle CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD: Charismatic Leaders Gave Birth to New Faiths But Can They Survive?

January 1, 2001 - Independent - London Scientology Faces ban over jail 'infiltration'

 2000   [Return to top]

December 21, 2000 -New Times LA - Brained: Mentally impaired Raul Lopez was $1.7 million richer as the result of an accident settlement -- until he joined the Church of Scientology.."The ostritch eggs should have been a give away....

September 4, 2000 - Forbes Magazine Mysterious Ways

August 27, 2000 - Nigeria Today  The Real Story About John Fashanu's So Called Private Investigator

August 11, 2000 - Tagesanzeiger Zurich  Scientologists revile politician

August 8, 2000 - Christianity Today Building Scientopolis

August 7, 2000- Der Speigel  Horror Trip to Florida

July 2000 - Hamburger Abendblatt US - Scientologists with Caberta - Hatred and Insults

July 3, 2000 - Nigeria Today  Senate Committe Says Nigeria Saved $5 Billion from 1988-1993 Debt Buyback Scheme

July 2, 2000 - Vanguard (African newspaper) Senate Backs Debt Buy-Back to Reduce External Debts

June 29, 2000 - Stern Magazine  The Big Bluff

June 28, 2000 - Inland Empire Scientologist accident victim is identified

June 27, 2000 - St. Petersburg Times Who'll save the serfs in the Land of the Lost?

June 27, 2000 - Inland Empire Woman's death probed by state

June 26, 2000 - Inland Empire  Scientologist electrocuted

May 15, 2000 - San Francisco Chronicle Travolta's Religious Battlefield

May 2000 - Entertainment Weekly 'Battlefield Earth' -- John Travolta sputters as the alien villain of this spacey sci-fi misfire

May 2000 - Jesus Magazine  Faith or Fraud

April 29, 2000 - El Mundo Periodico Trial of 17 members of the Church of Scientology postponed

March 2000 - Reuters News Service At Least 235 Die in Uganda Cult Suicide

March 30, 2001 - Italian newspaper Free church or cult? Scientology investigated

March 19, 2000 - Los Angeles Times Life as Satanist Propelled Rocketeer

March 14, 2000 - Svenska Dagbladet Scientologists in Sweden recognized as church

March 17, 2000 De Morgen (Belgium periodical) Authorities Find Fraud in Scientology

February 29, 2000 - Los Angeles Times Report Urges Dissolution of Scientology Church in France

January 19, 2000 - Baltimore Sun  A crusader sees evil in Florida city

2000 - Berliner Dialogue A Newsletter Published by Rev. Thomas Gandow

January 4, 2000 - Washington Post - Reliable Source Column - Scientology's Funny Photos [ AKA The Man with No Head ]

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December 10, 1999 - Tampa Tribune Bob Minton: Will he rouse the gorilla?

November 25, 1999 - Tampa Tribune Scientology Foe Seeks Protection

November 15, 1999 - Reuters French ex-Scientology leader guilty of fraud

October 6, 1999 - Associated Press ( Russia ) Branch Loses License

October 1999 - Belgium Raids Scientology News and Commentary collection

September 9, 1999 - New Times L.A.  Scientology's Revenge

February 6, 1999 - El Pais - Leaders of the Iglesia de Cienciolog�a will be tried for twleve crimes

February 4, 1999 - Amarillo Globe-News What is the church of Scientology? What do its members believe?

January 31, 1999 - Riverside Press - Riverside Press Enterprise - Bitter partings; Some former Scientologists say life at the church's Gilman Hot Springs complex resembles a slave labor cam. Church officials say its enemies are out to destroy the organization.

