Title: Open Letter to John Travolta
Author: "Alfred Zeisel" <*@alfred.m.uunet.de>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 08:36:45 +0200

Posted to newsgroup alt.religion.scientology by an ex-member of scientology:
An Open Letter To John Travolta:

St. Petersburg Times FRIDAY June 26, 1998
u are quoted to have said:
>At a news conference, Travolta and lawmakers who appeared with him argued
>that a religion should not be punished for the actions of an individual
>"I know a Catholic once who robbed a bank," Travolta said. "And I know
>Baptist who got a divorce."

U cannot compare the Catholic (or Baptist) religion with Scientology.
Here just a few reasons why.
No Catholic has uncounted policies to expand Catholicism and
extinguish other practices.
No Catholic has a tech to extinguish other religious techniques like
praying, meditating, etc. (Remedy BG)
No Catholic has a code to combine his religion with other enterprises (Code
of a SCNist).
No Catholic has a Code to always acknowledge Christ as sole source of any
ethics, justice and administrative technologies, on the other hand, U as a
WISE-Member do have. (Code of a WISE Member, #3: I promise to always
acknowledge LRH as the source of the administrative, ethics and justice
technologies and ensure others do as well.)
No Catholic has policies to remove other and counter intentions. (In the
16th and 17th century yes, today no.)
No Catholic uses his Church Scriptures to expand his business.
There is no catholic frontgroup trying to insert catholicism into the
Business or Workingplace.
There is no Catholic policy stating to crush catholic Squirrels.
There is no Catholic policy stating that critics criticise because of their
There is no Catholic policy stating that people blowing the Catholic Church
do it because of their overts.
(The Jews who fled from Nazigermany did not blow because of their overts
against Hitler!)
There is no Catholic scale where thinking is a negative doingness (in SCN it
is at -3.0 at the tone scale.)
There is no Catholic who has a rule like this: Nobody can be half in and
half out of Scientology. Scientologists are Scientologists no matter what
they do for a living. - LRH.
So: when a catholic does a crime, he breaks one or more rules of the 10
In comparison any SCNist, not expanding, is breaking SCN-Rules. Any SCNist
not using policy, is breaking SCN-Rules. Any SCNist, trying to criticise the
SCN-management or policy or Hubbard or the tech, is breaking SCN-Rules,
doing a heavy crime. Any SCNist who even talks to a >squirrel< is breaking
SCN-Rules, doing a very heavy crime.
No catholic would condone concentration camps, SCNists do it with their
RPFs. (And don't tell me, there are none: I have seen RPFers in Copenhagen,
I have even sec checked one!)
No Catholic has a policy whith lines like the following, which he has to
study anew everytime he begins a new SCN-course: "Humour her and we all die
a little. The proper instruction attitude is, 'You're here so you are a
Scientologist. Now we're going to make you into an expert auditor no matter
what happens. We'd rather have you dead than incapable.' "
And last but not least: No real Catholic would see a beggar as a downstat
(def. of a downstat: sick or enturbulated). You do!
Just for the records: SCN or SCNists are observed in Germany for their
brutal expansionism, leaving behind a wide trail of betrayed individuals or
firms, not because SCN is a religion.
I was an active SCNist for 13 years, but I have never been attacked by the
german government. In those 13 years I never noticed that in the Munich,
Copenhagen or Saint Hill Orgs we did anything religious. But: In those 13
years I have only heard of statistics, money, and how to expand.
I never understood how this economistic oriented business could be called a
church and a religion. Though, of course, like everybody else, and for
PR-purposes, I called it so.

I hope, sometime in the future, you'll see, where u are really in.

Think for yourself!!!
Don't use SCN-think.
Think for yourself!!!

Alfred Zeisel

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