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Dianetics, Scientology and Communism - both Hubbard and Lenin used Pavlov's research.

Ida Camburn gave me a copy of William Sargants's book, first printed 50 years ago, Battle for the Mind. I cannot recommend it more highly...for students and researchers into the Scientology problem and those who have been affected in any way by Scientology or any of its many Frontgroups.

Sargant's book appears to be based on a journal that he kept during his experience treating WWII victims of post traumatic stress disorder. His observations and conclusions are as valid now as they were then and even more now so due to the apparition called Dianetics and its twisted twin sister Scientology.

Everything that Hubbard rants about in Dianetics including what Hubbard foists off as his "discovery" of Dianetics is based on prior art without attribution, in fact, instead of properly attributing the basis of his scheme to the research of Nobel Prize winner Pavlov, which Lenin incorporated into what became known as Communism, he goes to great lengths to vilify Pavlov and the entire field of Psychiatry, just to make sure that those he has fooled never figured out the degree to which we had been scammed.....that they were in fact trapped by state of the art Psychiatric techniques used in the 1940's and abandoned because they took too long and were not consistent.

William Sargant describes a technique used during and after WWII called Aberactive Therapy... which stands for Abnormal Reaction Therapy - reliving incidents of trauma in your mind....(real or imaged) with the aid of a drug, hypnosis or ether...and a person to listen.

Aberactive therapy is not something special, people engage in it after having a few drinks and then pouring their hearts out to you....

Though, of course Hubbard sought to demonize drugs and alcohol and psychiatry because he wanted to "dead agent", to "depopularize" all possible competition and most importantly, reduce any threat of exposure and broadbased understanding of how his scam worked.

Even the description that only if you create an emotional discharge in an incident ( for which Hubbard coins many new words, to hide the sources of his information , he calls them somatics in Dianetics and then calls incident of trauma "engrams" ) you wont get relief and William Sargant was describing techniques being used in 1942 in North Africa by military practitioners treating with shell shocked and battle fatigued soldiers, and those recovering from the nazi bombings of London.

Every topic that Hubbard rants about in Dianetics is covered in William Sargant's book, shock treatment, insulin shock... lobotomies... hypnosis.... Pavlov.... even Hubbard's 2% rule.

Sargant describes how early clinicians treating the psychological casualties of war, thought that a small percentage of soldiers did not suffer from battle fatigue. However, after a few years experience, they amended their opinion, to state that all will eventually succumb to stress induced fatigue except that 2 percent who in fact were psychopaths... Hubbard uses this same 2% rule in Dianetics to state that 2% of society are what he calls "suppressive" people.

And boy-o-boy, did Hubbard devote effort in Dianetics to "Depopularizing" - that is, the Black propagandizing of Pavlov..., Even Lenin would not turn against Pavlov, knowing how essential his insights had become to the success of communism, even as Pavlov gained international acclaim for openly decrying the abuses of his own government and got away with it while others were being sent to the gulags.

Hubbard attacks Pavlov for the exact same reason that so much effort is taken to "depopularize" certain ex members, including myself, any ex-members who dare protest publicly, Andreas, the operator of and activists who speak out is done with the express intent of causing those who mght read and learn and benefit from our arduously gained insights to, hopefully, not even look at our materials.

Lenin tolerated Pavlov though he was harshly critical of the regime, as a hero of the revolution, because he was a Nobel prize winner, and because Lenin turned the powerful physiological insights that Pavlov discovered and proved by scientific method, and independent confirmation, into a means of building a controlled society. Lenin called it Communism.

I've considered the commonalities of Communism and Scientology before, as well as Scientology and totalitarian regimes such as Saddam Hussein, and even those that like Hubbard, cloak themselves in religiosity, to justify exploitive, criminal conduct, such as extremists like Osama Bin Laden and Al Quada. All of these 'causes' include intense efforts to "program" the desired conduct, be it obedience to the authority of the state, or blinf faith devotion to gaining rewards in the hereafter which caused the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11th. Even local inner city drug gangs depend upon the power of conversion, such as that used by Methodist John Wesley in the 18th century. The rhetoric is the same, though in the case of John Wesley, the intent was much different. John Wesley sought to improve the conduct of his listeners whereas destructive totalitarian, and criminal enterprises, while using the same techniques, seek to convert their audience into seeking, for them, their own political or financial goals. And that is exactly what Hubbard tricked members of his ghroups into doing.. aquiring money and power for Hubbard and his movement, and now the same machinery grinds out with a high school drop out at its helm.

The first strident anti-communist activists were in fact ex-members of the communist party, and as it was in anti-communist movement, it is now the hardest working, dedicated ex-scientologists trying to raise public awareness and bring an end to the scam of Scientology.. Dianetics is based upon Pavlov's work, as is Communism.

Pavlov's most seminal research was published during and shortly before WWII

Pavlov's research was used by Lenin to craft Communism and the mind control techniques that have become the standard technology in totalitarian states, be it Hitler's Nazi Germany and his extermination of gypsys, Jews and undesirables (Hubbard cloaks his own intent with new words like "downstats" (short for a person with low or declining statistics of production) and "degraded beings"), and then, of course were refined by Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Saddam Hussein for brain washing and social control in their respective societies.

Hubbard prepares his members by introducing the acceptability of eugenics, in Dianetics and another book "Science of Survival" stating that 2% of the worlds population should be "disposed of quietly and without sorrow" L Ron Hubbard.

Islam in its core book the Koran prohibits the death of non-combatants. Mohammed said that. However, what Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Quada cronies subscribe to, is somewhat like Scientology, in that here we have a bunch of guys that have come to believe the words of crazy cleric who wrote an extraordinarily long winded commentary on the Koran, where he, in the name of clarity, interprets for the reader, what he wanted the reader to think that Mohammed really meant. Gently changing key ideas, to suit his own socio-political ends, or perhaps the ends of those that supported him. Suddenly, it now becomes acceptable, to murder thousands of people, non combatants, in an eye-blink at the world trade center, in the name of Allah. The fact is, Mohammed banned such conduct.

Al-Queda and Osama Bin Laden cloaks mayhem in a bogus religiosity, concocted by a cleric who caused so much trouble in Egypt that he spent his last years in prison. The mistake the Egyptians made was allowing him to write an extraordinarily long tome, so long and voluminous that upon seeing the sheer volume of it, people are struck with the same thought that occurs when confronting Hubbard's writings or even the huge filings of his lawyers - "there must be something there."

Hubbard's Scientology has, as Dire Straits sang in "The Man is too Strong" from their Brothers in Arms album: "Legalized robbery, called it belief".

In Scientology and Communism we have fundamental research by Pavlov exploited and used to create Orwellian societies.

All totalitarian states depend upon suppressing the open discourse of Democratic societies

Sargant describes how the moment of 'conversion' is accomplished by the inducement of a transient overload, a mental collapse, a surrender - the inducement of a point where the brain can no longer process data. I would use the analogy, which was not available to Sargant 50 years ago, of a mental reboot with a new operating system.

The repeatedly maligned and abused treatment of electroshock or insulin shock, were based on this same tenet, of providing just enough electric shock or low sugar shock, to cause, a reboot of the brain's operating system.

And, even after I was already completely convinced, and astounded, that Pavlov was the commonality between Communism and Scientology... that Hubbard was in fact, 'duplicating Pavlov"... I found this line:

"In Pavlov's tests, "the dog would be given a definite signal, such as the beating of a metronome at a certain rate, or :
the passing of a weak electric current into its leg..., before being given food....."

Hubbard too gives his starry eyed believers, 80 uAmps of Direct DC current, hand to hand, for an lifetime exposure of many thosands of hours.

Hubbard duplicated Lenin's mind control techniques in the United states, only he called it Dianetics and Scientology!

Battle for the Mind
A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing
How Evangelists, Psychiatrists, Politicians, and Medicine Men can change your beliefs and behavior.
by William Sargant
Pub: Malor Books, Cambridge, MA 02238

In scientology, one is given attention and validation, and a little subliminal taste of electricity. That is your food in exchange for your wallet,.....while it's members drool on command. Hubbard took William Sargant's research, and Pavlov literally .

End note: I received a phone call from a very old fellow who asked me if I had heard that when Hubbard was in a Navy Hospital after his exceptionally lackluster stint in the US Navy he read a manuscript that was being passed around for review and commentary by returning veterans by one of the clinicians.. This telephone call was in 1996 after the media exposure for my posting of the story of Xenu and the body thetans to the net in 1995 which eventually resulted in, ten years later, Xenu becoming a household word, due to Comedy Central's South Park and many others..
Was that clinician, William Sargant?

When long time activist Ida Camburn sent me William Sargent's book "Battle for the MIND" in approximately 2002, I remembered that telephone call... and also remembered Hubbard bragging in Scientology materials about how fast he wrote Dianetics... it then occurred to me, that Dianetics' reputation for its use of many uncommon adjectives and words.. may have been due to Hubbard's use of a synonym book to substitute the commonly known words used by William Sargant, in order to disguise Hubbard's plagarism. This also explains why Hubbard demonizes psychiatrists... so that those Hubbard tricked into becoming Scientologists won't find out that Dianetics was stolen from the state of the art of Psychotherapy of WWII......

Arnie Lerma

(c) 2003 Arnaldo Lerma

Vaclav Havel on Totalitarian States by Jeff Jacobsen
Hubbard's 2% Rule ( or why you never got that promotion)
OSA 101 - Black Propaganda - selection of Hubbard's POLICY cites, by another long time one-time member, Mark Plummer in a discussion with another long time member, Tory Christman

Related: Hubbard's own statements about Hypnosis from his books and Scientology official publications.

Scientology and Saddam Hussein - My father asked me to steal an H-Bomb

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them.
Hamlet (III.i.64-68)

"Communism is the death of the soul. It is the organization of total conformity--in short, of tyranny--and it is committed to making tyranny universal."

[Adlai E. Stevenson] is Scientology

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