Warning to anyone who has ever visited or plans to visit Scientology’s OT ship called the Freewinds

A licensed architect, Lawrence Woodcraft was assigned to prepare detailed plans for remodeling the interior cabins and other spaces on the Freewinds following its purchase by Scientology in 1987. Shortly after arriving on the ship, he noticed a powdery blue fibrous substance under a layer of paint. Upon closer inspection, he recognized it to be "blue" asbestos, the most dangerous form of this carcinogen. Mr. Woodcraft wrote sworn under-penalty-of-perjury declaration concerning this revelation and about his attempts to alert Sea Org officers (including David Miscavige's sister-in-law and my old friend Bitty Miscavige) about the problem, and their refusal to remove it.

Scientologists who have been exposed to this potentially deadly substance on the Freewinds, are urged to seek real medical advice from qualified doctors regarding the long-term impact of of even brief contact with such a deadly carcinogen as "blue" asbestos.

Thanks to an Ex-Sea Organization member, and Architect, Mr. Lawrence Woodcraft for blowing the whistle about Scientology's utter contempt for the well-being of people who have worked on and visited the Freewinds.

Scientology management has known about this for many years. Ask them why they haven’t told you about it. Read Mr. Woodcraft’s sworn under-penalty-of-perjury declaration here:


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