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About Jesse Prince - Formerly the 2nd highest ranking officer in Scientology's Sea Organization

The Jesse Prince Tapes

Recorded by Jesse Prince, once Scientology's second highest ranking officer and former Scientologist Lawrence Wollersheim of the online anti-cult network
photo of Jesse Prince

One of Scientology's worst nightmares: Mr. Jesse Prince

FACTNet, these tapes, submitted to the FBI, reveal the depths of Scientology criminality:

Today is the 16th of August, 1998. This is Lawrence Wollersheim about 5:00 in the afternoon sitting with Jesse Prince. We're just going to talk about his time in Scientology and ask him different things...

L: OK. Tell me, the other day we were talking about Scientology tampering with judges. You mentioned that you had been interviewed by the FBI once before and that they had asked you about it but you didn. t tell them what was going on. Were you in Scientology?

The transcripts have been broken into seven segments:

Jesse1.docJesse2.doc,    Jesse3.doc

Jesse4.doc,   Jesse5.doc ,   Jesse6.doc


The Church of Scientology ensured Jesse Prince, key witness in McPherson case, was set up for posession of marijuana.

News articles about Jesse Prince and Scientology's involvement in Florida's criminal "marijuna" case against him:

Aug 12, 2000, St. Petersburg Times

"Scientology Critic Faces Drug Cultivation Charge"
Jesse Prince, executive vice president of the Lisa McPherson Trust, an anti-Scientology group based in Clearwater, was arrested and charged Thursday with cultivation of marijuana, jail records show.

May 19, 2001 , St. Petersburg Times

Church Critic Trailed, Arrested
"Last spring, a private investigator working for the Church of Scientology went to Largo police with a tip: A vocal critic of Scientology named Jesse Prince was involved with illegal drugs.

May 23, 2001, The Tampa Tribune

Testimony: Church of Scientology Spurred Critic's Arrest
"CLEARWATER - For months, a high-profile attorney for a prominent critic of the Church of Scientology has tried to show the church is behind a minor drug charge against his client.
Now, on the eve of Jesse Prince's trial on a misdemeanor charge of growing marijuana, defense lawyer Denis de Vlaming has hit what he considers pay dirt. "

May 24, 2001, St. Petersburg Times

Scientology is a Key Player in Marijuana Case
Five lawyers helped fill the courtroom Wednesday in a misdemeanor trial that included poster-board-size charts, a video recording, expert scientific testimony, five other witnesses and repeated references to the Church of Scientology.

May 25, 2001, Asscoiated Press

Scientology Link to Drug Case Keeps Jurors From Reaching Verdict
CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) - Jurors in a misdemeanor marijuana case against a prominent critic of the Church of Scientology were unable to reach a verdict after some on the panel suspected the church had set him up.

May 26, 2001, The Tampa Tribune

Scientology Critic's Jury Hung
"Everyone thinks he was set up," a juror said of defendant Jesse Prince. The man did not want to be identified.

May 26, 2001, St. Petersburg Times

Scientology Critic Won't Face Retrial
They heard testimony about how Prince, once a high-ranking church member, was watched, videotaped and trailed for months by private investigators hired by Scientology lawyers.

May 26, 2001, St. Petersburg Times

Church Behavior?
You have to be courageous to publicly criticize the Church of Scientology. The organization recently proved -- again -- how far it will go to investigate, smear and intimidate critics.

May 26, 2001 The Tampa Tribune

Hung Jury Induces Prosecutors to Drop Their Pot-Growing Case `

`I felt like enough of this office's time and expense had been put into the case,'' said Assistant State Attorney Lydia Wardell, who prosecuted Prince. Wardell said State Attorney Bernie McCabe approved dismissing the case. Jurors deliberated more than five hours Thursday before announcing they could not reach a verdict, and Pinellas County Judge Michael Andrews declared a mistrial.

Legal documents regarding the case:

The State of Florida v. Jesse Prince

crosbydepo.txt ,







A quick note from Bob Minton as the jury deliberated  the case


Jesse Prince's affidavit in the Lisa McPherson Criminal case

Affidavits for the FACTnet case

Affidavit for the Dennis Erlich Case (Adobe Acrobat Format)


A couple of Jesse's essays

"The Ever Changing Tech of Scientology"

"Why Scientologists Don't Use Scents"

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