Title: The Suicide of Patrice Vic, an English Translation
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Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 02:12:31 GMT

This is an English translation from Mikael Tussier's fine web pages
describing the story of the suicide of Patrice Vic.  Lest anyone think
what happened in France is a victory for Scientology, it's not, by a
long shot.

Source:  http://www.mygale.org/01/tussier/vic.htm

> <begin translation>

(source: verdict of the suit of Lyons, 22 November 1996. This verdict
is currently in call)  
Exhibition of facts  
Patrice Vic exercised the profession of an industrial drawer. He never
endured a psychiatric affection but presented some depressive passages
without obvious serious motive.  
His employer ASISTEC, where he worked to the time of facts, and for
over a year, certified that Mr. Vic gave whole satisfaction on both a
professional and human level.  
First contact with the Scientology
One day, he found in his letters an advertisement inviting him to take
a personality test. In October 1987, he went to the center of
dianétique, and came back to his home with the 200 questions.  
At the end of this questionnaire, the examiner succeeded in convincing
him that there were things to improve at home and he could see that
occur if he would enroll in courses of communication and integrity. He
made gave them a sum of 3,000 F.
Change of the behavior of Patrice Vic  
Mrs. Vic noted thereafter a change in her husband's behavior and a
latent state of tiredness. To help support him with his psychological
endeavor, she surrendered to the center of dianétique where she
underwent an auditing experience that examined her thoroughly. She
immediately put end to this experience.
Mr. Vic persisted. His wife describes his course: her husband folded
in more and more on himself, seemed dejected, and it bothered him that
she lacked an interest for the scientologie. Mrs. Vic laid down a
state of a real harassment of the dianétique center, and the person in
charge there didn't hesitate to phone her husband to come in for some
work in the evening.  
After that, Patrice didn't communicate anymore with his wife, or with
his children.  Then, he began to consume vitamins prescribed by the
center of dianétique.  
On March 24, 1988, Mr. Vic left to go to work. About 11 in the
morning, his wife received a telephone call from Mr. Mazier,
indicating that Mr. Vic was at the center, in a bad state of health
and that he was going to bring Patrice home and propose a treatment.  
Mr. Vic arrived at home with M. Mazier, who proposed a cure of
purification, at a cost of 30,000 francs. Considering the amount of
the sum asked and the lack of liquidity, Mr. Mazier proposed to make a
loan. He insisted on this kindness and the necessity of a cure for the
very being of M. Vic. His wife perceived then that her husband was
under the total dependence of this person responsible.  
The intervening of M. Mazier abhorred Mrs. Vic so much that she firmly
argued against the loan and the engagement of such an expense, so that
Mr. Mazier could not possibly ignore while leaving the home of the
Vics that he had introduced at their home a factor of faction.  
During the aprés-midi, Mr. Vic returned to the center of dianétique
for 15 hours at 17 hours 30, instead of going home from work. It was
then that Mazier phoned his wife to inform him that Mr. Vic was going
to take Mazier's recommendation. Upon his return home, Patrice Vic was
agitated, searching for bulletins of salary required to contract for
the loan. A dispute exploded in the couple regarding this topic.  
The night of the drama  
Mrs. Vic remembers that in the night, toward 23 hours, her husband
complained about pains of cramps in his legs. He appeared exhausted.
He had a contracted mouth, a swollen lip, and difficult elocution. He
paced back and forth. He looked over the outer coverings of his wage
statements, and his behavior was quite bizarre. He told me that it was
his last night.  
Toward 5 hours 15 of the morning, Patrice Vic told his wife, it is
necessary that I do this.. He opened the door window in the child's
room. She tried to maintain it while telling him to think about them.
She could not hold it shut and he fell in the emptiness.  
Mrs. Vic considers that the church of scientologie is responsible of
the death of her husband, because, by its contact, it was mental
déstructuré. She explains this by the fact that Patrice Vic achieved
that state, because on the one hand he had put in danger their
domestic life, and on the other hand, he could not escape the
scientologie. This way without exit explains his gesture of despair.  

Point of expert view  
Expertise des médicaments consommés pas Patrice Vic <could not fully
Mrs. Vic discovered after this suicidal act a capsule on a piece of
furniture. These medicines could only belong to her husband; no
medical prescription has been recovered by investigators.  
These capsules were Oxadilène, Orablix, and the third could be
The Doctor Lery, that was commissioned to examine these products,
noted that:   
The Oxadilène is a vaso-dilator. It is only prescribed on a special
regimentation and therefore could not be delivered except without a
medical order. Orabilix (bulamiodyl) is a product of contrast iodized
to biliary elimination. it is used for the realization of oral
cholecystographieses, that has been withdrawn from the market in 1986
for economic reasons. Concerning the third capsule, we can not bring
you any information, since the product has not been identified. None
of these medicines is classified as a narcotic.   
This expert concludes:   
Mr. Patrice Vic died of an owing polytraumatisme to a défenestration
following to two months of active company of the dianétique center.
Clinical signs described by his wife in the night that to preceded
this défenestration: insomnias, muscular pains, excitation, would
indicate either the hold of excitants (type amphetamines for example),
or the décompensation of a psychiatric pathology disregarded.   

Implication of the Scientologie  
He demonstrated that Mr. Vic frequented, before this drama, in a
regular manner, the center of dianétique and that he had taken the
decision to take out a loan, on March 23, 1988, in the afternoon,
under the constant pressure of Mazier, in order to be able to
undertake the cure of purification.  
The course of M. Vic in scientologie is a classic course.  Feeling
some existential problems in one moment of his life, this affliction
determined his adherence to this movement.  
Submitted to procedures of auditing, his feeling of isolation is going
to worsen much more when his wife refuses to follow it in this way.  
Indeed, the auditing, by its technique, has the tendency to separate
the topic of a previous world considered very hostile. The consequence
of this rupture, at a fragile time, can lead to the choice of suicide
that is brutal in one fashion but not premeditated as he resigns
himself to the setting of an emotional disarray probably aggravated by
ideas of indignity and guilt (to not be able to be at the same time a
scientologist as well as a father in a family), with ideas of
self-accusation and mystical context.  
The psychotic isolation process reinforces itself progressively and
Scientology proposes that he submit to the purification.   
Point of view of Dr Jean-Marie Abgrall  
Doctor Abgrall explains how stages of the auditing process lead to the
cure of purification.  
Mr. Vic, under the psychological pressure of Mazier, decided to
undertake this treatment. On the vigil of the suicide, an appointment
was made with for the formalisation of the intended loan to finance
the program, by Mazier, for the following day at 9 o'clock.  
This fact is confirmed by the M. Mazier's diary, that on the date of
Thursday, 24 March 1988, in handwriting it appears: 8 hs 45 hello
follow-up Vic and a telephone number.  
The accused admits having provoked this appointment, besides.  
From then on, Mr. Vic, conscious of a cut with the home environment
that is revealed otherwise hostile to the prescriptions of M. Mazier,
confronted an alternative: to cut all ties with the family or to break
with scientologie.  
The inability to solve this choice lead to a feeling of depression,
isolation and full incomprehension. No satisfactory alternative being
available, the only solution that seemed occurred was the suicide that
solved all his contradictions and woudl remove him from the double
pressure that exercised itself on him (Dr Abgrall).  
> <end translation>

<there was more regarding the court's position, and so forth, 
but the essense of the story has now been told>.

Jeez, Scientology, some victory in France, no?

A. Student

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