December 6, 1998 - Washington Post  The Life and Death of a Scientologist

November 14, 1998 - New York Times - Florida Charges Scientology in Church Member's Death

October 25, 1998 St. Petersburg Times The man behind Scientology - a seven part article on Scientology's leader, David Miscavige

July 28, 1998 - The Union Leader Sandown Police: Shots Fired in Spat With Protesters

June 16, 1998 - Dateline NBC Transcripts The Crusader - an interview with Bob Minton

July 9, 1998 - Boston Globe  The Improbable Crusade of Robert Minton

May 3, 1998 - San Jose Mercury; Scientology Funding a Surprise to Many "Drug Free Marshalls"

April 19, 1998 - SAT-1! Transcript of Interview with Bob Minton

April 23, 1998 - Rheinischer Merkur Scientology: A Banker brings his financial means to bear against the sect

March 5. 1998 - The Boston Herald by Joseph Mallia - Scientology Unmasked Series - Scientology group reaches kids through PBS videos - But the video company - known as FASE - has a hidden agenda promoting the "Purification Rundown," the Church of Scientology's $1,200 per-member detoxification ritual, said former top-ranked church member Robert Vaughn Young.

February 11, 1998 - The Vashon Beachcomber -Anonymous Letters Don't Fly (editorial)

February 4, 1998 - The Vashon Beachcomber Cat Lovers Target of Anonymous Flyer

January 7 1998 - Private Eye with Bryan Gumbel - Transcript of show about Lisa McPherson with images from TV program

January 7 1998 - Private Eye with Bryan Gumbel - Transcript of show about Lisa McPherson

December 29, 1997 - Extra! Transcripts of story about Lisa McPherson's Death

December 23, 1997 - St. Petersburg Times Scientology sponsored suit against opponent

December 21, 1997 - New York Times Boston Man Wages Costly Fight With Scientology

December 9, 1997 - Boston Globe Gifts of cash fuel battle of principle

December 7, 1997 - St. Petersburg Times For some Scientologists, pilgrimage has been fatal By LUCY MORGAN

December 5, 1997 - St. Petersburg Times Scientology decries funds behind lawsuit

August 14, 1997 - Hush-Hush Money, An anti-Scientology activist claims that the church made him an offer he had to refuse: $12 million. BY ALAN PRENDERGAST - WEST WORLD

August 3, 1997 - the Church of Scientology's latest targets is hostage taker and armed robber James Holland, currently locked up in one of Scotland's toughest prisons (by criminon)

July 18, 1997 - A Mother's Betrayal by the New Cult Awareness Network

March 25, 1997-  Wall Street Journal The Scientology Problem

March 25, 1997-  Wall Street Journal Secret IRS agreement withScientology --Form 906: Closing Agreement On Final Determination Covering Specific Matters

March 16, 1997 - New York Times Who Can Stand Up?

March 9, 1997 - New York Times The Shadowy Story Behind Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status

March 9, 1997 - St Petersburg Times - Five Doctors agree with medical Examiner in Scientologist's death - Lisa McPherson
"A few hours after this article was published, I received a phone call from St. Petersberg, by a man who stated that he was NOT officially representing the Church of Scientology, but was friendly to them. His exact words were, "You can name your price." I told him, as politely as I could, to go to hell." - from Ed Freidlander - The Pathology Guy (website)

January 25, 1997 - New York Times Show Me the Money

March 2, 1997 St. Petersburg Times - Scientologist hospitalized after jump into harbor "A barefoot woman ran between two Church of Scientology buildings early Saturday before jumping into Clearwater Harbor "She was in a full-gait run," Shelor said. Kelly "described her as wild-eyed,"

Dec 23, 1996 - The Washington Post Plaintiff Shifts Stance on Anti-Cult Group Scientology. Linked Lawyer Is Dismissed in Move That May Keep Network Running

Dec 1, 1996 - The Washington Post Anti-Cult Group Dismembered As Former Foes Buy Its Assets Network Forced Into Bankruptcy After Legal Battle

Sept. 15, 1996 - Sunday Times UK Cult of Ron beams in from the heavens

April 6, 1996 -3 articles - Bakersfield California Bomb Suspect Must Stand Trial (Disgruntled Scientologist) - AND June 1, 1996 - Scientologist car bomber pleads Guilty AND Scientologist Sentenced June 26, 1996 (This fellow was an ex-staff member of Scientology in Washington DC)

March 23, 1996 SPY MAGAZINE front page story by a talented writer and friend Mark Ebner, Do You Want to Buy A bridge??

