Title: Jesse Prince Supplemental Declaration in Wollersheim re: Sea Org Control of Scientology
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Attorney for Plaintiff,


SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA		Defendant	))))))))))))	Case
No.: C 332 027Honorable Charles W. McCoyDepartment 24SUPPLEMENTAL

I, Jesse Prince declare as follows:
1.	I am over 18 years of age and currently reside in the State of
Illinois, County of Cook.  This declaration is of my own personal knowledge
and if called upon to testify to the facts herein I could and would be
competently able to testify thereto.
2.	I joined the Sea Organization, commonly referred to as the Sea Org,
in September of 1976.  The Sea Org is a para-military organization that
manages and controls all of the Scientology Organizations and related
entities that exist in the world.  I was also required to sign a billion
year contract at the time I was recruited.  Within a week, I entered the
first Sea Org indoctrination program named the Estates Project Force.  The
Estates Project Force consists of several levels of indoctrination named
"Product Levels."  On these "Product Levels," I was indoctrinated in
Scientology ethics and justice procedures and the history of the Sea
Organization.  I was invasively interrogated (called confessional in
Scientology) and took a mission school-training course, among other
indoctrination courses.  Flag Order 3155RC, entitled "The Basic Sea Org
Training Program," details the training required for persons newly recruited
to the Sea Org.  A true and correct copy of this document is attached hereto
as Exhibit "HHH-99."  From the very beginning, through indoctrination from
these courses, I learned that the Sea Org managed all Scientology
Organizations and related entities such as Scientology Missions
International (SMI), World Institute of Scientology Enterprise (WISE) and
Narconon, to name a few.  The length and breadth of the doctrine of the Sea
Org is detailed and codified in issues named "Flag Orders."  The primary
business of the Sea Org is missions.  One definition of "mission" in Sea Org
terms describes an activity whereby two or more Sea Org members go to a
remote Scientology organization or enterprise and take over the activity for
the purpose of getting the activity to make more money which, in turn,
benefits the Sea Org financially.  The governing policy of the type of
mission referred to above, is to cause the activity (Organization) to make
money, then make more money, then make other people produce so as to make
money.  See HCO Policy Letter 9 March 1972 "Income Flows and Pools," a true
and correct copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit "QQ-99."  These same
missions are authorized by the Sea Org to use Scientology ethics and justice
procedures.  This authority gives these types of missions total authority to
remove and demote personnel, including corporate officers and executives in
any Scientology Organization, corporation or Scientology-related entity as
it sees fit.  See Exhibits:  "M-99," "Y-99" and "FF-99," which are true
copies of the original documents.  See also, Sea Organization Central
Bureaux Order 621 29 November 1979 "By Pass of Management Sector Handling
of," a true copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit "RR-99."
3.	The success of the Sea Org is primarily measured by its income.  Sea
Org income is defined as "the amount of money received by the corporation
(Sea Org) after the allocation to Sea Org and Scientology Organizations"
[translated, this means each and every Sea Org organization as well as each
and every Scientology organization world wide sends to the Sea Org all
monies remaining after the basic necessities (bills and payroll for staff)
of the individual organization are paid and before management expenses are
taken out; this is the classic double bite which normally reduced the Sea
Org and Scientology Organization staff payroll allocation].  This is
according to Hubbard policy letter of 9 March 1972, called "Income Flows and
Pools, Principles of money management," a true copy of which is attached as
Exhibit "QQ-99."  This "policy" was written by L Ron Hubbard.  During my
tenure in the Sea Org, I executed many of these missions within the United
States and other countries of the world. 
4.	Until his death in 1986, L. Ron Hubbard was the unchallenged
dictator of the entire Scientology enterprise.  L. Ron Hubbard designated
himself "Commodore".  In the hierarchy of the Sea Org, "Commodore" is the
highest rank.  L. Ron Hubbard created a "statistic system" for every
function and activity of Sea Org and Scientology organizations and
micro-managed this created "statistic system."  According to his many
written policies, the best thing a Sea Org member or Scientologist could do
was to always have "statistics" going up.  Hubbard authored, or had others
author, many thousands of detailed instructions and directives intended to
teach his flock how to keep the "statistics" going up.  He wrote or had
written Polices, Flag Orders, Bulletins and Executive Directives concerning
every aspect of the operation of the Sea Org and Scientology organizations.
