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"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it" Adolf Hitler

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The Scientology Matrix

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Conspiracy for Silence Use of Gag Agreements as the cost of doing business

1982 Clearwater Commission hearings 1000 pages of SWORN testimony by many ex-members, including L Ron Hubbard's son, Ron DeWolfe

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The Truman Show 1998
The Sleuth 1972
episode from Fox's Millenium Series Understanding OSA and the Guardians Office:
Cape Fear the 1962 version
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arnie lerma tells how you can help expose scientology
Arnie Lerma explains how you can help expose Scientology


I got a letter from a reader of said:

"These guys are nuts!

I think the people at the top are no longer brainwashed because the cash wakes them up to the real world.

The people who are spending the money at the top know that it is all a scam.

So L Ron's promise is true.

At the top level you get enlightenment!!

The illusion is removed and they see the real world as it truly is, a big racket to make cash!


The incredible COGNITION....
The insight, the revelation gained
on OT8 is this:

"I now know what I am not and am ready find out what I am"

Isn't this why you joined scientology to begin with?

Which of course, follows the CLEAR COGNITION

Which is some version of "I MOCK UP MY OWN BANK"

right-o !

Having been conned into mocking it up in the first place while reading Dianetics....


Once a person is thus duped into opening this book, the entire implication of Dianetics is to get the trusting adherent-to-be to believe he has and thus create up a 'reactive mind'. How this Reactive Mind works is explained in grisly, pedantic, lugubrious, repetative, detail. Now, by feigning to teach you how this fabrication, this piece of science fiction, the 'reactive mind', purportedly works, Hubbard uses this as the covert program to trick you into creating your very own reactive mind!

Scientology's L Ron Hubbard, even has the gall to promote Dianetics as "The owners manual for the mind."

They claim that the purported way out of this 'trap' which is life on earth as we know it, goes across the Bridge to Total Freedom [TM], and is Dianetics and Scientology. However, if anyone did in fact get across this bridge, which they claim take you to a state of God-like powers, I assure you that you would not be reading this right now.

Scientology's Bridge to Total Freedom is no more real than a theatrical production, or a painting on the wall, of what Spiritual Freedom might be like, and for enough money, they will gladly paint you into the picture!

Instead of ability, you are given a picture of people who look able.

Instead of a Bridge, you get a picture of a bridge. Instead of a "bank" or "reactive mind," you are merely tricked into painting in this part yourself, in your own mind. Almost like a paint-by-numbers picture.

This is what creates the Scientology trap. In Scientology words, you continue to create the "reactive mind" in order to then get rid of it, at great monetary expense and time.

Wait, wasn't the Clear realization basically "yeah, you made it all up anyway?" The Clear realization is PROOF of this CONCEPT. The official Scientology [TM] Clear Cognition being "I MOCK UP MY REACTIVE MIND" or "I MOCK UP MY BANK" or "I CREATE MY BANK."

The concept of the reactive mind being so obviously fabricated. makes Scientology no more than psycho-political warfare, where ideas are the weapons instead of bullets. It is essential that anyone in contact with those living under the spell of L Ron Hubbard's lies familiarize himself with these concepts, so that they might effortlessly articulate them at every opportunity, to break these good folks, once just like you and me, out of this deception-induced trance. Instead of just saying "Scientology is evil" or "Scientology is bad," explain this to those people under Scientology's undue influence.

It becomes "Scientology deceives you in this way" as described herein.

Dianetics teaches you in grisly detail how this complicated fabrication is constructed. While you think you are learning the "secret" of the human mind, you are instead being set up to swallow Scientology as the ultimate solution for mankind. And of course "ultimate solutions" go on to make otherwise unconscionable acts possible. Even in Dianetics Hubbard advances the idea that 2% of society should be "disposed of quietly and without sorrow"

The "reactive mind" you are then tricked into creating, or "mocking up" is that very same 'reactive mind' that you spend years getting rid of in Scientology. Pointing out this conundrum to a scientologist would be both a potentially devastating mind warp as well as one which turns the powerful mechanics of the trap to our advantage.

All of this can be explained in 'Scientology speak' in compelling fashion. Please use this while picketing them, and during any contact with their basically good folks who have been snookered.

Scientologists will chant, "You haven't tried it, You won't know until you see for yourself" at anyone who dares criticize Scientology's outrageous and bogus fabrications masquerading as claims of efficacyOne need not put fork in one's eye to realize that certain things are best left undone.

Scientologists say "you can't understand it except by doing it" and some people buy that.