 1990-1995    [Return to top]

December 1995 - Wired Magazine Issue 3.12 - cover story - alt.scientology.war
When computers are seized because they contain allegedly stolen intellectual property, and police pierce the security of anonymous remailers,the days of the Net as a cozy, cocktail party are over. Welcome to a flame war with real bullets.

1995 - Stalked By Allstate - by Richard Behar, Time Magazine

November 1995 - American Jurist Dangerous Science: The Church of Scientology's Holy War against Critics

October 10, 1995 - NY Newsday - The Net, Copyright or Free Press?
By Thomas Maier
ARNALDO LERMA believes the Internet newsgroups are like the Liberty Trees of the American Revolution - a place where citizens can post anything of interest. Suffice to say, the Church of Scientology doesn't quite agree. Earlier this year, Lerma sent sacred religious scriptures from the church out over the Net. Lerma quickly heard back from those who, like himself, are worried about what they say are Scientology's cult-like methods. "I got 160 pieces of e-mail saying they admired my courage and two pieces of mail from angry Scientologists," recalls Lerma, a 44-year-old audio-video technician in Arlington, Va. But the strongest response came from the Church of Scientology itself. Claiming that all of the material is copyrighted, and thus protected from being reproduced in other formats, the church filed a lawsuit in August against Lerma, convincing a federal judge to authorize a search of his home.

August 26, 1995 - CNN US News Church of Scientology protects secrets on the Internet

Skeptics Society - 1995 - Scientology vs the Internet, Free Speech & Copyright Infringement on the Information Super-Highway by Jim Lippard and Jeff Jacobsen

August 20, 1995 - New York Times Scientology's Expensive Wisdom Now Comes Free - "no epidemic has been reported"

August 19, 1995 - Washington Post Church in Cyberspace; Its Sacred Writ Is on the Net.  Its Lawyers Are on the Case.

July 21, 1995 - Toronto Star Record libel award upheld

28 March 1995 Scotland - The Mail - THE CULT WANTS TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN

22 March 1995 - The Wall Street Journal - Allstate applied Scientology methods to train its management

28 January 1995, St. Petersburg Times: A private investigator [ Eugene Ingram ] who does work on behalf of the "Church" of Scientology is being sought by Tampa police in a case that features a bizarre claim about the Pasco County sheriff.

December 25, 1994 The Washington Post Scientology Fiction: The Church's War Against Its Critics----and Truth by Richard Leiby, ENFORCING "TRUTH" How the Scientologists try to impose their version of the truth on members, defectors---and on journalists.

October 29, 1994 The Times (Germany) The Devils Work: Could cults undermine democracy?

March 28, 1994 The Evening Argus - Brighton UK - Secrets of Saint Hill - Corrupt, Sinister and Dangerous

April 29, 1994 "BRAINWASHED" Bristol man to sue cult for over UK 10,000
A BRISTOL man is suing an organisation which he claims taught him to lie and reject his family

March 13, 1994 - Tampa Tribune Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

January 31, 1994 - Independent II, UK - Prisoners of St. Hill TIM KELSEY and MIKE RICKS investigate the potentially dangerous, and possibly illegal, secret treatment that the world's largest cult uses to deal with difficult members.

November-December 1993 Issue of Quill Magazine Scientology from the Inside Out, "I also trained other Scientology PRs on how to handle the media, using material from Hubbard. This included how to respond to a question without answering, how to divert the issue, how to tell "an acceptable truth," how to stall for time, how to assume various emotional states to control another, how to "attack the attacker," how to take control of a conversation, how to introvert a person and how to "get the message across" (especially in an age of sound bites), how to help Scientology attorneys write inflammatory legal papers so the PR could then safely use the abusive phrases, and how to appear to be a religion."

