Announcing - Clearwater Protest of Scientology -
December 5th and 6th 2002

December 5th and 6th there will be a protest of Scientology's pattern of destruction of families to take place in Clearwater Florida as well as in other cities worldwide. Check the official Scientology Website for the site nearest you

Sponsored by the participants of Undernet Internet relay Chat Channel #ScientologyLIES2.

The weekend of January 5 and 6 pickets was the weekend of Ms. Ida Camburn of Hemet California's Birthday. I asked Ms. Camburn what she would like for her birthday and she replied that nothing would please her more than for Scientology to picketed.

During the Christmas season, attention turns to friends and family. Ida has kin who are under the mind control of Scientology. It was hoped that she would hear from them this Christmas. Elizabeth Cox has tried a number of times to contact Ms. Sylvia Stanard, OSA DC to ask that at least a phone call would me made. There was no reply to Ms. Cox's attempts.

Ida Camburn has been fighting to expose Scientology from back when I was under their spell.

Congress of the United States

House of Representatives

December 10, 1976

Dear Ida Camburn,

Thank you for your very detailed letter regarding Scientology. We haven't yet found a way to attack these jackals who feed on children and young adults who are too emotionally weak to stand by themselves when they reach the age of consent.

It's too bad there isn't a 20th Century Charles Dickens to write about the terrible destruction of these 20th Century fagins who make themselves rich while they destroy the psyche of so many.

At the present time, I can only encourage you to do more of what you have been doing.

Sincerely yours

Leo J Ryan

Member of Congress

The announcement of this picket is a Christmas gift for the head of Scientology, David Miscavige. I spent an few hours in David Miscavige's home when he was just a kid. I was accompanied by by Gary Lowe, we were in full Sea Org uniforms. We were there trying to get money out of David's father for the organization David now runs. This was in 1976 outside of Philadelphia. During the meeting with David Miscavige's father we heard a noise at the back window - We turned and looked and his dad said that it was just his son David.... with his hands on each side of his head.. Looking in through the screened window to see who was talking to his father.

The irony of this, is, here I was, with my partner Gary Lowe, all decked out in Sea Org regalia, lanyards, gold chains, Officer's nautical hat, dark blue suit. Gary and I might have been the first Sea Org Officers that the current leader of Scientology ever saw.

I wonder if that is the exact instant when he decided, while looking through that back window, at the two spiffy, sharp-dressed men from 'FLAG', that he wanted to be just like them someday.

On that note, this announcement of the worldwide Jan 5/6 2001 picket is dedicated to you David, on this fine crisp Christmas morning, you can still be just like us... when you take your next step and pierce the real wall of fire, and leave Scientology.

Reasons for this picket:

A. A celebration of the birthday of one of the longest still active critics of Scientology, Ms. Ida Camburn of Hemet California, and to call attention to Scientology's established pattern of break up if family's including her own, by these charlatans who have cloaked themselves in religion to escape government and public scrutiny of their outrageous conduct in their quest for money.

B. It will also serve as a "second-helping" picket for folks who did picket but just had way too much fun... and want to do it again.

C. The Jan 5th 6th 2001 picket will serve as a "make up picket" for folks who were unable to attend the Dec 2nd picket in Clearwater due to other obligations, as well as those who, reading about the fun we had, feel like they missed something.

D. The last thing Scientology wants right now is another picket, plus any excuse to get into some warmer weather for a few days works for me.

E: Congressman Leo Ryan wrote Ms Camburn in 1976 and said :
"I can only encourage you to do more of what you have been doing. "

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6045 N 26th Rd

Arlington VA 22207


the participants of the Internet Relay Chat channel ScientologyLIES2 on Undernet Servers Worldwide

Please contact and let me know your picket plans, whether you will be picketing in Clearwater Florida or picketing your local locations for Scientology.This page has been webbed at

I hope to make available

#ScientologyLIES T-Shirts for all participants of

the Clearwater picket and the worldwide pickets

- so when asked by Scientology's lurching zombies:

"who is paying you to do this picket"? you'll will be able to say

"all I got was this lousy #ScientologyLIES T-Shirt"