Seems like just yesterday that I listened to Arnaldo Lerma, went to Clearwater Florida for the Lisa McPhereson Candlelight Rally, and had my personal purpose revitalized. A lot of water has run under the bridge since then. Amazing how many readers out there are hitting this website and learning how to keep their freedom to enjoy their own personal relationship with the Creator. Several installments to the Captain's Corner have been written and remain unpublished, as conditions arose which re-arranged my universe. I will, however, attempt to integrate some of the concepts in future issues.

This issue is dedicated to Victoria Zimin, a fellow traveler, who has recently become another victim of the brainwashing techniques used world-wide, to turn decent people into tools of those who have chosen to serve the dark side. Victoria was singled out by Lavenda Dukoff because my friend Arnaldo helped me, and I believe, because she cannot confront the actuality of her past relationship with former Church of Scientology Guardian's Office member, Artie Marin, whom Lavenda claims beat, raped and sodomized her in Las Vegas, Nevada when she was a staff member there. I have personal knowledge that Arnaldo Lerma and Artie Marin are not the same person. Arnaldo Lerma is a good man and outstanding citizen. Lavenda believes that nice men are weak and can therefore be exploited. The truth stands in unconcerned opposition to such sexist theories, regardless of what Ms. Dukoff mistakenly believes. I am truly sorry that Victoria has fallen prey to the spiritual and emotional manipulations of such masters of deceit. My prayer is, that what Arnaldo has already exposed, and my declaration herein in support thereof, will someday reach Victoria, and she is able to come home.

Last December, Arnaldo helped me confront and handle a situation with Lavenda, a former Church of Scientology parishioner and staff member, following a psychotic break which resulted from the fear that she, family and friends would be tortured and killed by Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs ("OSA") operatives as a result of the efforts she and I put forth to expose am OSA covert gun-running operation in the State of Washington.

I thought it quite interesting that this all came about concurrently with attempts by myself, in partnership with Lavenda, to put together a fund raising headquarters for Arnie's Citizen's Against Corruption foundation, and other anti-cult movements.

To summarize, during the gun-running expose, Lavenda and her two floozy roommates, found that an A&E Television Documentary which Graham Berry and I participated in, was concurrently being shown in the Washington State area. Fearful that Washington OSA operatives would see me on television, see me on the streets in Centralia, Washington, where the operation was headquartered, put two and two together, and come in and waste us all. The three roommates conspired to throw me out onto the streets, and have me arrested on false domestic assault charges. [A textbook OSA dead-agenting exercise, if you will]

To cut to the quick, after a three-month battle in the Courts I was, with the help of Arnaldo and other loyal friends, able to succeed in proving that the testimony against me contained at least five counts of perjury to the City Attorney's office. There is an additional charge of falsifying a police report, from which the matter was prosecuted. The City of Centralia's prosecuting attorney threw in the towel, dumped Lavenda, her case and roommates, dismissing the action in its entirety. In the meantime, the three treacherous ladies ran for cover, hoping that OSA would settle for taking me out, as an easy target, wandering the streets of Centralia, awaiting my next court date.

Several months later, as if nothing had ever occurred, Lavenda began calling my home, leaving messages on the answering machine (which I, of course, refused to answer), telling me that her research had revealed a major OSA conspiracy to eliminate her, me, Arnaldo Lerma, Graham Berry, and anyone else who interfered with the aims of Scientology. She insisted that all of our lives were in danger. She accused Steven Fishman of continuing in the "Lonesome Squirrel" vein, and ghost-writing books for OSA about she, myself, Arnaldo Lerma, and Graham Berry, detailing our lives, and predicting the deaths OSA was preparing for all of us. The story was so out in left field, I even went out and re-read one of the alleged books, by Robert Heinlein (an old buddy of L.Ron's) "Friday", which was just as mediocre the second time, as it had been the first time I read it. I did not think for a moment that the rape episode in the book remotely resembled Lavenda Dukoff-Harris-Van Schaik or the four additional Lavenda husband's names she uses, in any way. The fictional character "Friday", was an enhanced being, super-intelligent, loving, and one hell of a combat and weapons master. Not the faintest resemblance to Lavenda. Additionally, this girl Friday loved men, while Lavenda (and her two loonie roommates) are self-proclaimed man-haters, which is very relevant to this incident. Let's face it boys and girls, if you haven't made peace with the other half of the human race yet, you're a long way from cosmic consciousness, no matter how psychic you believe yourself to be.

Hoping that Lavenda would tire of my disinterest in her psychotic paranoia, and go away, I ignored her calls. I decided that her Car-Ma would eventually run over her Dog-Ma, as those who dabble in witchcraft and the dark side, with the intention to control the minds of others, often find out the hard way.

Much to my surprise, Arnaldo's former significant other, Victory Zimin, called me one evening. Now Victoria had always struck me as beyond reproach and had always been graciously cooperative with both myself personally, and in my efforts to assist Graham Berry with his anti-cult litigation matters. I had no reason to view her call as out of the ordinary, as I frequently converse with people all over the world who are embroiled in some cult-related incident. I was aware, from having telephoned moments before to get a status up-date from Arnaldo, that he was out of town and she was alone, holding the fort.

