RE: Thursday Hearings SD 562 Religious Intolerance 17 September 1997

Dear Sen D’Amato,

I would like to attend the hearing on ‘Religious Intolerance in Europe’, and be able to ask the Scientology panelists a few questions. I am concerned that the room will be filled... or that I will be otherwise silenced by cult operatives.

It is my contention that much of what appears to be intolerance toward religion in Europe, is in fact, intolerance of fraud and neo-fascist tactics by the science fiction ufo cult called Scientology. I was a staff member for Scientology in the 60’s when Hubbard decided to cloak this fraud in religiosity... It was presented to me as a ‘Applied Philosophy’, then in the late 60’s, a cross was dragged in the door, and we were told to wear collars... Staff considered it a joke then, I consider it a fraud now, and an act of the most craven cowardice - to use ‘religious trappings’ to escape government scrutiny.....

Scientology has already destroyed CAN, The Cult Awareness Network... and is trying to destroy FACTNet - an anti-cult electronic lending library just as it has used every trick in the book to suppress information critical of itself since its inception.

The only reason scientology has grown so large has been its relentless efforts to suppress the truth about its nature, including litigation to suppress the media, and the endless stream of lies. ( Time Magazine spent 7.2 million defending a libel suit by the cult before it was finally dismissed for its 1991 article ‘The Thriving Cult of Power and Greed") They also use litigation against ex-members to force gag orders via bankruptcy or bribe. Scientology routinely abuses Judicial systems around the world to suppress information. I, Lawrence Wollersheim and Bob Penny were recently offered many millions of dollars if we would walk away and be silent. We chose to continue to tell ‘we the people’ the truth.

I hope to have the opportunity to address the Scientologists at this public hearing. I suspect that OSA- their KGB style Office of Special Affairs, will try to prevent my attendance, perhaps by packing the room with their own... and if I attend, to prevent my speaking. If you doubt anything I am telling you, please mention my possible attendance to the Scientologists and their reaction will convince you of the compelling public interest of my presence and of my speaking. If I might be allowed to present evidence of their persecution of ex members, they will stand humiliated for the fraud they truly are, in spite of their deluded adherents..


Arnie Lerma Ex Member of Scientology, raided and sued in August 1995 RTC [Scientology] vs Lerma

Note: It is unconscionable that an organization which practices ‘fair game’ tactics toward ex-members, critics, media and anyone with the courage to speak out, be able to even question the activities of the Europeans in a public forum sponsored by my government. Scientology is the worst offender - practicing persecution - by its’ own hubbardian writings - persecute those who criticize it - That Scientology has managed to get on this committee is merely a testimony to their covert operations department, which still uses the tactics of the outlawed Guardians Office, even though enjoined by order of the US District Court in US vs Mary Sue Hubbard... thus I consider them a criminal organization. When will there be an inquiry into their documented history of horrific practices?

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