gostaffmember@yahoo.com wrote on the newsgroup Aug 9 2002

When I feel blue about the fact that my son has not spoken to me in
over 2 years because I was declared I think of the mess that David
Miscavige is in.

First, according to an L.A. Times article from a few months ago, Reed
Slatkin was given a plea bargain based on his willingness to cooperate
by giving evidence about having been influenced strongly by the Church
of Scientology.

Second, a few years ago international law was changed allowing people
to be more easily extradicted from one country to another. Remember
Pinochet? Also, Heber Jentzsche was conspicuously not around for
quite a while when Spain was trying to put him on trial. Probably
because of the new extradition laws. So senior management know that
they may not be able to hide with all the money they steal from the
Church if and when they are deposed.

Third, Reed Slatkin took a lot of the wealth away from the 'cash cow'
class of diehard Scientologists who pay, pay, pay.

Fourth, the stock market decline has also been eating away at C of S
income. Even the Flag Land Base is pretty empty. Management is
filling it up with staff from outer Orgs to make it look productive.
But that is just canabalizing those outer Orgs which will mean that
they will get fewer new people in.

Fifth, many, many (at least 30%) of the real monied public who were on
OT 6 & 7 are quietly or noisily boycotting Flag. They are grumbling a

Sixth, Senior Church Management is in severe denial about the
Freewinds both from the perspective of potential class action lawsuits
and of the deterioration of their own health from frequent asbestos
exposure. Maybe that's why DM wheezes. Any group having any sense
would sink that ship and deep six any evidence of asbestos.

Seventh, Sea Org reserves have probably been melting away from legal
bills, market declines, decreased revenues and having to bail out
failing Orgs. DM is a gambler and according to a little birdy who was
really in the know, large sums of Scientology money were used to play
the stock market.

Eighth, the Internet has been taking a heavy toll on the inflow of new
'raw meat' into Scientology organizations. Management cannot control
this and is utterly frustrated about it. More and more Scientologists
who have not officially left the Church but who are on their way out
are e-mailing info and internet sites to each other.

Ninth, because of extreme paranoia and control freakness, competent
staff either are gotten rid of or leave when they see how crazy upper
management is. There are lots and lots of young people who are
unskilled but still can make a big mess of things. There is virtually
no one left in OSA to do any real nasty private investigation work and
the Church has to hire outside talent and this talent is not always
completely trustworth or controllable, and is very expensive.

Tenth, because auditors have been attacked and punished for over 20
years now there are hardly any competent people to deliver the fancy
services that Flag and other Sea Org Orgs promise and the public is
sick and tired of terrible service that is extremely expensive. So
those who aren't boycotting on principle are boycotting because of
terrible service.

Eleventh, the political tides have changed and corporate heads can no
longer be sure that they can get away with murder.

Twelfth, field auditors have been attacked very heavily in the last
few years and quite a few of them are quietly auditing on their own
without tithing to the Church. There are more and more auditors out
there who are willing to keep auditing even when their certificates
are suspended or cancelled by the Church and defy the Church quietly.
When their public is ready for upper level services they will probably
either deliver the services themselves or send them somewhere outside
the official C of S.

All tyrants eventually fall because of their own inability to bend.
This group is sinking fast and many, many Scientologists, in my
opinion most, who still like the religion would be overjoyed to see
this management crew bite the dust.


exesso96@yahoo.com wrote Aug 10 2002

This is from one of RVY's affidavits in the Fishman case in 1984:

The idea of "leather-bound tapes" is part of a line of "special
properties" that was created by Miscavige in 1982 when he was Chairman
of the Board at
Author Services, Inc. ("ASI") I joined ASI in February, 1982, and left
it in 1989. One of ASI's functions was to make millions of dollars for
Hubbard. One way was by investments of Hubbard's fortune, which
Miscavige directed, even though Miscavige had no investment
background. Miscavige poured millions of dollars into oil speculation
and lost it without telling Hubbard. (At one point the estimate was
that Miscavige had lost about $50 million of Hubbard's.) "Special
Properties" was Miscavige's idea on how to recoup the millions before
Hubbard (and the IRS) found out. The idea was to create "leather-bound
special editions" and other items that could be sold at outrageous
prices as an "investment". Those who bought books at thousands or even
tens of thousands of dollars were then told a few months later how
their "investment" had increased. Meanwhile, on the open market, the
books were worth perhaps a hundred dollars, which was why Miscavige
prohibited the open sale of these "Special Properties." (ASI now
denies that there ever was a line of properties for investment.") This
was how Fishman came to spend an astounding $80,000 for a set of
"leather-bound" tapes, which didn't even exist, and why Miscavige

From an affidavit by Jesse Prince:

For many years, LRH's top aide, Pat Broeker, and his wife, Annie
Broeker, looked after the daily care of LRH. Pat was the financial
conduit between LRH and the vast reserves of liquid cash mounting in
the multiple corporations of Scientology which LRH always had at his
disposal. David Miscavige would be called by Pat to bring hundreds of
thousands or millions of dollars in cash in briefcases to cover "basic
expenses" for LRH and his small crew of four staff. Often the
prearranged meeting place was near Las Vegas. On many of these
occasions, Pat and Dave would go to a casino and gamble away thousands
of dollars of LRH's money, just hanging out having a good time

To my knowledge, investing Scientology's (or LRH's) money is part of
what ASI does. There was that story by Stacy in an affidavit in 1994
about Jim Isaacson at ASI:

Jim Isaacson, for example, was in charge of investing Hubbard's money,
and he was expected to show a profit on a weekly basis. Anyone
familiar with the investment business knows this is not a realistic
expectation, but Jim's job depended upon his showing an increasing
profit every week. Predictably, Jim was not doing well at all. He was
not eating or sleeping. Miscavige was screaming mercilessly at Jim
every day. Jim was near the breaking point.

gostaffmember@yahoo.com wrote on the newsgroup Aug 10 2002

Thank you Lulubelle for filling in a blank re: Miscavige and Church
stock market investments. Another source, who I cannot reveal, told
me that Scientology invests currently in stocks. This would make
sense. Most corporations and many non-profits do. Whether they are
gambling or not, most of them have been hit very hard by the recent
stock market slump. This is bound to have effected Scientology

As regards the Orgs that have reached Saint Hill Size, ASHO supposedly
hit Saint Hill size, but it is still just barely limping along. Heavy
pressure has been brought to bear on people to get them to take
courses that they resent doing. For example, Susan Salaman was on the
Professional Metering Course for over 1 1/2 years!! Ridiculous!!
This is an unnecessary re-do of a course that should only take a week
or 2 at most. The redefinition of what a floating needle is means
that people are being dragged into Orgs to get 'retrained' so that
they know how to audit WRONG. So, essentially, these 'upstats' are
really false stats in that they are making people re-do courses they
don't need to re-do, they are forcing people to do courses on pain of
being excommunicated or losing their livelihood or of being barred
from getting further auditing. A recent favorite is compelling people
to do the new PTS/SP Course. How people can do that course and not
recognize the fact that the Orgs are PTS to management is beyond
belief!! Anyone who gets sick has to do this long course. People
like Gerrett and Cheryl Wikoff are doing this course. They have been
on OT 7 for ages and ages. What can they do? They are loyalists.
They don't understand what is going on -- or, they have no choice
because they have 2 children in the Sea Org. They go on course and
put a good face on it, but they are going nowhere. Those 2 are deep
loyalists who are in denial. Their whole lives have been focused
around Scientology. Trey Lotz, a long-time field auditor, has been on
one of those courses for years and years. So has Judy Willardson.
She gets people into Scientology, audits them a little and then farms
them out to other auditors, mostly the Enhancement Center where Bill
Yaude works in the SF Valley.

Then, sometimes, when some word comes down the line that people have
been on a course too long, all of a sudden (usually just before Ron's
Birthday) people who couldn't pass a video for a course completion all
of a sudden all pass and complete whatever course they couldn't get
through. It's so corrupt!

Many, many Scientologists just never answer their phones. They screen
all their messages. I know that Susan Becher does that. She works at
the Beverly Hills Mission. That's probably how she avoids ever having
to do a course.

As far as people being true believers. Yes, there are a certain
percentage who are true believers. But most Scientologists have been
put through the ringer if they've been around for any length of time.
They know. They just think that maybe it's just the administrative
branch that's all messed up but that they can still get good service
at Flag. Well, everyone knows about the delays at Flag, but they
figure that once they get into session the auditing will be OK. Also,
it's so dangerous to say anything bad about the Orgs that people don't
share that much information. In Los Angeles most Scientologists who
have been around for a while have ties to the Scientology community
that they don't want to break. Maybe they deliver a service to
Scientologists, are chiropractors or sell vitamins or are real estate
agents. Or maybe they send their kids to a Scientology school. Not
such a bad idea when you are faced with the L.A. Unified School
District. Or maybe you have a kid in the Sea Org. Heaven forbid!!!
Many Scientology parents figure that having a kid go into the Sea Org
will teach them discipline, will keep them from having sex or doing
drugs and that they'll come out better off. The parents aren't
thinking straight. They don't see that their kids will be wasting
years of their young lives!