May 18, 1993 - St. Petersburg Times Scientologists plan to build auditorium

Jan 23, 1993 - Santa Barbara Independent - Scientology Big Loser in Santa Barbara Case - Story of David Mayo's Advanced Ability Center

May 27, 1992 XS Weekly: Rose Paull

Rose Paull's story of disconnection by Scientology

Those she left behind, A Cult took Rose's Daughter and broke her heart COVER STORY - For every gain there is an equal and opposite loss. When a cult or so called "shepherding group" initiates a new member, a family left behind mourns the loss of a daughter, brother, sister or son and fights back. by Jeffery Zbar

May 15, 1992 -Canada Sun Scientologist taught crime OK

April 23, 1992 - Toronto Sun She . ran the agents'

April 21, 1992 - Tampa Tribune Scientologists cited for crowded living conditions

March 17, 1992 - Riverside Press Enterprise Anti-cult group says Scientologist harassing them by trying to join

28 November 1991 - Norway - Scientology using deceptive practices to recruit

Novemeber 12, 1991 The Village Voice - Scientologywood - Putting the CULT back in Culture, by Russ Baker

October 1991, The Southern Californian Psychiatrist, by L. Jolly West on Scientology and Front Groups

May 6, 1991 - Time Magazine  The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power - Cover Story

July 9, 1991 - Sally Jess Raphael - transcripts Scientology ruined my life

August 30, 1990 - Newkirk Herald Journal - Scientology Courts Power Brokers to Help Expansion"To Win Allies To Smooth The Way For Expansion.....The document urged, get the ministers to write a notarized affidavit or letter stating that "Scientology is a bona fide religion."

June 1991 - The Psychiatric Times Prozac frees ex-Scientology leader from Depression story of Ex-Deputy Commodore hana Eltringham, Hubbard''s deputy, includes Jolly west, Front Groups, Scientlogy's CCHR ( Citizens Commission on Human Rights) tactics are characterized as a hate campaign.

June 11, 1991 USA Today - Mitchell Daniels, Eli Lilly's vice president for corporate affairs, defended the drug and attacked the attackers Monday in a meeting with USA Today's editorial board.

June 1991 - North Coast Journal - Church of Spiritual Technology builds underground vault in Petrolia California.

May 10, 1991 - NY Newsday - The Church of P.R. - Hill and Knowlton drop Scientology account

June 24-29, 1990 - Los Angeles Times The Scientology Story - Six Part Series Main Index Page (or browse the articles below)

  1. The Making of L. Ron Hubbard (Sunday, June 24)
    1. Chapter 1: The Mind Behind the Religion
    2. Chapter 2: Creating the Mystique
    3. Chapter 3: Life with L. Ron Hubbard
    4. Chapter 4: The Final Days
    5. Defining the Theology
    6. Burglaries and Lies Paved a Path to Prison
    7. The Man in Control
    8. Staking a Claim to Blood Brotherhood
    9. Church Scriptures Get High-Tech Protection
  2. The Selling of a Church (Monday, June 25)
    1. Church Markets Its Gospel with High-Pressure Sales
    2. Shoring Up Its Religious Profile
    3. The Courting of Celebrities
  3. Inside the Church (Tuesday, June 26)
    1. Defectors Recount Lives of Hard Work, Punishment
  4. Reaching into Society (Wednesday, June 27)
    1. Church Seeks Influence in Schools, Business, Science
    2. Courting the Power Brokers
    3. The Org Board
    4. Foundation Funds Provided to Jaime Escalante
  5. The Making of a Best-selling Author (Thursday, June 28)
    1. Costly Strategy Continues to Turn Out Bestsellers
  6. Attack the Attacker (Friday, June 29)
    1. On the Offensive Against an Array of Suspected Foes
    2. Suits, Protests Fuel a Campaign Against Psychiatry
    3. A Lawyer Learns What It's Like to Fight the Church
    4. The Battle with the I.R.S.
    5. The Battle with the "Squirrels

April 15th, 1990 San Diego Union - "Hubbard's Hot-Author Status Called an Illusion" about manipulation of book sales

1980's   [Return to top]

December 22, 1988 -- St. Petersburg Times - Scientology Faces New Charge of Harassment "-bugging auditing rooms, planning break in, ex-scientology lawyer Joe Yanny

1988 - Merk Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy - Excerpt on Group Psychodynamics and CULTS by Margaret T. Singer. Ph.D. Professor. Department of Psychology. University of California. Berkeley; Professor. Department of Psychiatry, University Of California, San Francisco

Jan 3 1988 - NY Times - Lyle Stuart's Open letter - Danger: Cult at Work! The truth about Scientology "Our job as Scientologists is to suck every dime we can from a person," says a former recruiter. "We convince them that they are saving not just this world but the entire universe!"