From: Michael Pattinson's story a "New OT8, he went across the entire "Bridge to Total Freedom and ended up at

I think it took something like 10 days to 2 weeks to get through pack #1. However, I did not miss seeing that others studying pack #2 had a skinny set of papers to study, and were not "over the moon" about what was in fact they were asking questions like "where's the rest?", is this all there is? and how do I do this auditing, as it seems too simple to be all there is...?" They were suitably hushed-up by Alice, and "handled" with referral 100% to their written materials and no verbal explanations.

When my time came to get the vastly POWERFUL (supposedly) N*E*W* *O*T* *8* pack #2 I was excited, but not too much any more. I had already seen other students come back from auditing it and they were mostly not much different from before... Some did exhibit big smiles and laughter, for sure, but I had seen them do that on several other auditing levels too while at Flag.

Pack#2 was indeed a skinny set of around 12 pages only. Not much "meat" to it... For details on the procedure, Ariane Jackson has already posted it to the internet years ago, so my repeating it here would be redundant and unnecessary. I am sure someone will oblige and post the relevant URL of the Google or web link for Ariane's posting. It was very accurate and complete, even if very short.

Arianne Jackson's description of the super duper secret level is here:

And here is backgrounder to the Pack#2 re Hubbard's book called
'The History of man' (LOL)

Day 2 - pages 1 to 20 Ron Hubbard's son's testimony, Ron DeWolfe

Newspaper interview with Ron DeWolfe HERE

Sworn Affidavit by Ron DeWolfe from Flynn Litigation HERE) Ron Dewolfe: Then, I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona in early '52. He had just arrived from Wichita with Mary Sue. And the very first day -- the very first day I arrived, he wanted me audited immediately. But I had been -driven all night and I was eighteen years old. I knew nothing about Scientology. All I had read was Dianetics*: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and it never really interested me very much as a book when I was young. So, after about a couple of weeks there, we got involved -- he asked me to sit down on the couch, and I was high on Benzedrine, Bennies. And we started doing, quote, "research" on a book called History of Man. So, we spent a couple, three days on that. Here's the book here, The Scientology History of Man; here's a copy of it. And all the incidents -- he did a few with Mary Sue, but the majority of incidents in it were off the top of my head, as I had upwards of twenty, thirty milligrams of Bennies in me.

[ Bennies = Speed = amphetamines ]

Also see what Hubbard said about Benzedrine If you say SATAN with a lisp it comes out THETAN...

There is another secret level called OTIII - pronounced Oh Tea Three, Scientology used to claim that this was a "forgery'" until in 1995 I posted a court record to the net, containing a copy of it, called the Fishman Affidavit, and was promptly raided and sued by Scientology in Federal Court. see or have any of these BODY THETANS, you must re-do all your previous levels at YOUR EXPENSE...

For $300,000 seems most are willing to induce such perception and see...

The Emperor's New Clothes...

Of course, just as in the childrens fairy tale, OSA and Scientology would call anyone a fool who could not 'see' them, or say that Scientology is a complete fraud.

PS: And then theres a little line at the end of where you are running the OTIII incident, where Hubbard warns:


Image of l Ron Scowling after being caught lying on camera

I bet it was jaunty nautical looking pilot, like the pictures of Hubbard in his Admiral Farragut cap...hanging on the walls, getting off his withold ( what Scientology calls a "secret" you dont wish to reveal) and wondering if anyone noticed..

And then of course there is the CONFIDENTIAL OT8 Student Breifing....

"Jesus was a pedophile and lover of young boys"

The one that Kendrick Moxon marked as a copyright infrigment, in RTC vs Lerma, Leiby, Marc Fisher, The Washington Post and Digital gateway and then Scientology's Scientologist attorney Earle Cooley explained to Judge Brinkema after they changed their minds and realized they had better NOT call it a copyright infringement... he said "that just goes to show you have to have expereinced people doing the search" (of my hard disks )..

Kendrick Moxon was a 20+ year scientologist at that time... an OT7.....

and he marked it as a copyright violation...

The back peddling was amazing!

And now it is called a "FORGERY"

You see, the original 1977 version OT levels had already been repeatedly posted to the net by SCAMIZDAT... whomever that was...

A few days after the 1995 raid, Kendrick Moxon and Helena Kobrin knocked on Richard Leiby's door. Kobrin asked Richard if he had the OT materials I had given to him. Rich said, "You mean OT1 through Ot8?" Helena said "Yes". At that moment Moxon elbowed Helena Kobrin in the ribs, and she said, "No, I meant OT1 through OT7"
Rich told them no he didn't have them. And said they were in the safe at the Washington Post.

Scientologists were saying they were "A FORGERY"... however I recognized them from when I was a Eric Hoffer style "True Believer" Scientology.

So I scanned and posted the Fishman Affidavit,
and got raided and sued...
see: So is that OT8 Student Briefing the real deal? Yes.

