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Ex OT8 member Michael Pattinson about Scientology

In the interests of educating those who may be tempted to enter the cult of Scientology or have family members who have been ensnared by it, I offer the following brief summary information from my own experience of 24 years in Scientology.

Though by no means a complete overview it will give an idea of basic flaws and anomalies that are not apparent to the trusting souls that believe that they are being led onto a Bridge to Total Freedom. I welcome the amplifying of this post by others who have travelled all or some of this route so we can warn others of the real threat to their well-being that this cult poses to them. Please feel free to comment.

1. I went from beginner in Scientology to the highest level (OT8) from 1973 to 1990. There was no further route I could travel even if I had wanted to. THERE IS NO BRIDGE TO TOTAL FREEDOM in Scientology. Fact! It is a just a very expensive pier jutting out into nowhereland that has toll booths every few feet till you run out of money, credit and assets. Then you are thrown off the pier as a useless shell. If you happen to persist till the end of the pier you get to either go back and do the same things over again at your expense of course(as there is no place to travel further) or get thrown off the end of the pier (as I did). Either way you end up in the drink and have to swim your own way back to reality.

2.The Scientology cult offers, for a price of over $100,000.00 U.S. (more like $250,000.00) the progression from basic "human" state they they call "raw meat" to a promised state of spiritual independence and personal immortal power called "O.T".


If they have, then let's see them!!

I did all the OT levels available and no such powers were either offered or received. The promised powers supposedly include telekinesis, full perception without use of eyes, full recall of all personal history over billions of years, exteriorisation of spirit from the body in a state where it can influence its surroundings visibly etc.... See Advance Magazine, old issues for better "O.T.Phenomena" advertised but not delivered.

3. The founder of Scientology L.Ron Hubbard died in 1986 (apparently, maybe earlier but un-announced) with a degraded personal appearance and psychiatric drugs in his veins (see coroners report) and to our knowledge or evidence had no "OT powers" to stop his own demise or degradation. He was "Source" of the whole Scientology empire, and its river of "technology" that is supposed to miraculously make fertile land out of the barren spirituality of earth's civilisation. Even within the cult membership the real spiritual condition is far from anything fertile or abundant. Most members of Scientology are plowed under by enormous personal debt and struggle to even remain solvent in their daily lives due to constant hammerings from cult registrars who must make ever increasing quotas, or else....

4.The beliefs of Scientology include;

a)that L.Ron Hubbard is sole source of the only workable technology that can offer any salvation for Mankind.

This means that any and all other philosophies, religions, spiritual writers, thinkers etc are to be banned utterly from the thought processes or access to the active lives of Scientologists who wish to remain in good standing. Scientologists may not meditate, study other spiritual authors to practice their beliefs, be active in any other religion's practices or think in any other way than that regimented by the "tech, policy and advices" written by L.Ron Hubbard. Period.

b) that ANY other writing than L.Ron Hubbard's is void of value, workability or truthfulness.

c) that scientology is ALWAYS RIGHT even when it is demonstrably wrong in its effects and results. If fault, error or damaging results occur they are always the "fault" of the member, practitioner or devotee.

d) that Christianity is a false religion as Christ was only ever part of an alien mental implant 75 million years ago. (this is according to Hubbard,....... I kid you not!)

e) that anyone who sees through the scam, speaks out against it or protests it must be an evil-doer ("suppressive person" = S.P)who must be publicly so labelled, discredited, attacked, fair-gamed out of existence and/or hurt utterly.

f)that the "power of O.T." comes from following Ron's and the management's dictates till one is far enough along to be given the full technology."God", in Scientology theory is almost non-existent, "God", in Scientology practice is excluded utterly. Love is of no importance, and compassion is frowned upon. It is believed to be good to be heartless ("unreasonable"), dutiful to be cold and unsympathetic (stolidly following only "Command Intention"), and laudable to attack any free-thinking individual who criticises or disagrees with Hubbard, specially ex-members who have gotten wise to the scam.

g)that families must be broken up for the good of the group if any family members do not align with the intentions of Scientology, disagree with it or criticise it. Many families have been destroyed in the name of the greater good of Scientology, never to be put back together.

h)that the best kind of scientologist is an unthinking robot who gives, gives, gives to the group (money, time, money, effort, money, or all of the above in high volume) and who toes the line, obeys the management and is silent in the face of all the glaring injustices, wrongdoings, scams and lies that pervade this cult.

i)that psychologists, psychiatrists, or other "psychs" are the ONE AND ONLY SOURCE OF EVIL AND DESTRUCTIVENESS MANKIND HAS EVER EVER KNOWN IN ALL THE EONS OF ITS EXISTENCE. (Hubbard had a psychotic personal terror of psychiatrists, and spread this to his whole organisation, repeatedly and unrelentingly.)