So most Scientologists are just keeping their mouths shut and lying
low. Avoiding the Orgs. Going to events to talk to old friends and
refresh business connections. You would be surprised at what cowards
most people are.

As far as Orgs in Mexico and Hungary and Russia going Saint Hill Size
-- maybe that's true. So what? Those countries can't generate people
who can pay the high prices of Flag Services. There were a bunch of
bright, young Hungarians at ASHO who were doing training there. About
15 or 20 of them. That's how ASHO went St. Hill size, by the way.
Nice kids. They ran out of money and a big effort was made to get
rich L.A. Scientologists to donate money for their room and board so
that they could stay til they completed the courses.

There are also Scientologists who stay close to the group because of
the celebrity connections. It's sort of the corrupt thing of urban
society that you have to never piss anyone off if you want to be a
politician or get up the business or celebrity ladder. Like, never
make waves, gladhand everyone.

Don't forget, Scientology has a lot to offer. The Kabalah Center in
West Los Angeles is booming. It's a Jewish new age place that teaches
about reincarnation. Very, very esoteric and confusing. Yet it pulls
in tons of people. So Scientology, when disseminated by these bright,
young, good-looking idealistic people is very appealing. Scientology
management has to work very hard to keep the Orgs empty!! When an Org
or a Mission is doing well you can bet that some little team from the
Sea Org will come down and make them put on extra staff that they
don't need to sell more books and will just pressure the little
Mission to become non-viable. The Westwood Mission collapsed a few
years ago because of that even though they had a few very
enthusiastic, dedicated staff members.

Field auditors kind of figure out some Org that is still doing half
way decent delivery of service. AOLA isn't that bad as long as you
stay away from Griffee Blythe Howsen, the Senior C/S. It's like a
mine field. Most Scientologists know that. And you can't complain.
But there are still field auditors out there who have been field
auditing for years and years who somehow manage to brown nose enough
to stay in good standing. They're all 50ish or 60ish and feel they
have no choice. The choice is take the crap or go broke. Michael
Lewis, Joe Hochman, Billy Nichols are all in the definite ass kisser
category. Ian Anderson has been auditing for Missions for a long
time. He just is sort of invisible. A very good auditor.
Specializes in never getting into trouble.

As far as new people getting in, some young Latino singers started
having events at Celebrity Center. They advertise these parties where
there is live entertainment, they charge admission and they give the
person who comes in a copy of a Scientology or Dianetics book. These
people get FSM awards from the Church for getting new people into
Scientology. But they don't get new people in. The people don't do
courses or even get any information about Scientology except for that
book that they probably never read. Just one more example of false

As far as the Freewinds thing goes, a good 30% to 50% of the
Scientology community has a deep distrust of Orgs, the Sea Org and
management. This is in my humble estimation. You can bet that many
probably WOULD believe the information about the Freewinds! Why do
you think that people are expelled from the Church? Management tries
very, very hard to keep this type of information from circulating in
the Scientology community. Why do you think ARS and the critics are
attacked so heavily?

The information that creates the biggest impact on Scientologists who
still are loyal to some degree to the Church are the following: 1)
The tech is no longer standard. 2) It's dangerous to go on course
because you'll never be able to leave. 3) The upper OT levels are
screwed up. 4) Flag is the Mecca of technical imperfection. 5) You
can go up the Bridge outside the Church and it'll probably be more
standard these days than inside the Church. 6) The Golden Age of
Tech is squirrel.

These are all my opinions.

I'm happy that my viewpoints have been of interest to some of you.

By the way, does anyone know what has become of the following people?

Bruce Levinton
Sarah Strasser Urgens
Hope Borowsky
Howard and Mary Rower
Chuck Baron
Johnny Hurst
Tom and Karen Deschere
Loreta Hill
Joe Pinelli
Jerry Mulky
Ivan Obelinsky
Stina Hans
Skip Murgatroyd
Ginger Grosiak
Phil Seiflein
and so on

Bye for now!

ladayla_member@newsguy.com wrote Augist 12th 2002


Thank you for posting here. I appreciate your views, and the data that you
present to back them up.You and I have obviously been in the same places at the
same times and know the same people. So, with the power invested in me by
ARSCC(wdne), welcome! And y'all come back, ya hear!?


Michael.Pattison OT8 Ex-Scientologist

Very good and insightful posting. Thank you.
The criminals in the cult will definitely reap what they have been
sowing for so long.
No OTs, no Bridge to Total Freeeeedom, but just empty promises from
one bunch of attorneys keeping a money machine running for the benefit
of themselves and other attorneys. Int mgt are willing and accomplice
puppeteers of the scheme, in my considered opinion.
One day their house of cards will collapse under its own weight of
crime and deceit.
Love to all who shed the light of truth on the Scieno scam