October 24, 1986 - Clearwater Sun Apartment may have been overcrowded

LA Weekly - April 1986 cover image - The Other side of the looking glass - Inside Scientology

April 4, 1986 - LA Weekly - Scientology, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LOOKING GLASS (long article, Cover story )

November 14, 1985 - Clearwater Sun  Cazares' Award is a Reminder for All of Us

June 5, 1985 - SCIENTOLOGY ON TRIAL, Why a Portland jury awarded $39 million (Titchbourne Trial) in damages against one of the world's most profitable cults.

Oct 28, 1984 - Sunday Times Magazine (UK) Sinking the Master Mariner by John Barnes - Corrupt, sinister and dangerous' were the words used to describe the Church of Scientology in a judgment given by Mr Justice Latey this summer. He also referred to it as immoral and socially obnoxious.

July 29, 1984 - The Mail (UK) Hubbard Youth - "Mr Justice Latey, said that the tactics used by Hubbard and his helpers are "grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen".

16 May 1984 Clearwater Sun
Witness: Hubbard used Black Magic
"Bigamy and black magic were a part of the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, according to documents introduced Tuesday as exhibits in Superior Court.And according to a former high-rank-ing Scientologist, Hubbard wrote a series of Admissions in which he acknowledged to himself his systematic manipulation of the US Navy and the Veterans Administration to increase his disability pension"

22 Jan 1984 Clearwater Sun -  Feds eye alleged sect plot to corrupt U.S. judge The U.S. Attorney's Office in Tampa is investigating a suspected 1982 extortion plot by the Church of Scientology to entrap and compromise a Tampa federal judge who presided over a suit against the Clearwater-based sect

November 30, 1983 - Las Vegas Review Journal Church of Scientology buys into Oklahoma oil company

September 1983 - Rocky Mountain News Scheme loses $1.5 million for investors

March 5, 1983 - St. Petersburg Times Canadian Police raid Scientology headquarters, seize documents

June 1983, Penthouse Magazine - Inside the Church of Scientology: An exclusive interview with L Ron Hubbard, Jr.

February 5, 1983 - Omaha World-Herald Omaha Church of Scientology Breaks off Ties

November 1, 1982 - Daily Breeze  Redondo couple, N.Y. writer named in Scientology lawsuit

July 7, 1982 - News-Herald - Son of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard's son exposes his father as a cheater, liar, wife beater and...

August 30, 1981 - Clearwater Sun  Sect courses resemble science fiction By RICHARD LEIBY Sun staff writer
"At the Fort Harrison Hotel in downtown Clearwater, Scientologists are learning to leave their bodies, control other people's thoughts and communicate with plant life. They learn this by reliving a galactic holocaust carried out by space creatures millions of years ago.
So say top-secret Scientology documents spelling out the highest level of training available to church members. It is training that costs thousands of dollars and, according to church defectors who provided the documents, amounts to nothing but a swindle dreamed up by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. " -

August 25, 1981 - Clearwater Sun Psychiatrist: Sect (Scientology) drove man insane

January 27, 1981 - LA Times - LA Police Sergeant Charged With Vice, Aiding Drug Dealers - about Scientology's $600,000+ per year star "investigator" Eugene Ingram -

December 15, 1980 - Washington Post  Legal Publication Decides Richey Isn't Really One of Area's Worst Judges

December 1980 - American Lawyer Scientology's War Against Judges

December 1980 - The Age (Melborne) Scientology religion claim sham, says judge

October 16, 1980 - Washington Post  Judge Quits Scientology Case Again

October 1981 - Reader's Digest
Scientology: The Sickness Spreads
by Eugene Methvin

May 29, 1980 - Los Angeles Herald Examiner Scientology Bizarre Plot to Get Official

May, 1980 Readers Digest -Scientology: Anatomy of a Frightening Cult - The faithful inner core serve as thieves, shills and spies. The shocking story behind one of the most dangerous "religious cults" in America today By Eugene M. Methvin

April 22, 1980 - Las Vegas Review Journal Scientologists tried to silence enemies

April 13, 1980 - Riverside Press "Scientology at Gilman: Hubbard said at ex-resort""In one instance, one of Hubbard's messengers, Diana Voegeding (Diana Hubbard) ordered a young woman to clean out a septic tank pool for three days straight because she wrote a note criticizing Voegeding," Garritano said.

