Title: Kobrin challenges Ward bankruptcy
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 03:47:23 GMT

My wife and I were at the creditor's meeting today in Eureka, California to
answer the usual set of questions concerning the documents filed
with our Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed on October 8, 1997.

Lo and behold Helena Kobrin with a paralegal show up to give
me a mini-deposition and to announce that the cult will be
challenging the discharge of a potential $11 million plus costs
if I am found liable court in the cult litigation against me.

She was most interested in the identity and the supposed
purposes behind any gifts I have received in the last year.

While most of the identities of donors are not recorded and I
do not remember them, I did remember a few of the larger ones
and submitted them to the 'ho. Of course her intent is to
try to figure out how to harass and dissuade such donors from
helping critics. She also said that she would be submitting motions
to lift the automatic stay so the January litigation can proceed
on time and to submit motions objecting to discharge so that
they hope they can -- if they prevail at trial -- to continue to harass
me in perpetuity.

Of course, like Keith and others, regardless of what happens to
us this kind of vindictive ruthlessness is even *more* reason to
get out the word in this criminal cult. Lifetime financial harassment
is one thing (if the cult can pull it off) but at least we *have* a
life to be harassed unlike Lisa McPherson, Noah Lottick and others.

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