Title: Anonymous Coward Threatens MY WIFE!
Author: elrond@cgo.wave.ca (Gregg Hagglund)
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 19:57:19 -0500

After responding for the first time in  a long time to
Keith Wyatt ( and then *plonking* him for the 16th 
different address....) I recieved the following
from some gutless, spineless little coward.


[The Original Subject was: Re: For Grady with Love and Squalor]

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Subject: Re: For Grady with Love and Squalor
To: elrond@cgo.wave.ca (Gregg Hagglund)
Content-Type: text
X-UIDL: fa362863cb8f8ebb8adaa792e96d1565

May Scientology crush you and your wife be raped by the 
by the local street gang. If I ever met you I will spit on you. 
Your nothing but a liar that is harassing Scientologist.


I take it 'Anonymous' you feel some how self impowered
to threaten my wife with rape and myself with being
crushed by Scientology?

Did you ever think to consider just what kind of
a 'religion' you must support with such insanity?

Whomever you are, understand this. 
If *ever* such an act were to be imposed on my
wife by a vengeful Scientologist, then I, or one of
my surviving closest friends would hunt you down.
There would be no escape, no place on God's own Earth
where you would be safe.

You have absolutely *no* idea what resources and
reciprocal commitments I have from others.

I may be a Priest of God, but Yoh'Allah'Wah says 
I need not endure such imposition passively!
Fair warning, coward in the dark, do not do this
and leave me alive. That would be the worst mistake
of your sniveling miserable evil life.

The actions I am engaged in to oppose Scientology
are peaceful:
 Free Speech and Open Public Demonstrations.

I would like it to remain civil.

Its your move, coward.

<<<oo{ At Constant Cause Over the toronto org.}oo>>>
oo>>>{ And sentenced to Death for this SP Act. }<<<oo

["You know, people die if they criticize scientology - 
      I should take care if I were you." 
-Marcus Nyman, OSA (former GO), $cio-org, Stockholm, Sweden.]

 Gregg Hagglund SP4 
" I'm sure it's obvious to all who read my stuff, that I have 
serious problems when it comes to being able to communicate."
                            - -RonsAmigo, Official OSA Shill on ARS

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