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Index of some of the recent postings by Martin Ottman that resulted in the anonymous threat below, posted to alt.religion.scientology in December 2002 by On 31 Dec 2002 21:51:53 -0000, Sleeping Vayu - Vayu Anonymous Remailer wrote:

"Martin Ottmann is directly acting as an agent for Brian Haney who has paid for several years of Martin Ottmann's work collecting documents on Scientology. Documents that were supposed to be turned over to Scientology as part of Brian Haney's settlement in the Zwan DIGL Scientology litigation.

Why is Brian Haney attacking Scientology once again through Martin Ottmann? Does Brian Haney think he is immune from another crippling lawsuit for violating his settlement agreement? Think about what happened to Dandar in Texas. It can happen in Ohio too.

Call Brian Haney and beg him not to hurt his family this way

Brian Haney
Powell, OH 43065-9791

PHONE (614) 846-25XX
FAX (614) 844-65XX

Martin Ottmann, if you have a conscience stop hurting Brian Haney this way and turn over copies of your documents to Keith Henson so that he can use them in his Canadian Immigration litigation.

Or, Martin Ottmann, by keeping this documents to yourself and doling them out piece by piece you make yourself the "big man" by controlling information. Had any luck making money off of Bob Minton's "tax problems"?

Martin Ottmann, you are a digusting piece of shit. When Brian Haney has a subpena and Samuel D. Rosen is asking him about his funding of your anti-Scientology research, do you think Brian Haney is going to lie?

Did you pay your taxes on these funds, Martin Ottmann?
Did Brian Haney pay gift tax?
No statute of limitations on tax fraud, Brian Haney and Martin Ottmann.

Both of you are ex-scientologists. No one will cry for you when
you have to sell your home Brian Haney.


one can see from the above that the last thing scientology wants is for anyone to support the effort to expose scientology.

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