Title: Zegel Tape #1 [2/3]

Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 03:54:00 GMT


     So really there is no way to escape all taxes on income.  At best
Ron could have donated '42.5 million' dollars of trademarks to the RTC,
and deducted the 42.5 million donation from his 85 million income,
leaving him with 42.5 million to pay taxes on, which would have been
21.25 million in taxes.  He at best saved himself 21.25 in further taxes
had he not made the donation.
     In other words if he had paid taxes on the full 85 million, he
would have paid 42.5 million in taxes.  But since he deducted 42.5
million as a charitable donation from the 85 million, he only paid taxes
on the remaining 42.5 million which would have come out to 21.25 million
in taxes, which is 21.25 million less than the full amount of taxes he
would have paid with out the donation.
     I am not a tax expert on this, and I might have it all wrong.))
     So among others things, that was the purpose of the set up of the
Religious Technology Center (RTC).  Now there was some other laudable
purposes as well.  What the RTC was supposed to be doing was to regulate
the use of the tech, to encourage people to use it, to push tech into a
variety of different areas around the country, to encourage field
auditing, to encourage the growth of missions.
     And to ensure that this happened, when the original papers were
drawn up, the members of the boards of directors and so forth of the RTC
were to be trained individuals, and they were to be progressing in their
training on a yearly basis.
     It was clear that the current situation regarding Ron and the legal
problems that he was facing, was far from an optimum situation.  And Ron
put together a group of people that was to be called the All Clear
Committee.  And the ACC had a specific purpose and that purpose was to
get rid of all the legal hassles that were facing Ron, so that he could
again come back out in the public.
     And the person who as selected to be the chairman of the all clear
committee was a young man named David Miscavige.  Now David Miscavige's
principle claim to fame was that he had worked as part of the film unit.
He had been in the CMO for some years, and he had gained a reputation as
a person who could get things done, when other people couldn't.
     He also gained a reputation of being the kind of person that could
get things done by screaming at the top of his lungs, but getting things
done was the important factor, and he gained for himself quite a
reputation in that regard.
     When it came time to select the chairman of the All Clear
Committee, David was recommended, he was also a close friend of Pat
Broekers, and he seemed to be just the right guy for doing that
particular job.
     Along with him, three women, or three other members specifically
were appointed to be part of the committee, and that committee was
constituted separately from the Commodores Messenger Org.  It had its
own special communication line directly to Ron and that was going to
prove to be instrumental in the future.
     As time passed, the ACC began to come apart, that is to say, David
Miscavige survived, but the other people who were members of the
committee either left it for one reason or another, were perhaps Comm
ev'd, one person was, left the Sea Org.  I don't have the specifics what
happened to each individual person, but suffice it to say, the other
three people from the committee eventually disappeared and David
Miscavige was left on his own, holding this rather important post, and
again SEPARATE from the CMO.
     And because he had this separate and rather special communication
line, it put him a position of being in essence senior to the CMO.  Now
earlier than this time, when Ron and the CMO were all in the same
location, the CMO worked directly with Ron and consequently had an
enormous amount of power, because of that personal and specific
communication line.  When Ron's location was moved to his more secure
quarters, and the quarters were...only Pat and and Annie Broeker were
his principle aids, the CMO in essence became simply another management
org in the upper level strata of Church management.
     And this ACC, and eventually just David Miscavige, then would be in
a senior position because of this special communication line.
     Now the evolution continued, and what happened was that David
Miscavige became the principle communication link between the Church as
a whole ((and Ron)).  The whole management structure of the Church below
was like a giant inverted funnel headed directly to him ((David
Miscavige)), and he actually became the relay point for all
communication from the Church directly to Ron.
     Now that communication was on a couple of vias, it would all come
up through the Church lines to David Miscavige, who would then
specifically transport it and turn it over to Pat Broeker at a
predesignated meeting place.  Pat Broeker or his wife Annie Broeker
would then transport that material back to LRH ((LRH's headquarters))
where it would be read ((by the Broekers)) and those particles that
needed to go directly to Ron would be passed onto him.
     That communication link and this secrecy of Ron's physical location
is going to turn out to be the basis of the power of these three people,
Pat Broeker, Annie Broeker and David Miscavige.