Sea Org members and Scientologists are required to follow these instructions
and orders of Hubbard to the letter.  This is documented and made very clear
in a policy letter written by Hubbard, entitled "Keeping Scientology
Working."  This policy letter declares that it is a "criminal offense" not
to follow any L. Ron Hubbard instruction to the letter.  These crimes are
punishable through Scientology ethics and justice procedures.
5.	Next in authority in the Sea Org hierarchy are the "Commodore's
Messengers."  L. Ron Hubbard authored Flag Order 3729, also known as
Executive Directive 106 Commodore's Messenger Organization (CMO), entitled
"Commodore's Messengers."  This issue is one of many directives and
instructions on how to be a "good" Commodore's Messenger.  In the above
issue, Hubbard shares his total authority over his Sea Org and Scientology
Empire with others who have been trained to think and act in the same way as
Hubbard himself.  He designated his "messengers" as emissaries of himself.
This same issue was issued to all Sea Org members with the instruction that
all were to recognize his messengers as an extension of himself.  All were
instructed to show his messengers the same respect and courtesy as his flock
of Sea Org members and Scientologists were required to show Hubbard, the
single highest authority of the Sea Org and Scientology empire he created.
Messengers had complete authority to go within any Sea Org, Scientology, or
Scientology-related entity.  A true and correct copy of Flag Order 3729 is
attached hereto as Exhibit "UU-99."  As a note, only Sea Org members are
ever eligible to become Commodore's Messengers.
6.	There is a hierarchy within the Commodore's Messengers Organization.
The top messenger, also known as the "Commanding Officer," commands and
orders all other messengers within the organization of messengers. The top
Commodore's Messenger in Scientology is David Miscavige. There are also
subordinate "In Charge" positions within the messenger organization.  An In
Charge would have the authority to command and order lesser messengers, Sea
Org Members and any Scientologist if it meant complying with an order from a
higher messenger or L. Ron Hubbard himself.  Two issues written or ordered
by L. Ron Hubbard, entitled CMO Command Channels, issued 15 June 1976 and
issue CMO Regulations, issued 11 Jan 1976 are among the many directives that
define the authority of the Commodore's Messenger Organization.  A true and
correct copy of CMO Command Channels is attached hereto as Exhibit "TT-99;"
a true and correct copy of CMO Regulations is attached hereto as Exhibit
7.	There is also a hierarchy among the different messenger
organizations.  The most senior messenger organization in all of the
different messenger organizations is "The Religious Technology Center"
(RTC).  This is documented in the many different "Command Channels" booklets
issued and authored, and/or authorized by RTC since the early 80s.  See
Exhibit "X-99."
8.	The next command level below RTC is called "The International
Watchdog Committee."  The Watchdog Committee was created with the purpose of
overseeing the activities of the Guardian's Office and Scientology
management bodies in order to "keep Scientology working."  It is a senior
management committee that manages all sectors of Scientology, i.e., all Sea
Organizations, all Scientology Organizations International, and related
Scientology entities such as Scientology Missions International (SMI), and
World Institute of Scientology Enterprise, International (WISE).  See HCO PL
22 December 1981, "International Watchdog Committee," a true and correct
copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit "VV-99."
9.	The next level of hierarchical authority within the messenger
organizations and Scientology Enterprise is the "Commodore's Messengers
Organization International" (COMINT).  This body executes the orders and
commands of the Watchdog Committee, and manages and supervises the many
other Commodore's Messenger Organizations within the United States and
abroad.  (See Exhibit "VV-99.")
10.	Next in the chain of hierarchy is the Office of the Executive
Director International (EDINT).  The Executive Director International orders
and commands the senior-most Sea Org executives over all the different
management sections of the Sea Org, Scientology Organizations International,
and every other Scientology related entity.  These executives in turn order
and command all areas of the Scientology empire.  This office is not a
Commodore's Messenger Organization, but it is a Sea Org organization.
11.	There are descending levels of the hierarchical chain of command
from this point, as described in Scientology's Command Channel booklets.
From early 1983 until January 1987, I was the second in command of the
Religious Technology Center.  I was identified by RTC attorney Samuel Rosen
as such in Federal Court in Denver on August 20, 1998.  See Exhibit "C-99,"
attached hereto.

12.	In October of 1982, I was part of a Sea Org Mission that was sent to
San Francisco to "handle" the Mission Holders of the Church of Scientology.
The Mission Holders were Franchisees of Scientology who offered introductory
courses in Scientology to the public.