April 4, 1980 - Clearwater Sun "Lawyers days in Clearwater spawn mystery" - The story of a Scientology lawyer Merrill George Vannier and spy in Clearwater Florida, whose wife worked on Gabe Cazares re-election campaign, and who eneded up representing Gabe Cazare's in his own litigation ( to his detriment )

February 9, 1980 - Calgary Herald Jazz guitarist sues Scientologists

January 25, 1980 - Toronto Globe and Mail Files show spy reported woman's intimate words

January 24, 1980 - Toronto Globe and Mail Raid on Scientologists netted CIA documents

January 1, 1980 - Toronto Globe and Mail Two leaders in Britain still to face U.S. court in conspiracy case

1980 - St. Petersburg Times 14 Part Pulitzer Prize Winning Series Index page

1970's [Return to top]

December 1979 - Clearwater Sun Nancy and her neo-Nazis ( Link added - to November 2003 story from one of the Scientology Guardian Operatives who ran this nasty operation ]

December 28, 1979 - Clearwater Sun Chamber of Commerce Denounces Cult

December 7, 1979 - Flint, Michigan Newspaper 5 Scientologists sent to prison by federal judge

December 7, 1979 - St. Petersburg Times Commission plans action against Scientologists

December 7, 1979 - Washington Post  5 Scientologists Get Jail Terms for Conspiring to Rob, Bug and Spy on U.S.

December 4, 1979 - Washington Post  CIA May Have Tested Biological Warfare in New York in '50s, Church Says

December 4, 1979 - Washington Post Harsh Penalties Urged In Scientology Case

November 28, 1979 - Clearwater Sun If Good Men Do Nothing - Editorial

November 27 1979 - Clearwater Sun Clearwater Sun, (Scientology), Cover Blown, 2 spies came in from the cold.

November 24, 1979 - Clearwater Sun Clearwater Sun, (Scientology), Cult tried to control newspaper

WASHINGTON - The Church of Scientology plotted to purchase or otherwise "control" the Clearwater Sun by attempting to cut the paper's advertising revenue, discredit reporters and editors and rally readers against it, according to sect documents released Friday. -

High-level Scientology "Guardians," carrying out plans to "take control" of the city of Clearwater in November 1975, planted spies in the Sun's news and advertising departments to gather information that might be incriminating to the paper's finances and employes.

November 24, 1979 - Washington Post  Scientologists Plotted Leak Campaign

November 24, 1979 - Boston Globe Scientologists Plotted To Frame A Critic as a Criminal, Files Show

November 4, 1979 - Clearwater Sun  Curtain of secrecy descends on sect

November 3, 1979 - Clearwater Sun  Shocked officials say they'll fight

November 1979 - Clearwater Sun  Judge rules papers available to public

November 1979 - Clearwater Sun  Scientologists find few sympathizers after latest revelations

October 28, 1979 - Calgary Albertan Scientologists Convicted

August 16, 1979 - Detroit Free Press Claim of Scientology fraud nets Oregonian $2 million

July 9, 1979 - The People's Paper Letters to Editor

March 11, 1979 - Clearwater Sun  Scientologists plot city takeover

January 6, 1979 - Saturday Review The Reign of the Religious Fanatic

August 29, 1978 - Palo Alto Times Church of Scientology members plead innocent to charges

August 18, 1978 - Washington Post  Scientologists' Matriarch Surrenders; Scientologists Appear in Court

August 16, 1978 - Washington Post  U.S. Charges Scientology Conspiracy

July 28, 1978 - Washington Post  Scientologists Take Public Offensive

May 17, 1978 - Toronto Globe and Mail Church kept 'enemies list'

May 16, 1978 - Washington Post Scientologists Kept Files on 'Enemies'

March 17, 1978 - Catholic Sentinel Scientology Leaders Convicted of Fraud

February 22, 1978 - East Grinstead Observer Scientology boss gets jail term

January 26, 1978 - San Diego Union Scientology-linked policeman fired

July 24, 1977 - Washington Post Getting Hooked on the Electrometer

July 9, 1977 - Washington Post  Agents Search Scientology Offices for U.S. Documents

July 9, 1977 - Washington Post  Scientology: Quackery or a Way to Know the Ultimate?

