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In the wake of the Google / / Slashdot debacle, Scientology's  "Office of Public Affairs" in Melbourne Australia, Mary Anderson,  has filed charges of  "religious vilification" with the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria (Australia) and charged Jan Groenveld   of  Cult Awareness & Information Centre Australia.under the act.
C.A.I..C.      Ph. 61-(0)7-3216 8514
Web Page:

C.A.I..C.      Ph. 61-(0)7-3216 8514

"From the act:

8. Religious vilification unlawful
(1) A person must not, on the ground of religious belief or activity of
another person or class ofpersons, engage in conduct that incites hatret
against, serious contempt for, or revulsion or sever ridicule of, that
other person or class of persons.

11. Exceptions

A person does not contravene sections 7 or 8 if the person establishes that the
person's conduct was engaged in reasonable and in good faith --

(a) in the performance, exhibition or distribution of artistic work; or
(b) in the course of any statement, publicitation, discussion or debate made of
held, or any other conduct in gaged in, fo
(i) any genuine academic, artistic, religious or scientific purpose; or
(ii) any purpose that is in the public interest; or
(c) in making or publishing a fair and accurate report of any event or matter of
public interest.

has charged Jan Groenveld on the basis of web site contents, namely:

Scientology's Mary Anderson described The Anderson Report in the complaint as  "long ago overturned" and described in the
Victorian parliament in 1987 as "draconian" and that this material is "not
biased, not factual and not current and does not fit into any catagory of helpful

Scientology's Mary Anderson told the commission that the following is "lurid and patently false"

What the Church of Scientology does want you to know -
written by American Jeff Jacobsen who runs the website

Prisoners of Saint Hill - a newspaper article from "The Independent" in UK

Forced abortions in Scientology - an extract of the sworn affidavit of Mary Tabayoyan

as examples.

"She refers to "discredited author Russell Miller" with regard to comments on the
site about Hubbards statements about his life and war record which she states as
been proven true by documentary evidence ......"

This is a complete and utter lie - see Hubbard's 600 page Navy Record..
with images here

"She further states that there is also deliberate misinformation concerning
mentally disturbed persons, that although such persons have been made prisoners
in mental hospitals, the Church has had no part in any such practice and is
strongly opposed to it.

She then states that persons who know little or nothing of Sceintology and who
take this site at face value could hardly fail to be infected with "severe
ridicule" or "serious contempt of" if not "hatred" of the subject of the site.

It is not our fault that Scientology's conduct is indefensible.

She then asks that they demand I be made to remove the site."

This is a terrific opportunity to expose Scientology, once again

"Any suggestions on putting together a GOOD case within the next 48 hours --
which is all I have to do it.

Thanks in Advance
Jan Groenveld"

Doing what I can do Jan, I sent this reply to slashdot for re-enforcements...

Arnie Lerma