13.	L. Ron Hubbard was upset with the Mission Holders because he felt
that the Mission Holders in general were withholding tithes owed to Sea Org
International Management.  L. Ron Hubbard had also sent down orders stating
that several Sea Org members in high leadership positions within the
Commodor's Messenger Organization International ("CMO Int.") and the Office
of the Executive Director International ("ED Int.") were dissatisfied with
Scientology management and were siding with the Mission Holders.  L.Ron
Hubbard's orders went to David Miscavige and they were clear:  Handle this
insurrection and crush anyone who protested.
14.	The missionaire in charge of the San Francisco Mission Holder's
Mission was David Miscavige.  Mr. Miscavige is flat out attempting to
deceive this court in his declaration when he characterizes his presence at
this conference as that of an "invited" master of ceremonies.  Mr. Miscavige
was the Missionaire I/C (In Charge) and was running the entire operation.
Further, his "invitation" certainly did not come from the Mission Holders,
it came in the form of Mission orders from the Commodore himself, L. Ron
Hubbard.  Lest there be any doubt whatsoever about the truth of what I am
saying, I invite the court to examine Exhibit "L-99," a true and correct
copy of which is attached hereto.
15.	Exhibit "L-99," paints a far different picture of the San Francisco
Mission Holder's Conference than the "Shore Story" Scientology is telling.
Exhibit "L-99," THE SEA ORG MOVES IN, is a newsletter that shows clearly how
Miscavige and the Sea Org characterized the San Francisco Mission Holder's
conference for the purpose of letting the staff and paying public of
Scientology know who had won the power struggle between the Sea Org and the
Mission Holders.  It gives a far truer picture of what was going on at this
conference than even the published "transcript" of the conference, because
the transcript was heavily edited before Miscavige approved it for
16.	I was part of the mission headed up by David Miscavige that was
ordered to handle the San Francisco Mission Holder's Conference.  The first
thing the mission did upon its arrival in San Francisco was to visit the
local Scientology Organization.  Missionaire I/C, David Miscavige
immediately bypassed all corporate lines of authority and started an
inspection of the organization.  He decided that the Executive Director of
the organization was incompetent and he viciously interrogated him with an
e-meter, (a form of lie detector), physically abused him, and removed him
from his position on the spot.
17.	From the local Org, we proceeded to the Mission Holder's Conference.
By this time, David Miscavige had really worked himself into a lather, and
he declared two Mission Holders "Suppressive Persons" and expelled them on
the spot.  This is brazenly bragged about in the issue "The Sea Org Moves
In."  The doors to the conference room were locked and guarded.  Miscavige
then lined up approximately 20 other Mission Holders, most of whom were
crying and terrified, and told them to get their checkbooks ready as they
had been "ripping off" Scientology Organizations of their "rightful income"
for too long.  In reality, Miscavige and several others just took whatever
amount of money they wanted out of the Mission Holder's corporate accounts.
18.	Miscavige introduced Larry Heller, attorney for Scientology who was
personally hired by Miscavige, who informed the Mission Holders that the
"New Tough Management" intended to prosecute and jail anyone who did not
comply with the orders and directions of the new management.
19.	Lyman Spurlock, a senior Sea Org executive who was one of
Miscavige's inner circle, threatened the Mission Holders with prosecution
and explained that the Sea Org now had the power to do this to the Mission
Holders because of all the new corporate changes that were designed to exert
more control over the Mission Holders.
20.	The "new management" is pictured in their Sea Org uniforms at the
speaker's table in Exhibit "L-99."  These are the same people who manage
Scientology today, and they do it in the same manner, through their
positions of power in the Sea Org.
21.	When all of the speakers were done, each and every Mission Holder
was viciously interrogated by multiple missionaires using the e-meter.  Then
each mission holder was required to have a mug shot taken, one from the
front and one from the side, in the same way police commonly do.  After the
mug shots were taken, the Mission Holders were required to write checks from
their corporate accounts for the maximum amount of money possible.
22.	When all the Sea Org Missionaires returned to Gilman Hot Springs,
which is the true home of Scientology's International Management, the
results of the mission were sent directly to L. Ron Hubbard.  The Commodore
was very pleased with the report he got from David Miscavige and decided to
make it a policy to run this mission in European countries where Scientology
existed.  I was sent on this mission along with others to do the same
activity to Mission Holders in Copenhagen, Denmark.
23.	This activity continued in other locations, executed by the
International Finance Police under the direction of the International
Finance Dictator located in the Commodore's Messenger Organization
International.  All of this was under the dictatorship of Miscavige.
