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Dear Scientologist,

N.B.: This document contains no references to "advanced materials", OT levels, etc

Imagine a Letter From L Ron Hubbard

Dear Members and Watchers of Scientology,

It is I, L Ron Hubbard! THE MASTER STAGE HYPNOTIST - speaking from that corner of your mind - called your subconscious.

Through many hypnotic techniques have I planted my voice into your thoughts, and I am here to tell you how I do this.

The primary reason I plant my voice in your head is to keep you occupied with a storyline while I take all your money away.

You can debate about religion until the cows come home, but that only helps the members still in and the unwarned to give money and power to unknown con game investors. It disguises a scam in semantic terms, and blinds them from looking into the illegalities of coercive hypnosis and the deception of the e-meter. Both help perpetuate the scam.

Here is the first way I gain your confidence. Offer a stress test and sell a Dianetics book. There is a simple trick used to gain a persons confidence and convince them that the e-meter works. Tell them that they can see their thoughts. What they don't know is how I use their own imagination to make it work!

Have them hold the e-meter cans and pinch their arm. They see it makes the needle jump on the e-meter. Then have them think about just being pinched and tell them to watch the e-meter needle jump again. They think the e-meter works! What they don't know is that the e-meter also known as a galvanometer, and the trick I use, was taken from psychologists back in the early 1900's.

Boris Sidis and many other doctors studied the galvanometer to determine how it worked on animals and humans. Sidis is noted in books that other hypnotists wrote, including Leslie LeCron (hypnotist who collaborated with Milton Erickson on the confusion technique and wrote the forward to Volney Mathison's book on hypnotism). I took the idea for the e-meter idea from Mathison, and made up some bad stories about him, to distract you from seeing this source that I stole. When I was finished stealing his ideas, I destroyed him.

In 1907, Sidis discovered that physical stimulus or noises or words made the needle on the galvanometer move. Then he discovered that the same needle on the instrument moved just by thinking that thought, of the same stimuli, noise or words:

"The experimenter then ascertained that actual irritation (stimulus) was not essential to these results, but the presentation of the proposed stimulus to the imagination also brought about similar deviations in the galvanometer. He stated, furthermore, that the recollection of some fear, fright or joy, in general any kind of strong emotion, produced the same result. He also noted that the emotion of expectant attention or anticipation had a marked effect upon the galvanometer." (1)

After several years and scientific investigation using these instruments, Sidis and colleagues like Wundt, (who I also say bad things about) concluded:

"He describes the methods of working with the subconscious, especially as developed in his Psychology of Suggestion. The association method and graphic methods (sphygmograph, plethysmograph, pneumograph, galvanometer) are of no value clinically...Introspection and observation, the study of dream states, the use of hypnotic and hypnoidal states and their methods of employment are given special attention. The role of suggestibility is stressed." (2)

This is how I tricked you into seeing a thought and gained your confidence. If you believe you can see your thoughts, I have then gained your confidence to believe in engrams, clears and body thetans. It has everything to do with hypnosis, that you "believe" the e-meter works. The only thing it helps with is hypnosis, to deliver a slow and small electric current through the palm of your hands.

In 1947 - Leslie M. Lecron and Jean Bordeaux wrote:

"Most recently a method of giving electric shock termed "electronarcosis" has been developed at the California Institute of Technology. With a current of much less intensity, the shock is applied for seven or eight minutes, producing a sleep-like state." (3)

George Estabrooks also talked about the use of a "psycho-galvanic" device, and concluded that hypnotism and sleep were closely related. (4)

After the stress test, a person is sold a Dianetics book to read, and they are signed up for a course. When a person reads this book, he is being given a post-hypnotic suggestion and becomes familiar with all the terminology that he will be reading and hearing endlessly. A past member of mine, AE Van Vogt, quoted in "The Hypnotism Handbook:"

"One method is to give the subject a post-hypnotic suggestion as follows: "I have a book which can teach you a method of solving your own problems. I am going to lend you this book. You will learn valuable methods of judgement and discrimination by reading it. Take it home with you. Read it carefully. Study it. When you are through with it, bring it back, and we will discuss it. Such a post-hypnotic suggestion carries more weight than a simple recommendation of the book. The patient as a rule reads the book rather swiftly, and in the reading acquires an intellectual understanding of some of the processes. He becomes acquainted with the terminology.

When he finally returns the book, he is hypnotized and the contents are discussed with him. Certain portions of the book are then read back to him, and finally he is given powerful suggestions to react in that way. In the terminology of the general semanticist, the subject is conditioned to have a 'signal reaction' of a 'delayed reaction.' Or, as Pavlov might say it, we establish in the subject a conditioned reflex to make mature judgements, to discriminate. To anyone who understands its significance, this will surely seem one of the great possibilities of hypnotic reeducation." (5)

So I have you read Dianetics, and now you come in for the first Training Routine course, the "TR0" (6) where you will have to sit very still as a rule to being hypnotized. As George Estabrooks quotes in relationship to hypnosis, "Other experimenters demonstrated that while this was true for hypnotism induced by the 'sleeping' method, it was true only for this method and only as long as the subject remained quiet." (7)

Boris Sidis also explains that the, "Limitation of voluntary movements is also one of the conditions of inducing hypnosis. The subject sits down on a chair in a comfortable position, and is asked to relax his muscles and make as few movements as possible." (8)

So in the TR 0 routines, you have to sit still, not talking and blinking. This enhances the rapport and requirement between you and the hypnotist/operator, or future hypnotists, so you can be hypnotized and receive all my implants and coercive instructions from here on out. This also introduces the beginnings of disassociation, an altered conscious state, where your conscious attention begins to fixate and is occupied so that all of my hypnotic instructions can be given to you. With your attention fixed, and your eyes staring and peeled, your subconscious state of attention is ready to be altered - or pillaged.

Fixation on objects to access the programmable area of your mind is done by other methods also. Boris Sidis states:

"The first and general condition of normal suggestibility is fixation of the attention. In all my experiments the one indispensable condition was to fix the attention on some spot and then to prepare the subject for the acceptance of the suggestion." (9)

More sadistic than this, when I teach you to find and talk to spots, walls or people - and you begin talking to them, you are not only talking to things that are not there, you are giving them suggestions that I tell you to. After you are clear, please allow me to introduce you to body thetans. You begin talking to them and giving them suggestions also. So you are not only being disassociated and talking to imaginary "things" that are not there, you are treating them based on my suggestion and instructions. It would be like you are hypnotizing them to make yourself better.

I'll write more later, I'm off to do more research!

And now you know that every time you listened to one of my tapes and heard me laugh, I was laughing AT you.

Man IS a suggestible animal..

L Ron Hubbard

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