September 12, 1976 - Los Angeles Times Despite suspicions, Scientology flourishes

August 5, 1976 - St. Petersburg Times Letter about Cazares to get Justice Department study

June 1, 1976 - Los Angeles Times Sect ordered to pay $300,000 to Victim

December 1975 - Clearwater Downtown Topics Fort Harrison Becomes Religious Conference Center

May 31, 1974 - Calgary Herald Ex-Scientologist charges rip-off

May 31, 1974 - Calgary Herald Profitable Cult in ScientologyPittsburgh Gazzette by Rev Lester Kinsolving

October 10, 1970 - Los Angeles Times Ex-Scientologist Tells of . Fear. Atmosphere

March 6, 1970 LA Free Press - William S, Burroughs on Scientology -

 1960's  [Return to top]

March 19, 1969 - Detroit News Greece orders cult's founder, followers away

November 1968 - Life Magazine - A growing cult reaches dangerously into the mind

August 1, 1968 - New York Times Britain Curbs Activities of Cult of Scientologists

June 13, 1968 - East Grinstead Observer Scientology is slammed in court as 'evil cult'

July 14, 1966 - The Chronicle (African newspaper) U.S. Financier is refused residence permit . told to leave by next Monday

1954 - 1966 - The Aberree Newsletter
published from 1954 through 1965. The editor, Alphia Hart, and the publisher, Agnes Hart, put out ten issues a year. The Aberree started out as "the non-serious voice of Scientology" and ultimately encompassed all kinds of spiritual and self-help interests, from psychic phenomena and UFOs to improving eyesight. The Aberree shows that convention and uniformity weren't the whole story of the 50s, by a long shot. It also shows that Scientology, which has grown famous for its attempts to silence dissent and criticism, was trying to squelch debate 50 years ago ... with similarly ineffective tactics.
This is an off site archive

1950's [Return to top]

October 23, 1957 - Los Angeles Mirror News Diploma Witness Won. t Talk

September 4, 1955 - Arizona Republic  Phoenix Man Jailed On Medicine Charge

June 28, 1955 - Arizona Republic $9,000 Suit Settled Here

May 17, 1955 - Arizona Republic  House Owner Sues Church

April 1953 - Detroit Free Press Court Bars 2 Dianetics Practitioners

March 26, 1953 - Detroit Free Press Cult's Records Seized

1953 - Fortnight Magazine A Look at the Mathison Electropsychometer

December 17, 1952 - Philadelphia Inquirer U.S. Marshals Beaten While Serving Warrant

April 3, 1952 - Elizabeth Daily Journal Hubbard Clinic's Assets Are Sold

January 11, 1952 - Witchita Eagle  Polio - Arthritis - Blindness: Dianetics Classified Ad

December 22, 1951 - Time Magazine Remember Venus?

September 3, 1951 - Time Magazine  Departure in Dianetics

August 1951 - The American Mercury Boiled Engrams: An Elegy to Dianetics - Review

August 1951 - Consumer Reports Dianetics Review

June 25, 1951 - Time Magazine Hubbard's Divorce

June 13, 1951 - Los Angeles Times Dianetics Head Wins Emergency Divorce Decree

May 14, 1951 - New York Times Dianetic Funds Attached

May 1, 1951 - Los Angeles Daily News Letter indicates Dianetics founder, baby fled to Cuba

April 25, 1951 - Times Herald Wife Accuses Mental Health 'Expert" of Torturing her

April 24, 1951 - San Francisco Chronicle Ron Hubbard Insane, Says His Wife

April 24, 1951 - New York Times Dianetics Founder's Wife Sues

April 24, 1951 - Los Angeles Times Dianetics Inventor Sued For Divorce

April 24, 1951 - Los Angeles Times Dianetics Chief`s Conduct Lashed

April 23, 1951 - Los Angeles Herald Express Wife of Dianetics Founder Asks Divorce on Cruelty Grounds

