Title: TORONTO: School Board Lawyers Handle the Co$.
Gregg <elrond1@home.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 22:57:06 -0400

The circumstances of the defamation attack upon my wife Jennifer at
work is more thoroughly covered in another post: 
TORONTO : School Teacher Attacked by Co$.

The Board Lawyers sent letters of reply to the Scientologists who had
been organized by the Co$ to write making these 'cookie cutter'
allegations, accusations and defamations against my wife Jennifer.

	The Board  Lawyer Letters of reply were generally the same
with some specifics addressed for some Scientologist offenders.

Here is most of the main letter sent by the Board Lawyer.
[My comments are in brackets]

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Lawyers, Patent & Trademark Agents
Scotia Plaza, 40 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario. Canada M5H 3Y4
tel.: (416) 367-6000 fax: (416) 367?6749

		Eric M. Roher

May 11, 2000


xxx inc
xx Road
Toronto, Ontario
Xxx xxx

Dear Mr. xx:

Re: Jennifer Hagglund

We are the solicitors for the Toronto District School Board (the

We are writing in response to your letter dated Xxxx, 2000 to XX
Xxxxxx at Islington Junior Middle School (the "School").

We have had an opportunity to investigate this matter, and are now
prepared to respond to the allegations and concerns raised in your

	[A day and one half of every bodies valuable time was wasted
on the spurious allegations and libelous rhetoric sent at Co$
instigation to  Jennifer's school.]

We confirm that Jennifer Hagglund is a teacher at Islington Junior
Middle School in Etobicoke, Ontario.

We have no knowledge of, and cannot comment upon, the allegations you
have raised in respect of Ms. Hagglund's husband, Gregg Hagglund. Mr.
Hagglund is not employed by the Board, and therefore the Board cannot
control, and is not responsible for, his actions. 

	[True, but they still needed complete detail including copies
of our fliers.The official publicized position of the Toronto hate
Crimes Unit that I am only engaged in legal and lawful criticism was
not questioned.]

Our investigation revealed that Ms. Hagglund has never participated in
any picketing or protest activity against the Church of Scientology.

	[Even if she had it would be her private business.]

 Our investigation also revealed that Ms. Hagglund has never engaged
in the distribution of any literature which promotes hatred of the
Church of Scientology, its religion, or its parishioners. 

	[Even if Jennifer had given out fliers, this statement remains
true, as the fliers i do give out are not, according to the HCU, hate

These comments apply to both the community and school setting.

	[Scientologists on the other hand including, Betty Millen
(sic), a former or perhaps current School Teacher, have revenge
picketed our residence. Of late they have falsely and maliciously
informed my neighbors and passing drivers that I am a 'child abuser'.
The police were called on May 13 and the offenders names were

Furthermore, and more importantly, we did not find any evidence of
religious intolerance, in the school setting, by Ms. Hagglund. Our
investigation revealed that Ms. Hagglund has never expressed any
opinions about the Church of Scientology during the course of her
teaching duties. In fact, Ms. Hagglund has consistently taught and
fostered respect for all members of society, and for members of all

	[Of course this is not an endorsement by the Board that
Scientology *is* a religion. This is just covering the bets. The Board
is aware of my part in speaking out against Co$ failed attempt to gain
Religious Charity Status in Canada. Co$ has no belief in God,
(Theistic Belief is a requisite) so it does not qualify.]

As a professional educator, Ms. Hagglund has been employed by the
Board for more than 15 years. The Board has not received any
complaints about her teaching abilities in the past.

	[Jennifer is qualified to teach all the grades from 1 to 8 and
is  Drama Specialist Qualified for  Grades 9 to 13. She holds multiple
degrees and is an ESL Specialist for all grades.]


In summary, our investigation does not support the serious allegations
made by you. There is absolutely no evidence of professional
misconduct, incapacity or incompetence on the part of Ms. Hagglund.

In all the circumstances, the statements contained in your letter are
not only unfounded, but are also completely inappropriate. Such
statements cannot and will not be condoned by this Board. Your
allegations and innuendos in respect of Ms. Hagglund likely constitute
a form of defamation. The comments that you made demonstrated either a
wilful intent to bring prejudice to Ms. Hagglund or callous disregard
for her professional reputation.

	[Yes, our legal advisors agree, there is wilful and malicious
intent motivating these letters and a callous disregard for Jennifer's
professional reputation. This was also, IMHO, a despicable, deliberate
and organized emotional assault, with intent to harm.]