Please would others who know, add to the list of beliefs above. Thank you. There are many more.

5. The Scientology enterprise consists of a complex lawyers/tax-experts-contrived maze of corporate shells, trusts, apparently unrelated but centrally-managed corporations and sub-groups designed to avoid financial responsibility (actual and real collection of anti-Scientology Court judgements). Litigation is one of the primary activities of Scientology through its network of lawyers, attorneys, private investigators, etc. This is to protect the cult scam against being discovered (too late now!), dissolved or banned due to its lawlessness, criminality and dishonesty upon which its daily activities are based. It gets away with its crimes by overwhelming the justice system(s) with excessive over-litigation on small citizens and small matters and by cleverly concocted abuses of process designed by teams of top-paid attorneys.

NOTE: Some of my own direct experience of this was from 1998 to 2000 wherein I sued Scientology for its fraud etc....(long list of charges). Their tactic to destroy my case was to counter-sue me personally by using the cult's litigation juggernaut to pursue me in Court on a remaining amount on a personal loan from one its staff members who was formerly a friend, inflating the amount by excessive interest, getting a summary judgement and driving me into bankruptcy and financial ruin. They also used their covert ops dept (OSA=Scientology's Dept 20, "Office of Special Affairs")to directly intervene to destroy all of my 8 private businesses from 1991 to 2000. These two actions prevented me from having the resources to carry on my litigation.

Any compassionate wealthy persons wishing to help me re-file my case are invited to do

6. Before 1993 Scientology was subject to the dictates of its "arch-enemy" the IRS. It was held as NON-tax-exempt for decades.In 1992-1993 some secret subterfuges and manipulations led to a sudden reversal of the IRS position, and "the war was over". Scientology got full tax-exemption, a billion dollar tax write-off and an IRS affiliated tax compliance section in every "church". The outer "spin" was that Scientology had beaten the IRS into submission with about 2000 lawsuits. Though the IRS-Scientology "secret agreement" did get posted to Google archives there is still an elusive TIGTA (internal IRS) report that has been classified and not yet released that gives the IRS analysis on why the sudden agreement was made and kept secret.

Any IRS personnel who can provide this TIGTA report here for public knowledge will be warmly thanked.

7. The apparent facade of basic "ownership" of Scientology rests in a zero-member "church" that is nothing but a private mail box on Larchmont Avenue in Los Angeles and a few directors/trustees who are not clergy but lawyers and tax-related experts themselves. It is called The "Church of Spiritual Technology" (C.S.T). It is apparently a tax-related religion worshipping the God of legal loopholes, divine immunity from legal responsibility and the eternal kingdom of the IRS. ; )

8. Scientology's purpose, publicly, is to free the world of war, crime and insanity; to save mankind and "clear the planet". These concepts are used to bait the trap to attract able, humanitarian people who want to make the world better. The trap works. Insiders, however, know that the cult intends to fully take over every government (including and especially the US government), company, school, social program, health care network etc., by infiltration, recruitment, covert influence, "black operations' and even criminality if needed. The end goal of scientology is to make a "SCIENTOLOGY PLANET EARTH" (=anything or anybody that is "not scientology" is to be destroyed. The Hubbard "tech" is supposedly to clear away a Hubbard invention called the "reactive mind" (there is no scientific basis for it even existing as such). In reality the "IRS-tax-exempt Scientology charity" management and litigation mobsters of the cult USE WAR against its perceived "enemies (those who have seen through the scam and are speaking out and those who might stand in its way), COMMIT CRIMINALITY by financial irregularities, fraud, racketeering, and a host of other crimes to defend their cash cow, and SHOW VISIBLE INSANITY in a constant vicious paranoia on all levels of its operations. The "clearing of the planet" actually concentrates fully and intensely on clearing members bank accounts, assets and credit availabilities!

NOTE: The simplest way to clear the planet of the reactive mind is to clear away L.Ron Hubbard and Scientology, as they are the ones "creating" it (pretending it exists).