     Additionally, a few minutes ago we were talking about trustees
being appointed to manage Ron's affairs during his absence, and these
three people were going to become the trustees.
     It is worthwhile now to spend a little time and talk about David
Mayo, and what happened to remove him from a point of no inconsiderable
     As we mentioned earlier, David Mayo had been the Senior C/S
International, a principle confidant and and terminal of Ron's.  The two
had worked together very closely, in piloting new material, in working
on research projects and so forth, and the fact that David Mayo has
subsequently been removed from the Church and declared a Suppressive
Person, is quite a story in itself, and how that come about is rather
     Now David was posted as the Senior C/S International.  That person
is in essence the highest posted technical official in the Church
outside of Ron himself.  That's a person who is responsible for the
application of tech on a world wide basis, and this is a person who
works very closely with LRH when projects such as new pilot programs are
put together and so forth.
     David Mayo and Ron had a regular correspondence going back and
forth IN WRITING after Ron moved to his new secure quarters.  And the
two of them would exchange a few letters a week, sometimes more,
sometimes less, but at any rate there was a constant stream of
communication between them.
     At one point Ron asked David if he would please do a Security Check
or a couple of sec checks on Pat Broeker.  The purpose of these sec
checks is not entirely clear, but none the less Ron went to Pat Broeker
and said please report to David Mayo and get these sec checks.  Pat of
course obliged, and he went to where David Mayo was at point stationed
and received these sec checks.
     Now I have not heard any specifics on exactly what was found, aside
from the fact that some of the findings on those sec checks were
unfavorable to Pat Broeker.  A report was apparently written to Ron by
David Mayo and sent up the lines.  Now here is where this via of David
Miscavige through the Broekers becomes a very important factor, because
that was the comm line that any such report would have had to travel on.
And indeed those were the lines that the reports traveled on, and one or
both of the reports regarding the sec checks were pulled off the lines
by Pat Broeker.
     Acknowledgements from Ron that went to David Mayo, contained a copy
of the altered report, that Pat Broeker had written, replacing David
Mayo's actual report of the outcome of the sec check.  And the two
reports were not precisely the same as you might imagine.
     David Mayo on learning of this tried a variety of approaches to
correct this problem, he tried sending additional communications up the
lines, and a personal confrontation with Pat Broeker, but this was to no
avail.  At that point of course he was, if you will, a marked man.  He
had to be gotten rid of because he had the secret.
     So a campaign was initiated, ON THE RUMOR LINES, that David Mayo
was plotting with some known Church enemies, specifically Allen Walters
and Bill Franks, to take over the Church.  Now those people who have
worked closely with Ron in the past, several of whom I have spoken to,
have indicated that Ron does not appreciate those kinds of take over
attempts.  As a matter of fact that is quite a button ((with Ron)), and
if you wanted to do some body in, in terms of discrediting them, that's
the ideal way to do so.
     Apparently this rumor was planted on Church lines, and as you can
imagine those rumor lines virtually hummed all around the Church with
that information.
     Well any diligent staff member hearing such a rumor would feel
obliged to write it up, and so the Knowledge Reports began to flow up
the lines regarding this rumor, which was now beginning to circulate
about David Mayo plotting to take over the Church.  Those rumors of
course found their way directly to Ron very quickly.
     Dave Mayo's communications about the fact that these sec check
reports had been altered were stopped, but the knowledge reports of the
take over zipped right through the lines.  So his position, David Mayo's
position in the Church, from Ron's viewpoint, began to deteriorate.
David Mayo had apparently completely fallen out of communication, all of
his letters and so forth coming up the lines were stopped.  Ron became
concerned as to what had happened to David.  He sent communications to
various terminals in the Church, saying what happened to Dave Mayo,
where is he, why haven't I heard from him, that sort of thing.  But no
answers that David could originate could actually get through.
     As a result of his being discredited, he was eventually removed
from post as taken from Gilman Hot Springs to a Church location which is
known as Happy Valley.
     Now, there is a real place called Happy Valley.  It is part of an
Indian Reservation that's apparently situated near a boxed canyon.
Happy Valley is a chunk of land that is surrounded on all sides by the
Indian Res. with a right of way for a road that goes back to it.  These
people were going to be transported to Happy Valley and what was going
to happen to them there was that their ethics was going to be handled
and this cycle was going to be handled with them.