Years later when old friend, and ex-member, Joe Harrington died, he said, on his deathbed "I AM SCAMIZDAT"

It isn't so much what the super dooper secret levels are about that is important, it is the FACT of it being 'secret'.

As long as you don't know what rubbish they are, you will "mock up" that it must be something so amazing, so terrible, so fantastic ( I mean it MUST be something like that, or how else could doing the level make you an "OT"?

And premature exposure to Xenu and the space cooties will result in your dying of pneumonia! (Ron said)... However the NY Times closed an article about the posting and the lawsuit and specifically that claim with:

"....however, no epidemic has been reported."

It is that induced by linguistic-trickery-mock-up, also known as hypnosis, which sticks scientologists to scientology (among other things ).

Another ingredient in the glue is the promise of "OT" ... however, if there were just one OT in Scientology they wouldnt need lawyers, gag agreements etc...

Scientology as a scam is much like Scientology's Scientologist "minister" Reed Slatkin's Ponzi game see

As long as money is flowing in the show will go on...

The phrase: "The show must go on" is from Carnival man PT Barnum

Compare that to Hubbard's version:


(full caps in original) - same deal...

The the complexity is getting the hundreds of thousands dollars together for all those books, E-meter, tapes (gottah keep you hypnotized with hope of the PROMISE of OT), courses, auditing rundowns, sec-checks etc...not to mention attending those Man-with-no-head pep rallys... and it was made complex enough so that hopefully you would not figure it out before you died... see:



Arnie Lerma
703 241 1498

Johnnie the P
Friday, March 05, 2004 - 08:04 pm


Yes, you are right. You've just said everything that a lot of us have thought about and maybe forgot. Thanks for reminding us and putting it all down in words. Whether it's been said before or not; it needs to be said again and again.

Yes, the "secrets"; Hubbard invoked such words on the first page of DIANETICS '55. It had an effect on me way back when I first read that book. Someone should post a couple of paragraphs from that first page. I threw out my Hubbard books years ago. I couldn't even give them away at the time. Too many people knew. Image of Scientology's own what is scientology - page 258 - picture of Tory bezazian - Tory Christman our own Magoo


Friday, March 05, 2004 - 08:33 pm

Thanks, Arnie for these links! I agree, it's the secrecy that is the glue that keeps people trying. Hell, don't most people hope for ~something~ better? So when you cannot know, it keeps you figuring, "Ok, ~~this~ may have not nailed it, but there's always ____.

Once I hit_____ (for me it was OT 7) and it totally didn't work, then after 7 years, I finally got it: IT JUST PLAIN DOESN'T WORK!

Johnnie, you say:
"I would have thought that Hubbard would have created a course pack with a lot more complexities".

He did...if you ever wonder, drop by the NOTs material. There is endless BS he created to keep one stuck in the complexities, too. It is those very complexities, that once you 'get' were merely created to keep YOU on Hubbard's Road to No's then that the chips begin to fall.

My best



Friday, March 05, 2004 - 10:34 pm

The insights, the revelation gained on OT8 is this:

"I now know what I am not and am ready find out what I am"

Isn't this why you joined scientology to begin with?

L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 25 February 1966:


Ron Is A Con Saturday, March 06, 2004 - 08:11 am

That reminds me of the Real definition of "Supressive Person" as used in Scientology:

"Anyone who interferes with the continued extraction of money from Scientology's rubes"


Saturday, March 06, 2004 - 02:57 pm

Why is there still war in the world if there are now OT 8's?

Why haven't the scientologists stopped the wars in the world with their special powers?

Arnie: Because if there were just ONE of those super duper OT's in Scientology then you would not be reading this line of text! RonIsACon Saturday, March 06, 2004 - 03:53 pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I now know what I am not and am ready find out what I am"

Not to forget the History of Man inclusion:

L. Ron Hubbard in the introduction claimed it was "a cold blooded look at your last 60 trillion years." How could this be wrong? He also claimed his book finally proved the theory of evolution.

Many engrams, for example, could be traced back to clams. The clam's big problem was that there was a conflict between the hinge that wanted to open and the hinge that wanted to close. It was easy to restimulate the engram caused by the defeat of the weaker hinge, Hubbard pronounced, by asking a pre-clear to imagine a clam on a beach opening and closing its shell very rapidly and at the same time making an opening and closing motion with thumb and forefinger. This gesture, he said, would upset large numbers of people.

What are the things members learn they are not?

Can we start a list of things scientologists actually cannot do from learning, what they are not?

