Title: E-mail to Scienos about Battlefield Earth
indanm@aol.com (Indanm)
Date: 15 May 2000 17:02:32 GMT

The below e-mail was sent around to Scientologists telling them to see
Battlefield Earth so that it beats Gladiator at the box office. That's a big

-----Original Message-----
  From:	Jon von Gunten [mailto:outreach@mediaone.net]
  Sent:	Monday, 24 April 2000 23:49
  To:	JvG@Compuserve
  Subject:	See Battlefield Earth THE FIRST WEEKEND!

----- Original Message -----
  From:	Lee Cambigue
  To:	mailto:Undisclosed-Recipient:@earthlink.net
  Sent:	Monday, April 24, 2000 18:49
  Subject:	See Battlefield Earth the first weekend!

Hi,  PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know-and trust!
My good friend Roberta Perry, who is an executive at a major studio,
explained why it is absolutely essential that you see Battlefield Earth the
first weekend.  Four blockbuster movies are coming out in four successive
weeks.  May 5th is Gladiator. May 12th is Battlefield Earth with John
Travolta, May 19 is Dinosaur and May 26 is Mission Impossible with Tom
These movies will come out on 2500-3000 screens.  If Gladiator outsells
Battlefield Earth on the SECOND weekend (May 12, 13 and 14), Battlefield
Earth will LOSE screens the next weekend.  If Battlefield Earth beats
Gladiator, it has a very good chance to go big time.  There are 83,000
screens looking for movies. But Battlefield Earth MUST beat Gladiator on the
first weekend B.E. comes out.  Anything after that doesn't count!
So please pass on this message and let's fill the theaters on May 12th, 13th
and 14th!  You can go more than once you know!

Washington Post article about this Email
In above article Scientology PR man Mike Rinder LIES when he says 
it has nothing to do with Scientology the sender "Jon von Gunten"
has a I am a Scientologist, Scientology Spam Page!
Thanks to Sten-Arne [ nick Anti-Cult ] for this tidbit.
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