     The people that were being handled at this moment totalled sixteen.
This included the Senior C/S International staff, which was 5 people and
11 additional people from other units.  They were all transported to
this particular location, which again is in this Palm Springs area out
in the desert.
     Previous to this a program had been announced by Ron called the
Running Program.  This was for staff of Golden Era Studios and for INT,
the International Management Groups.  What the running program consisted
of was:  vigorous exercise, outdoors, and the idea of the program was to
stabilize the sleep/awake cycle and handle people whose cases that had
been apparently very badly enturbulated in some way by extroverting
their attention getting them outdoors and giving them good vigorous
exercise to do.  When this program had originally been put into action,
David Mayo had been the person responsible for piloting it and Ron had
sent him the materials and the instructions for doing so.
     Again, this is 1982 now, and he had begun people running this
program on a gradient.  When he was transported out there, apparently
this idea of gradients was not considered to have been standard and they
were put on it for twelve hours a day, seven days a week.  Now, during
this period of time, several things were to happen:  1. Ethics handling
was to be done on these 16 people.  They were to receive a Comm ev and
other ethics handling as required and ; 2. They were to do this running
program and presumably be rehabilitated and recycled, if you will, back
into the Church.  In the earlier tape I made, some people got the
impression that these individuals were just simply being victims of this
activity and I want to correct that impression.
     David Mayo and those people that were around him worked very hard
using standard Church lines, knowledge reports, write ups of one kind or
another, to try and solve this dilemma that they were in.  This sort of
forced ethics situation, the fact that they were held captive, they were
guarded 24 hours a day and those sorts of things.  The idea that they
were just victims of this is far from the truth.  They were working very
     That's not to say these people were treated kindly, or that this
was a very pleasant time for them, because it certainly wasn't.  They
were out in the middle of the desert, they were being forced to run
essentially all during all the daylight hours, and it was a very
difficult period of time.  You can imagine what it would be like,
running in August, in the desert, around and around a tree, at about a
50ft radius, all day long.  It was devastating bodily for them.  They
lost a tremendous amount of weight as a result of this kind of stress on
a body.  Many of them suffered from physical maladies, from sprained
ankles, pulled ligaments to the actual loss of teeth as a result of the
body leeching minerals out of it's own system.
     This was a terribly difficult period of time for all of them, but
these were individuals of enormous commitment to the Church and they
were really knocking themselves out to not blow and to consequently take
on the apparency of being an enemy.  Because it really was their
intention to sort out and resolve any difficulties that were there.  But
also, this period of time was not without its humor as well.  People in
the most adverse situations can make adjustments and find ways to live
their lives in spite of these horrendous events.
     Dave Mayo tells a story of him being assigned his own particular
tree, separate from everybody else.  The reasons for that are not
completely clear but, none the less, it was felt important that he be
completely segregated from the group.  They had a supervisor whose job
was to watch them during the day and make sure they didn't stop running;
that their rest periods were not excessive and so forth.  The two trees,
the one tree the balance of the people were running around, and David's
tree, were apparently a considerable distance apart.  One person
standing in one spot could see both trees but, it was a good walk from
one to the other.
     So, what David would do is:  sit down and the supervisor would of
course, begin to walk across the intervening space to get to David.  By
the time he would get there, everybody at the other tree, was sitting
down.  So, the supervisor would say to David, "Come on, get up and get
going here," and David would comply and get up and start to jog around
the tree, or whatever, and the supervisor would turn around and, of
course, would now have to head back for the other tree, because
everybody else there was sitting down.  Right after he would pass the
half way point, David would sit down, so, he would then turn around and
see David sitting down but, he was past the half way point , so he would
go and handle the other ones and apparently, they caused this fellow
considerable excess walking back and forth between the two trees as this
period went on.
     At any rate, the result of the Comm ev was that David and virtually
everyone else connected with the Comm ev, were found to be suppressive
people and were going to be expelled from the Church and so forth.
David will be issuing or has already issued a not inconsiderable paper
on his position regarding what happened and I don't presume to speak for
him here, but, suffice it to say here, the findings were not from his
point of point, just, and I have seen substantial evidence that supports
that point of view.

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