Title: Harassment
Secret Squirrel <Use-Author-Address-Header@[127.1]>
Date: 13 Jan 1998 21:59:03 -0000

>I have wondered for a really long time why those who wish to
>practice the tech according to their own beliefs, hearts and
>minds have not spoken up and written to the leaders of their
>respective countries regarding their suppression of spiritual
>beliefs and practices and also sent more data to the media.

You really are new here aren't you. No disrespect intended, but you
really must catch up on your reading. You need to read about what
happened to David Mayo, to Enid Vein, to Bill Robertson.

The Cof$ resorts to extra-legal means to silence it's critics. Enid
was sued for copyright violations, and she lost. The basis of her
defense was religious freedom, but of course, she can't affort a team
of the best attornies who are friends of the judge.

Judges ARE intimidated by lawyers. They know that their decisions will
be evaluated and criticized by their peers, the law profession, and
thus are able to be influenced. It's just how things are. If you can't
afford somewhat equal attorney representation to your opponent, you
will probably lose.

David Mayo was harassed constantly by private detectives. He was
framed for crimes multiple times. The Church was constantly giving
anonymous false tips to the police. I really don't even understand how
he survived all this time.

The list is almost endless.

Western nations are not set up to deal with severly brainwashed
people. Our system is based upon some degree of trust that everyone is
out for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The hard core
Scientologist does NOT have this agenda. Their holy purpose is to
shove Hubbard's technology down childrens' and adults' throats no
matter if they want it or not.

Thus you get a tightly knit conspiracy with everyone so fiercly loyal
to the group that they can commit crimes with impunity, (killing pets,
phoning in false, anonymous tips, impersonating police officers) and
the group will provide them refuge, safe houses, alibis, airline
tickets and false ID if necessary. In one deposition, I think Gary
Scarff's, Eugene Engram bragged that he had access to the LAPD
evidence room and could get child pornography to plant on SPs.

It's very difficult to crack this kind of conspiracy. About the only
think going for the critics now, is the fact that Scientology has
literally gotten away with murder so often they have become over
confident, and gone just a little to far with the dirty tricks.

We don't have a word in english to properly express what they do. It
isn't dirty tricks. It isn't harassment. If you could say it in one
word, what their modus operandi is:
	harass-turn-in-false-evidence-protest-manufacture-lies-dig up
intimidate-blackmail-litigate-mass-sue-extort their opponents.

	One of their biggest "core data" is: critics of Scientology
always have crimes to hide. Well, I hate to say it, but EVERYONE,
without exception, on this planet has something to hide, and everyone
feels sometimes like a criminal, even when what they are ashamed of
isn't a crime. So Scientologists are just as criminal as anyone else.

>I hope that your suggestion will be listened to.  I think that
>those in the Freezone need to be kept alert to the next meeting
>of Congress for the Committee on Religious Persecution and see
>if some brave souls would be willing to be present in whatever
>places possible to talk with the media and hopefully get to also
>be heard by the Committee itself.

	Sorry. Won't happen. I've noticed that nothing changes in
America until people start getting killed. Civil rights didn't get
moving until people got their heads bashed in during riots. Vietnam
wasn't protested until the body bags started arriving. The Chicago
gangsters weren't brought under control until the Saint Valentine's
Day Massacre.
	That's why Scientology has survived so long. They haven't been
caught killing anyone yet. However, that may change with the Lisa
McPherson thingy. And one more death like that, and we will be seeing
Mr. Miscavage in front of Congress trying to explain about XEMU and the
body thetans.

>Also, there need to be some that are willing to make the trip
>to see the State Department reps for the Human Rights commission
>as well.

>Co$ has worked overtime to make their points heard (having 'clebs
>also works as it opens a door to a rep about as fast as a New York
>second) but I honestly don't believe that the government officials
>they have spoken with have even the remotest idea that the Co$ is
>guilty of doing the same thing to "rougue" members who wish to
>practice outside of the strangling control of the Co$.

	Scientology has been able to silence all criticism, prior to
the Internet by suing people into oblivion. Look at Gerry Armstrong
right now. Some stupid ass Judge is threatening him with Jail because
the Scientologists claim he violated a court order.

	All the man did was divulge the truth about Hubbard. He took
the documents that are the TRUE Hubbard biography.

>Would this even be an action that anybody out there would be willing
>to take on?

>Also, one thing that I have to be honest that is in the back of my
>mind is . . . if the Freezoners and other "squirrels" were free to
>start their own organizations free from the inimidation of the Co$,
>would there be the possibility of the same abusive polices coming
>into effect?

	HIGHLY unlikely. First of all, the Freezone isn't one big
structure. It's hundreds, or thousands of different people, or groups,
each doing their own thing. The law of supply and demand would rule
this case. If people didn't like one practitioner, they could go to

	Just imagine it this way. Let's say you were Protestant, but
the Catholic church owned the copyright on the Bible. They sue you,
and anyone else who owns a Bible, any version of the Bible, even
"derivative" works, without having paid them 360,000 dollars.

	It's quite obvious that the majority of lawmakers, lawyers and
judges in this country are quite deficient in their knowledge of
history. This is EXACTLY the situation that caused the original
formation of the Protestant church in the 1400's. Same game, different
players. They are so caught up in the "trees of the law" that they are
missing the forest.

	That's what Scientology is doing. Plain and simple. I don't
know of any other way to put it.

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