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The lead story on the 6:00 broadcast of Channel 28 news 14 October, 1997 focused on a new 
issue in the Lisa McPherson case.  The transcript is below.
Channel 28 News has a website at , and it includes a form to 
submit tips to the newsroom.
 Ch. 28 News, Tampa, Tuesday, October 14, 1997, 6:00 pm]
[pics of Lisa, Lisa w/her family, autopsy photos]
But first, we have more on the probe into a Scientologist's mysterious 
death.  This is information you'll see only on 28 Tampa Bay News.
Dozens of questions still surround Lisa McPherson's death in Clearwater.  
She's the Scientologist who died in 1995 while in the care of other church 
members.  Tonight, 28 Investigates reporter Dawn Witt has gotten a hold of 
the taped deposition of McPherson's roomate at the time of her death.  Dawn 
is here to tell us exactly what's on that tape.  Dawn...
Brendan, the deposition of Lisa McPherson's roomate lasted nearly an hour, 
but it was not so much what she said as what she refused to say that raises 
some questions.
[Footage of the deposition - "Gloria Cruz, Lisa McPherson's roomate".  Cruz 
is on camera, and someone off-camera is asking her questions.]
Why did you move out?
Well, first of all, the apartment wasn't mine, it was under Lisa's name. 
Um, her, it was her lease, she was dead, and I didn't, y'know, I wasn't 
going to stay there by myself... [fade out]
[Pics of Lisa, & the Ft. Harrison Hotel]
Gloria Cruz lived with Lisa McPherson for three months.  McPherson is the 
Scientologist who died in the care of other Scientologists
while staying in the Ft. Harrison Hotel.  And now the McPherson family is 
suing the church in a wrongful death lawsuit.  In her deposition, Gloria 
Cruz says she and McPherson were not close friends.  And she refused to 
answer five questions concerning McPherson's checking account.
[back to the deposition]
VOICE (sounds like Ken Dandar):
Did you ever write any checks out of Lisa McPherson's checking account?
On the advice of counsel, and relying on my fifth amendment privelege 
against self-incrimination, I respectfully decline to answer.
[Dandar on camera, in an office]
There are checks written to Gloria Cruz, while Lisa McPherson is in 
isolation near death.  And there are checks written to Lisa McPherson and 
SIGNED by Lisa McPherson after she's dead.
[shots of the Ft. Harrison, and copies of checks, brief cut to the 
deposition, more check copies, and a pic or two of Lisa]
28 Investigates has learned, that on the day before Lisa died, while she was
in the Ft. Harrison Hotel, somehow, a deposit of $1600 was made into Lisa's
account with Lisa's signature.  Lisa died December 5.  But on the day after
she died, Lisa's boyfriend, Kurt Paine, wrote a check on Lisa's account to
Gloria Cruz for $2500.  
After Lisa had been dead 8 days, another deposit was made to her account,
again bearing her name.  That same day, Gloria Cruz wrote a check to Lisa
for $2500, but again, Lisa had been dead for 8 days, and Gloria knew it.
Then, 10 days after Lisa's death, Kurt Paine signed another check to another
Scientologist, for more than $2000.
[back to the deposition]
Do know if Kurt Paine ever wrote any checks out of Lisa McPherson's
checking account?
On the advice of counsel, and relying on my fifth amendment privelege
against self-incrimination, I respectfully decline to answer.
The finances are significant in this case because Lisa was making well over 
$100,000 a year, working for a Scientology-owned company.  And when her 
family took over her account, there was only a couple hundred dollars
left in that account.  Cruz is a Scientologist, and also testified that
Kurt Paine is a member of the Church of Scientology as well.
Well Dawn, what does Gloria Cruz' attorney have to say about why Gloria had 
this kind of access to Lisa's account?
Actually, Brendan, he would not answer any questions.  He says he does
not try his cases in the media, and therefore he has no comment.
Well, an attorney for the Church of Scientology said this afternoon 
this is not a church matter, but rather a personal matter between Lisa
McPherson and her roomate Gloria Cruz.
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