9. Even though trusting citizens who become scientologists and staff members go all-out for the publicly announced "humanitarian" purposes of Scientology(as I did) they remain horribly misinformed and misled as to the reality of what management actually does and with what really happens with all the millions of dollars it receives. They are even prevented from seeing information that could truly help them (on the internet) through scientology management's often secret use of a "net nanny" software that installs itself on the members' computers after they agree to sign up for a cookie-cutter pro-scientology web site. The membership is like a load of passengers on a plane with blacked-out windows and only the Senior Management in the cockpit (who forcibly hi-jacked Scientology in 1982-83) know where they are being flown. They do not get to see the bombs the plane drops on innocent scientologists and citizens in harassment and spurious lawsuits, nor do they see the twin towers of freedom and truth that their own greed and power-motivated management intends to destroy in the name of "clearing the planet".

10.Scientologists are constantly being hammered for excessive and onerous "donations". They are pestered, cajoled, manipulated, brainwashed and forced to give what they often really can not afford to "help clear the planet", "fill up a war chest against enemies", "purchase multi-million dollar properties" (cruise ship "Freewinds", huge buildings, nuclear-blast-resistant bunkers to protect Hubbards stuff against nuclear war etc) for the ownership and use of unknown beneficiaries. They do not know where the monies go. They are forced to get 2nd and 3rd mortgages, sell family properties, borrow excessive amounts on credit, do things that they would NEVER normally do, under duress, to flood monies into the cult.

From what I was able to observe while in Scientology for nearly 25 years and from enormous amounts of data researched afterwards is that the monies, assets, hard work, devotion, self-sacrifices of Scientology's members GO TO PAY FOR MANAGEMENT'S PET PROJECTS, SECRET BANK ACCOUNTS FOR UNKNOWN BENEFICIARIES, LITIGATION, GOVERNMENT LOBBYING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS FALSE FRONTS TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THINGS ARE ALRIGHT WHEREAS THEY ARE NOT. SCIENTOLOGY IS THE "ENRON" OF RELIGIONS, in my considered opinion. it is also a terrorist organization in its active use of "fair game" operations against citizens. Staff members work themselves to death (some do so literally), public scientologists sacrifice all their family's financial security and well-being, "Sea Org members" become cheap labor slaves (Sea Org = most fanatical scientology staffers under a one BILLION year contract for approx $15 a week)not for the good of "Mankind", but in large part.....TO MAKE LAWYERS AND THEIR CRONIES RICH!

11. Hubbard focused on "survival" as THE single purpose for all Life. This is a falsehood. If Scientology is supposed to care for the SPIRIT then it is also presumably IMMORTAL and cannot do anything other than survive. Survival is the goal of the HUMAN EGO. It is paranoid about its survival, as it actually will die one day. Dianetics uses the ego's "survival buttons" to milk the public as a cash cow. "Got milk?" becomes for Dianetics and Scientology members "Got bilked?"

12. Hubbard said that to become "O.T." you should start at the level of the individual (called "first dynamic") and work your way up to the wide spiritual level (called "seventh dynamic") and that "God" was not to be found in Scientology. He also said that to solve something you have to treat the BASIC cause of problems. This contradicts the above dynamics theory. BASIC to Life is God! If you get in touch with, love with, communion with, feeling "One" with the Supreme Being (through meditation, prayer, study etc...) then all LATER COMPLICATIONS such as all lower "dynamics" will be resolved automatically! I guess Hubbard's ego is still "God" for all active Scientologists. Wake up guys!

13. Though Scientology says it is acting for the good of the general term "Mankind" (it is a good button to push to get cash flow) when it comes to single individuals of the species it shows a callous, uncaring, trash-'em attitude that is a disgrace to Humanity. This was well shown, in my opinion, in the death of a good friend of mine while under Scientology's lock-down restraint "care" in 1995, namely Lisa Mc Pherson. Many deaths by suicide of good-natured Scientologists have been, in my honest opinion and knowledge and experience of the "group mindset", the result of the cold, uncaring insensitivity and callous deliberate creation of, and disregard for, human mental, emotional and spiritual suffering that is a trade-mark of Scientology's destruction and neglect of men and women while lucratively "acting in the name of Mankind".

14.The "religious services" of Scientology in active real practice are virtually non-existent. The "ceremonies" are rare and uninspiring at best. As God has been expelled from Scientology by its founder the only worship that remains is the adoration of Hubbard's false P.R. at the inevitable "events" that members flock too a few times a year. It is not, in my considered and experienced opinion a religion in any sense of the word.