Victoria was very apprehensive and apologetic about having made the call, and asked me If I knew about the author-conspiracy books that Lavenda was telling everyone about. I said yes, and how could I be of assistance to her. She explained that Lavenda had been calling her and telling her about a giant conspiracy, originated by OSA. to eliminate all of those who were obstructing their activities. Victoria was extremely curious about Lavenda and asked if my past experience with her was too emotionally painful for me to talk about. I told her that I was perhaps the wrong person to ask, as I hold an extremely biased view of this person. I said I was certain that Lavenda had gone psychotic over the incident with the gun-runners in Washington. Victoria told me that she would like to hear about it anyway. I then gave Victoria a detailed rundown on my knowledge of Lavenda and my reasons for believing that Lavenda had gone psychotic with fear of OSA and should not be trusted. She told me that Lavenda had told her that Arnaldo was one-in-the-same person as Artie Marin, once known to me as a very high-level Church of Scientology Guardian's Office executive. I had tried unsuccessfully to get across to Lavenda that Arnaldo was not Artie Marin, who as earlier mentioned, Lavenda claims to have raped and sodomized her in Los Vegas. I personally knew both Arnie Lerma and Artie Marin and had met Artie Marin in the context of joint Church of Scientology Sea Organization and U.S. Guardian's Office operations to disguise inurement of Church funds to L. Ron Hubbard and his family. These meetings took place at least a couple of years or more before I met and worked directly with Arnie Lerma.

I further explained to Victoria that it was impossible for Lavenda to have been raped by Arnie because I knew the two of them to have been totally different individuals. I told Victoria that my mother had accused Lavenda of stealing family belongings when she was allowed to vacation at our place one summer, and was not to be trusted. Up until my Washington experience with Lavenda, I thought it unlikely that Lavenda had done this and it was perhaps, her travelling companion, a lady named J.R. I said I was now certain that Lavenda was capable of having stolen the items. Especially, since I had become aware through Lavenda's own admission by affidavit, that she had stolen sealed court documents from her own lawyer's office while working with him.

At the end of our conversation, Victoria said it was all really weird to her (paraphrased), and that she was so sorry to have bothered me. She was really interested in my opinion because Lavenda had been calling her frequently with this horrific tale about the Church of Scientology's plot to kill us all. I expressed that I hoped she would take Lavenda's tales as being those of a disturbed individual, in totally self-induced terror of death at the hands of the Church's goon squads.

We ended the conversation on a pleasant note and I dismissed any further concerns about the matter until I called again to find Arnie crushed in grief over the disappearance of Victoria with Lavenda. The foregoing seems to rule out the casual "we went on vacation together" [con]coction that Lavenda and Victoria are now perjuring themselves over. It seems to me that a sum in excess of $20,000 is also an unreasonable amount for two sane, unemployed women to spend together on a vacation.

From this point, the wire fraud, money-bilking, and brainwashing of Victoria by Lavenda have been well described all over the Internet. What I was unaware of until a few days ago, was how Lavenda dead-agented my explanations to Victoria.

Steven Fishman, author of the "Lonesome Squirrel" (which bears reading by the way), informed me a couple of days ago that Lavenda had been calling him to harass him and threaten to have him put in jail. Lavenda accused Fishman of being an OSA agent and writing books about her for them. She told him that OSA had helped get me out of the Centralia court case and that I was actually an OSA agent. Lavenda told Fishman that when I was living in her house I had repeatedly kicked a roommate's young boy and had gotten into bed with a roommate's 4-year old daughter and attempted to rape her. I thought it interesting that Lavenda left out an explanation of how my attempted rape was somehow thwarted. The fabrication of this alleged incident opens a very amusing side-note to it in view of previous testimony by Lavenda, which I will reserve to impeach Ms. Dukoff, should she decide to pursue the matter in a court of law.

Having recently personally spoken with Lavenda's mother and other family members concerning this incident, I am now apprised that her family is painfully aware of a long-term series of incidents in which Lavenda cons people out of large sums of money. Further, a Washington court has recently denied Lavenda custody of her son, as an unfit mother, and has remanded the boy to the custody of the boy's father and grandparents. I have offered my personal affidavit to those family members, should Lavenda continue to cause them trouble.

It is my opinion, that the incidents described above are a perfect opportunity for those new to the world of cult activities and brainwashing practices, to observe cult mind control methods in a situation that is still unfolding. Why? Because the methods utilized throughout this entire matter are those every cult uses to manipulate the emotions and thoughts of people. These methods always begin with a wide variety of means by which persons are segregated from their families, former loved ones, and the influence of familiar environments, so that they may be more easily brainwashed into serving purposes that a normal person would never engage in on their own determinism.

This story is not a unique incident, these things occur every day, somewhere, as part of cult-initiated behavior. Lavenda may have left Scientology, but she failed to leave her Guardian's Office training in brainwashing techniques behind. May our father have mercy on her as a lost soul.

While I previously thought to join forces with Steven Fishman and Arnaldo Lerma to bring this basket-case of a person to justice, perhaps constrained in a psychiatric ward somewhere, I have, through prayer, determined otherwise. This incident contains so many twists and turns, so many people's lives sucked in by the vacuum caused by Lavenda's lies and fabrications, that I think it a wonderful opportunity for all to learn from. I intend to just let her babble on, see if OSA does indeed try to kill her, which I think is about as likely as snow on the sun. Why should OSA risk exposure by attempting to exterminate someone who is constantly shooting herself in the foot.

OSA probably couldn't be more pleased to know that Lavenda's psychopathic paranoia behavior will ensure that no one will ever believe that they are the psycho-political covert intelligence operatives of the Church of Scientology that they are.

There is a real opportunity here for us all to learn something about how the psychotic mind, fear, and brainwashing create the ugly conditions that have become so prevalent in today's society. Lavenda's tactics and OSA's are exactly the same and are textbook brainwashing techniques. See Congressional record testimony on the Lerma website.

Arnaldo, as always, has complete authority to use this or any part of any of my writings, in any manner that will be of benefit to his efforts to educate the public about the horrors of mind control. May it serve to assist you in retaining your inalienable right to life, liberty, happiness, and discovering your personal relationship to all-that-is.

The Captain

U.S. Fleet Captain
Church of Scientology International's, Sea Organization


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