Title: Gauntlet, Scientology, and the disappearance of Rick Cusick
nobody@zeta.org.au (The Galactic Overlord Remailer)
Date: 20 Nov 1997 17:00:40 +1100

Gauntlet magazine a year or so ago did a piece on Scientology's
harassment of the news media.  The editor, Rick Cusick, promised
to follow up with further investigations of Scientology.

In Gauntlet #13 1997, the editor's intro starts out:

    I've always been honest with our readers, so I'm not going
    to hide a bit of dirty laundry that has changed the shape of
    this particular issue.  Gauntlet #13 (lucky #13???) was
    supposed to focus on Hong Kong and Scientology.
    Unfortunately, in the midst of putting the issue together,
    associate editor and writer Rick Cusick lieterally dropped
    off the face of the earth (no address, no phone, no means of
    contact). Rick is a gifted writer and tireless worker, and
    I'm sure those of you who have followed his work in Gauntlet
    appreciate all he's done, as I do. But dependability has not
    been his strong suit, lately. If I had waited for him to
    surface again, it might have been months before this issue
    saw the light of day. That, to quote Clint Eastwood, was
    unacceptable.  Hopefully, he will conquer his demons. If so,
    I'll gladly welcome him back.

Is anyone here aware of $cn reaction to the original Gauntlet article?
Does anyone have any positive knowledge of what happened to Kusick?

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