Man with no head goes round the world...

Man with no HEAD made evening news on national Television in US on January 2nd

Washington Post article text with links is here

reported by a friend in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania no video available

This is not the first time Scientology has been caught lying.

Man with no HEAD in Washington Post January 4th click image for readable

hi resolution scan

Man with no HEAD in Denmark's largest newspaper [ no image available ] 5 January 2000

Man with no HEAD on Front page of Liberation, National Newspaper in France 7th January 2000

Man with No Head in El Mundo [ means "The World" ] in Madrid Spain 12 Jan 2000

[ no image, link to El Mundo Website here in Spanish ]

Man with no HEAD in Arizona Republic Sunday Edition "Weird Science" 16 Jan 2000

And this is not MAN with no HEAD, but it is even BETTER,

XENU becomes a covergirl! cover 'boy'? cover 'alien'? or cover 'lie'?

January 12th 1999 Atlanta Georgia - I originally webbed this thinking it was 2000, sorry bout that,

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