15. Celebrities (of which I was one for many years) in Scientology are kept in tightly controlled "bubbles" of disinformation and PR deceit by "handlers". They are told what to think of media anti-Scientology reports,they are actively lied-to about the truth of or who is supposedly behind attacks on the cult, they are not permitted anti-scientology internet access and they are royally pampered like the P.R. gold-mines they are. If top Scientology celebrities would ever find out, for real, what the true story is they would RUN, RUN, RUN from the cult in seconds! If Travolta, Cruise, Alley, and Co. were permitted to know all the facts they would be livid with the deception perpetrated upon them! I was, and I was handled by the very same "handlers' as them, specially in Clearwater and on the Freewinds ship.

16. The main focus of Dianetics is the eradication of the person's mind by erasing pictures, memories and feelings. The state of "Clear" is not as it says in Hubbard's book in actual results, specially the parts about full recall, no aberrations etc. Most, if not all "Clears" show aberrated behaviors. The cult got around this embarassment by saying that "Clear" is only on the first (self) "dynamic". I have seen that all the "Clears" I have known still have individual aberrations after getting to "Clear". It is a clear fraud on its unsuspecting clients. Dianetics was, from reports by those who knew, a "best-seller" only because covert actions were done to buy-up (and re-cycle into supplies to bookstores) huge quantities by volunteers to puff up the numbers.

17. The main focus of the upper levels of Scientology (kept super-secret from members even today till they pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for them, but widely and freely posted often all over the world-wide web), is the supposed exorcising of invisible space-alien infestation from all peoples' bodies. Hubbard "revealed" that all humans supposedly have huge quantities of space alien spirits all over them from 75 million years ago. As can be seen from the internet postings of these "O.T.Levels" it involves OT levels 3-7, which is the vast bulk of all the years and thousands of hours scientologists spend on such exorcisms.

18. As a follow-up to point 17, the whole of "auditing" from "raw meat" to "O.T." can end up only for the benefit of the space aliens (called Bts when alone, and "clusters" when bunched together). In a super-secret bulletin I read outside the framework of a course checksheet, called "The By-Passed Case" Hubbard explained how it was possible for a person to never actually personally receive any auditing at all from beginning to end as THE BTs RECEIVED ALL OF IT. So, as I pointed out to the Case Supervisor at the time, I was not getting what I paid for. I was apparently paying hundreds of thousands of dollars so space alien spirits could fly away (which explains why gains are temporary) before the next bunch crowded in to take some more free auditing at my expense! It is not advertised at lower levels that the person (spirit)who pays is not going to receive the benefit, most likely, of the sessions. This is a fraud on the cult's customers.

19.The "e-meter", which is an indispensable part of the auditing (counselling)techniques of Scientology's "Bridge to Total freedom" (read; "Pier to Total Flotsam"), is not effective in the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of disease. It is also not effective in the making of "O.Ts", apparently, as there are none. It is also not effective in the making od advanced, loving compassionate super-beings, as scientologists are not like that. The e-meter may be effective to chase down scientologists personal blunders, sexual pecadillos and material useable by OSA for blackmail. It may also be effective in seeing reactions to words and commands by bts jiggling around in the scientologists aura and then getting the hopeful scientologist to spend vast amounts exorcising them, but this remains to be proved.

B. Summary and Solutions

What does not remain to be proved is that Scientology is not what it says it is or advertises itself to be.

C.The solution to Scientology is the full criminal investigation of Scientology and the bringing to justice of all those responsible for its crimes against humanity.

D.The solution for those who have been harmed is to do something really simple and effective to re-connect with their very own "divine self" and thereby blow away the lesser annoyances of human existence, NOT through yet another cult or organised religion, but through personal study of truth-revealing books from those who have genuine humanitarian motives.

To be specific; I personally highly recommend the series of newly published books "Conversations With God" by Neale Donald Walsch (all 6 volumes). There you will find Truth with Love, no cult, no money grabbers, no fanatics and a new Peace and Happiness that you may very well label "O.T." (Outstanding Truths)!

More to come later.
I hope this helps in the education of the public.

Michael Pattinson.

Notarized Letter from Michael Pattinson, Sept 1997
Michael Pattinson mentioned in National Post article about John Travolta, June 2001
Pattinson Lawsuit (dropped after they ran out of money)
The Current War on American Soil Against Certain Citizens and Residents Conducted by Scientology, by Michael Pattinson, April 20,2001
Richard Behar speech about the 1991 Time Magazine Article
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