24.	Attached hereto as Exhibit "A-99," is a true and correct copy of a
Scientology directive titled "Attacks on Scientology, Additional Policy
Letter," which states, in part: "This is the correct procedure:
"(1) Spot who is attacking us.
"(2) Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using our own
professionals, not outside agencies.
"(3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.
"(4) Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the attackers
to the press.
"Don't ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on
attackers all the way… 
"Never talk about us - only them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get
headlines. Don't use us… 
"Shift the spotlight to them. No matter how. Do it!"  
25.	Attached as Exhibit "AAA-99," is A true and correct copy of the
Committee of Evidence and "Declare" statement of Alex Sibersky, and attached
as Exhibit "BBB-99," is a true and correct copy of the Committee of Evidence
and "Declare" statement of David Mayo. 
26.	I was a member of the committees of evidence documented in Exhibits
"AAA-99" and "BBB-99."  There was no fairness involved in these supposed
"justice" actions. Hubbard considered that these people were "disaffected
with management," and disloyalty (meaning questioning anything at all) is
the worst crime a Sea Org member can commit.  What was going to happen to
these people was already pre-determined by Hubbard and executed by
Miscavige.  We were required to sign our names to a document that had
already been prepared.  I have personal knowledge that such actions are
based on long-standing policies.
27.	Attached hereto, as Exhibit LL-99 is a true and correct copy of Flag
conditions Order 7068, 27 December 1982, SURPPRESSIVE PERSONS DECLARE
pertaining to eight separate individuals.  
28.	With regard to my former position as a high-ranking executive in the
Sea Org, even Scientology attorney Samuel Rosen told the judge in the
FACTNet hearing in Denver that I had been second in command of all of
Scientology (See Exhibit "C-99").  I was an expert witness on the subject of
Scientology on behalf of RTC in the Robin Scott/David Mayo litigation.  In
addition, on December 31, 1986, Miscavige himself introduced me as "Deputy
Inspector General" at a New Year's Eve event at the Flag Land Base in
Clearwater, Florida.  I gave a briefing at that event about how RTC was
going about crushing people who tried to apply any part of Scientology
technology without paying for it, an issue which was part of the
Scott/Wollersheim II litigation.  (A true and correct copy of a audio tape
of the Scientology New Years Event of 86/87 is contained on Exhibit "XX-99,"
attached to this motion.)
29.	I did give two taped interviews, which contradict my statements in
this declaration concerning Miscavige's control of Scientology.  The first
interview occurred shortly before Halloween in 1992.  With my wife, I was
trying to get permission to leave the secret compound in Gilman Hot Springs,
and they would not allow us to leave unless I agreed to state on audiotape
that I was leaving on my own free will, that I was happy and pleased with
being incarcerated against my will on the Rehabilitation Project Force, that
I had committed many crimes in Scientology and Scientology had helped me
overcome these criminal tendencies, that Miscavige was not the dictator of
Scientology, and that I had never witnessed any illegal activities being
committed within Scientology.  I was also required to make self-denigrating
statements on this tape which were not true.  I was threatened by Marty
Rathbun and Mike Sutter that if I did not agree to make this taped
statement, I would become the target of Fair Game.  The giving of
"interviews" such as I went through are part of the policy of Scientology
and anyone leaving the Sea Org is required to "route out" pursuant to policy
or be declared. 
30.	The second interview happened in Boston in 1994.  Mike Sutter called
me and said that he wanted to see me to find out how I was doing.  He made
it sound like a friendly chat that we were going to have.  At that time I
was still afraid of the imagined power these people had over me.  I agreed
to meet with Mike Sutter and Scientology attorney Earl Cooley at Cooley's
office in Boston.  Instead of a friendly chat, it turned into an
interrogation in which they told me they were doing poorly in some of their
legal cases and demanded to know if I was assisting "the enemy."  Before I
was allowed to go, they drilled me on what to say and then put it all on
tape.  They took information from my auditing folders and kept "reminding"
me of things I had said in sessions. 
31.	These taped statements are Scientology's way of attempting to
destroy the credibility of a former Scientologist who has knowledge that can
harm the organization in case that individual later decides to come forward
to expose the truth. 
32.	Until the reorganization of 1982, in which RTC was formed, it had
been CSC that registered the trademarks for Scientology. RTC was
specifically created to take over that function from CSC.  As far as I know,
ASI took over the function of overseeing the copyrights.
	I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and
correct under the laws of the State of California executed this __ day of
December 1999, at Tampa, Florida