April 23, 1951 - Los Angeles Mirror Dianetics Author Crazy, Wife Charges

April 17, 1951 - Los Angeles Daily News Hubbard's daughter with him in New Jersey

April 17, 1951 - Los Angeles Times Dianetics Man's Baby Reported in New Jersey

April 15, 1951 - Los Angeles Daily News Dianetics leader found in Wichita

April 15, 1951 - Los Angeles Mirror Dianetics Man Reports He's in Cuban Hospital

April 11, 1951 - Los Angeles Times Hiding of Baby charged to Dianetics Author

April 11, 1951 - Los Angeles Examiner Dianetics Founder Hubbard Accused of Plot to Kidnap Wife

April 3, 1951 - Elizabeth Daily Journal Dianetics Group to Quit City Because We're Not Wanted

April 1951 - Better Homes and Gardens Piece of Mind in Dianetics? - Dianetics Review

April 1951 - American Journal of Digestive Diseases Dianetics Review

March 28, 1951 - Elizabeth Daily Journal Dianetics Charges To Be Amplified

March 3, 1951 - New York Times Zilboorg Denounces 'Dianetics' at Forum

March 1, 1951 - Harper's Magazine After Hours Dianeticians

February 26, 1951 - Los Angeles Examiner Dianetics Head Gives Police Busy Day Over Wife, Baby

February 26, 1951 - Los Angeles Mirror Wife Kidnap by Dianetics Chief Solved

February 12, 1951 - Elizabeth Daily Journal Dianetics Founder Challenges Psychiatry to Mental Duel

January 29, 1951 - Elizabeth Daily Journal C.P. Morgan Quits Dianetics Post

January 1951- Scientific American - Book Review, Dianetcs: The Modern 'Science' of Mental Health

January 15, 1951 - Elizabeth Daily Journal New Jersey Starts Action Against Dianetics

December 5, 1950 - Look Magazine Dianetics: Science or Hoax? Half a million laymen have swallowed this poor man's psychiatry. Now they're set to try it on others. by Albert Q. Maisel

October 29, 1950 - St. Louis Dispatch Dianetics, the New Science of Psychological Health - Review

October 16, 1950 - Newsweek Magazine Poor Man's Psychoanalysis

October, 1950 The American Scientist "Dianetics made its debut in Astounding Science Fiction, which is where the reviewer should leave it because that is where astounding science fiction belongs."

September 9, 1950 - New York Times Psychologists act against Dianetics

August 21, 1950 - Newsweek Magazine Dianetics book review; Best Seller

August 14, 1950 - The New Republic  Dianetics Review

July 24, 1950 - Time Magazine  Of Two Minds

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

For those who desire to know the truth about "balanced journalism" watch this video on propoganda"and then read George Orwell's short essay about "Freedom of the Press". Thank you, Arnie Lerma

"It is our responsibility to leave the people of the future a free hand. In the impetuous youth of humanity, we can make grave errors that can stunt our growth for a long time. This we will do if we say we have the answers now, so young and ignorant as we are. If we supress all discussion, all criticism, proclaiming, 'This is the answer, my friends; man is saved!' we will doom humanity for a long time to the chains of authority, confined to the limits of our present imagination. It has been done so many times before." --Nobel prize winning physicist Richard P. Feynman, What Do You Care What Other People Think?

Do we delight in the dark side of human experience, you ask? Do we never see good in the world? I can only speak for myself, of course. And I confess to thinking of journalism as the social equivalent to a medical diagnosis. My doctor owes me candor; I pay him for it. Candor could save my life.

I like to think journalists are paid for candor, too; society needs to know what could kill us, whether it's too many lies or too much pollution. Napoleon left instructions that he was not to be awakened if the news from the front were good; with good news, he told his secretary, there is no hurry. But if the news were bad, he said, "rouse me instantly, for then there is not a moment to be lost." Think of journalism as a kind of early warning system; iceberg spotting in the choppy waters of democracy. - Bill Moyers May 24, 2003

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