They are:

not to question the teachings of Hubbard not to give courses without charging money
now allowed to discuss negatively about
scientology to other scientologists
not allowed to see mental health professionals
not allowed to take or advocate use of psychotropic drugs
not allowed to talk to family who speaks against Hubbard teachings

Sunday, March 07, 2004 - 09:27 am

That 'clam thing' is based upon the use of benzidrene - ampthetamine - speed.

Ron's son ( who changed his name to DeWolfe ) drove non stop from Wichita (after they 'decided' to leave after a wave of bad publicity: Wichita

Ron's son,. L Ron Hubbard Jr, who later changed his name to Ron DeWolf to escape the Hubbard stigma...


He drove non-stop cross country, popping bennies (benzidrene) a brand of amphetamine popular back then to stay awake, bennies were also known in the 60's as 'black beauties'. He drove nonstop cross crountry between wichita kansas and Pheonix Arizona was a two lane blacktop affair... no superhighways back then... The trip would have taken days...1168.02 miles at 30 mph...or 40 mph or 38 hours driving time

So picture this, L Ron Hubbard Jr Ron DeWolfe ... wild eyed and up for 2 DAYS driving whacked on speed....

Arrives in Pheonix.. His dad immediately starts 'auditing him' and digs up, between him and MAry Sue, all those incidents which became the core of "HISTORY OF MAN"....

So History of Man is based almost entirely upon the delusional withdrawal symptoms of benzidrene which is chemically Amphetamine Sulfate related to METHEDRENE which produces psychotic episodes of paranoia during withdrawel.

Page 92 - Merck Chemical Index - 11th Edition Entry # 616. Amphetamine. (�)-�-Methylbenzeneethanamine; dl-�-methylphenethylamine; 1-phenyl-2-aminopropane; (phenylisopropyl)amine; p-aminopropylbenzene; racemic desoxy-nor -ephedrine; Actedron; Allodene; Adipan; Sym- patedrine; Psychedrine; Isomyn; Isoamyne; Mecodrin; Norephedrane; Novydrine; Elastonon; Ortedrine; Phene- drine; Profamina; Propisamine; Sympamine; Simpatedrin. CyH13N; mol wt 135.20. C 79.95%, H 9.69%, N 10.36%.

(AMPHETAMINE) Sulfate, C18H22NZO4S, Alentol, Benzedrine, Psychoton, Simpamina. Crystals. Slightly bitter taste followed by a sensation of numbness.

(AMPHETAMINE) Phosphate, CyH16NO4P, Actemin, Aktedron, Monophos, Profetamine Phosphate, Racephen, Raphetamine Phosphate. d-Form sulfate, see Dextroamphetamine Sulfate.

Note: This is a controlled substance (stimulant) listed in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 Part 1308.12 (1987).

THERAP CAT: CNS (Central Nervous SYstem) stimulant; anorexic.

Now the clincher... is the "CLAM" incident...

All that talk about making your 'jaws' ache if you 'restimulate' the 'clam incident'..


One side effect of any of the amphetamine family, especially with prolonged use to stay awake, is that one will begin to clench ones teeth... so much and for so long that for days after coming off of 'speed' one's jaws will hurt like heck, and yeah your 'jaws' will hurt because they are tired from beig 'clenched' for days...

Hubbard was and is a complete fraud.

I guess if enough people read this screed they will have to cook up still yet another version of OT8....

Arnie Lerma
703 241 1498

Magoo - Sunday, March 07, 2004 - 12:54 pm


Wowswers, I never knew that story. Thanks!

Did you know that Hitler was an Amphetamine freak? LINK

Tory/Magoo! - Sunday, March 07, 2004 - 01:41 pm

In the 1960's dexedrine, Smith Kline brand, a related form of amphetamine was being widely prescribed as a "diet pill" I did have occassion to take a few... and spent a memorable couple days walking through the streets of the Village in New york...

One memorable sunrise was spent turning that great Square sculpure that is set on (see lower left image )it's point at Astor Place, on a pivot, around and around at sunrise, with some acquaintances of Alan Ginzberg....and I recall vividly that for days after MY jaws hurt ....sore from being clenched from the speed high...

"Truth is stranger than Fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't."

Mark Twain

Thanks Arnie - Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 08:14 am

Arnie I want to thank you for your work. your site is wonderful information. It is saving many lives. - Tuesday, March 09, 2004 - 02:08 pm


I Just try to do the best I can

That's all that anyone can expect...

And never get discouraged, and if I do, I try not to show my weaknesses to Scientology...

Just keep on keepin on....

Ida Camburn's 30 year efforts are my inspiration...

and it was Andre Tabayoyan's affidavit that originally, (amongst others ) galvanized me into wanting to take action and try and do somehting about Scientology.

Arnie Lerma

To be continued...

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