You are hereby formally put on notice to cease and desist immediately
from making or circulating, in any manner whatsoever, any comments,
commentary or other information with respect to Board personnel,
including Ms. Hagglund. In addition, you are put on notice that you
are not to have any direct contact with any staff member at the
School. If you wish to contact School personnel, you must make
arrangements to do so by contacting Peter Brennan, the Superintendent
of Schools.

Yours very truly,
Eric M. Roher

cc:	S. Mensinga, Principal
	P. Brennan, Superintendent of Schools

Other interesting inserts to this general letter of reply by the Board

J.G. Layton
Layton Creations
128 Manville Rd. Unit 28
Scarborough, Ontario
M1L 4J5


Betty Misener
Reliable Promotions
725 Browns Line
Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
M8W 3V7
		Had this or a variation also directed to them:

"The Board does not tolerate or condone any form of hatred,
discrimination or bias in its schools. Board Policy B.03, entitled
"Equity Foundation" provides:

"The Toronto District School Board values the contribution of all
members of our diverse community of students, staff, parents and
community groups to our mission and goals. We believe that equity of
opportunity, and equity of access to our programs, services and
resources are critical to the achievement of successful outcomes for
all those whom we serve, and for those who serve our school

.....The Board is therefore committed to ensuring that fairness,
equity and inclusion are essential principles of our school system and
are integrated into all our policies, programs, operations, and

The School is similarly committed to upholding the values of fairness,
equity and inclusion. The School established an Anti?Racist Committee
to promote the values espoused in Policy B.03, and to raise awareness
of the diversity, equity and equality of all religious and cultural
groups. In 1999, the School received the Board's Pat Gordon Award, for
its outstanding contribution to equity and social justice, and for the
work of its Anti-Racist Committee."

A. Renault
XL Transcribing & Document Processing Services
1405 Lewisham Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L5J 3R2
	Now Renault also got the above, but also this:

"We confirm that on Friday, April 14, 2000, Ms. Hagglund received a
telephone call at the School, from an anonymous caller, during her
lunch break. The caller accused Ms. Hagglund's husband of being a
"hate monger" against the Church of Scientology. Ms. Hagglund replied
that her husband was not a "hate monger". Ms. Hagglund asked the
caller whether she believed in God, and the caller said "yes". Ms.
Hagglund indicated that she, too, believed in God. The caller
proceeded to make personal inquiries about Ms. Hagglund's mental
health, her deceased friend, her business, her financial situation,
and her son. The caller threatened to take Ms. Hagglund to a "review
board". Ms. Hagglund was extremely hurt and upset by this telephone

Based upon our review of the evidence, we do not believe the above
conversation, with a caller who refused to identify herself,
demonstrates any religious intolerance on the part of Ms. Hagglund.
Furthermore, we do not believe Ms. Hagglund demonstrated "extreme
antagonism" toward the Church of Scientology or "assaulted" its
religion during this conversation."

	Note that A. Renault professes to know the teacher who so
unprofessionally harassed Jennifer *during school hours and at her
place of work*. Dan Bryenton also has been recorded stating he knows
who this individual is. Both will be subject to Deposition.

David Stokes
168 Lake Promenade
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8W 1A7
	Mr Stokes threatens to have the school staff and Jennifer
investigated for even "covert" religious discrimination. He received
this version of the insert;

"In response to your expressed intention to investigate the Board, as
well as Ms. Hagglund, we assure you that the Board does not tolerate
or condone any form of hatred, discrimination or bias in its schools.
Board Policy B.03, entitled "Equity Foundation" provides:

"The Toronto District School Board values the contribution of all
members of our diverse community ........" etc.

	So you can see why Peter Ramsay, the OSA "Anti-Gregg" blew his
cork over the action the Board took.

	As I stated in the previous thread;

	The net result:

	Jennifer's job is not in any jeopardy, although the extra
stress was not welcome.
	Co$ has had its wrist slapped by one of the best legal firms
in the country
	And OSA attack dog Peter Ramsay had a muzzle strapped on his
in his face.

	I and the lawyers are waiting for Ramsay's next *big plan* to
stop my Charter Protected Freedom of Expression.

	The question my wife and children ask is:
	How low will this thug and his cult go?

Gregg Hagglund SP7

Toronto and Canadian National Picket Reports now at: 

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate
 picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior,
          -----an organization:
picketing individuals for voicing their opinion."

"Give'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund