from: "jean-luc.barbier" Sat, 16 Mar 2002
Scientology does not stop harassing the president of the Swiss
Association for Victims of Dianetics and Scientology.

In effect, since he denounced the abuses and non-returned payments of
Scientology , here is a summary of the actions to which he has been
subjected by Scientology.

23 anonymous letters

A death threat (recorded)

A complaint about supposedly a misappropriation of financial assets
(dropped, not pursued)

A complaint about supposedly refusing to pay an employee. (dropped, not

A complaint about supposed agressive behaviour towards a representative
of a
Scientology organisation. (dropped, not pursued)

Two complaints about supposed blackmail (dropped, not pursued)

A visit by someone from the secret police (OSA) who wanted to buy him

The theft of a client file (a theft acknowledged by the scientologist

Hiring a PI to spy on him professionally

An attempt to get him investiated

An attempt by OSA to know all financial data on him (The swiss IRS
has sent all datas about this attempt)

Numerous telephone calls to his friends trying to smear his reputation
(by a
series of insidious questions).

Menace and blackmail on two of his associates resulting on them quitting

Violation of professional secrets in using his confessions

Visits from Scientologists to try to convince him that the sect is going
"porter atteinte" his children
please , what is the translation of : porter atteinte  ses enfants

Contact with his family in the pretense that he had refused

Defamatory letter to the press where he is accused of blackmail
dated in April 2000 - still ongoing

Numerous letters from Scientology lawyers to demand he ceases his media

etc. etc.